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  1. Dynasia

    Newbie getting married at Dreams Cancun December 2010

    Congrats and Welcome!
  2. Dynasia

    Thought I knew what I was doing....

    Congrats and Welcome!
  3. Wow! This is such a great idea! You did a wonderful job!
  4. I am drooling over your STD boarding passes! You go, girl! Do you have a thread for your invitations too?
  5. Dynasia

    Tulum Wedding - Nov 2010 (I think)

    Congrats! I am actually in Tulum right now trying to scout out a location, it is beautiful here! Excellent choice!
  6. Less paperwork to deal with, definitely agree!
  7. Hi Jill, I am going to Blue Tulum July 24th for my site visit. I talked to Darcy and Susan last week, thanks again for the info!
  8. Adlergray, Are you still going to Blue Tulum?
  9. WOW! Blue Tulum looks great! Can you give me the info of your TA with the rate packages that you listed?
  10. Dynasia

    Hi - has anyone gotten married in Bermuda?

    Welcome and congrats!
  11. Dynasia

    I'm new!!!

    Ohhh, that sounds nice! Welcome!
  12. Dynasia


    That is so nice! Welcome!
  13. Dynasia

    Hi :)

    Welcome to the Forum!
  14. Dynasia

    New and undecided

    Welcome! I am also still undecided after months and months of looking for that perfect location. I just looked at The Somerset and it looks amazing! Good Luck on narrowing down your DW!