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  1. We got married on January 5 and used him and he was really good. We brought our own cd's for music but he worked with them before the wedding and meshed the music together so that there wasn't an akward pause in between songs, it kind of all flowed. And when our cd's ended and he started playing music, it was great music that I had just forgotten to put on the cd's. He was also a great MC, he was funny and his english is good. We used him as well as the lightup dance floor from Dreams and loved it!
  2. We had the 2 floor suite for our wedding/honeymoon but be careful because we did pay extra and our voucher said "honeymoon suite" on it and when we got there they stuck us in a regular room. I had seen pictures as well and knew one of the suites had 2 floors so I kept saying that is what we were supposed to have and they changed it right away. I as well didn't know there was another honeymoon suite. But we LOVED the 2 floor suite it was amazing, it had a great view of the gazebo in the pyramid building and so much room to get ready the day of the wedding. I think our room number was 5241 because I think there are only 4 of those suites on the end of that building.
  3. Hello, The mini bar is all inclusive we never had any trouble with having to pay for anything in them. The only thing that was a problem for us is that there were only 2 corona in them which are mini bottles which we loved to drink while getting ready, so we ended up putting a $1 dollar bill in the fridge and note that said more corona please and after that the maid always had more corona then anything else!
  4. Hi Rudebaga! I just have a question for you about how it is going with Juan's team? I was married on the 5th of January and bought the higher up package where I get 400 digital pictures and a bunch of other sized ones for the album and left the package that comes with the Dreams ultimate and the 50 pictures for my trash the dress. Anyways they got the proofs back to me by email right away and then I choose the numbers that I wanted and sent it back to Juan and haven't heard anything back from him for 2 weeks even though I have sent a few emails. I'm still not even sure how it works, are they going to come in the mail?
  5. I was married on January 5,2011 and my review is up under resorts/villas and then cancun and dreams cancun. Hope this helps!
  6. Does anyone know a good website to use to post the video of our wedding? I have a lot of family who live far away and couldn't make it to the wedding and it would be so much easier just to send them a link to it. I know I have seen other brides videos on here in the past but I can't remember where they loaded them too? Thanks!
  7. 1. I asked Claudia about the extra people as people kept booking. Of course it took months to get response regarding that but I printed all of my emails and brought them with me in case she wasn't going to honor that. 2. for the hair and makeup it took the girls a little over an hour for just their hair and for myself i think i was there for about 2 and a half hours for both hair and makeup. I started at 9 and left at noon but she was doing another bridesmaid in between and stuff because she applied my makeup and then I took some time to apply my own eyeliner, mascara and I put fake eyelashes on and then when I was ready she came back and finished off my makeup. There was a little time where I was just standing there hair spraying myself with their hairspray because I found it to be good and I think I did this 5 different times. 3. she must have been ok with it because I drew her a picture and said this is what I want and she did exactly to my drawing!
  8. i think all reviews need to go under resorts and villas now because i got in trouble today trying to post my review in here and it wouldn't let me do it. It sent me a notice!
  9. No problem for the review, as for the lights i'm sure it does look really nice especially if they are different colours but the ones I seen were all pink and it was way too many pink tables and the price was really expensive. The question about the DJ, i'm not too sure we didn't pay any more than what i had broken down and on our contract it just says the 920$ for additional time from 9-11 and for open bar and under the dj it just says 3 hours so i have no idea how claudia broke that down to pay them? Hope this helps!
  10. ok so sorry! after all of that my review is up under resorts and villas and from there you can find dreams cancun!
  11. ok is it just me or can no one else see my review? I attached it using the paperclip and i don't think it worked! Why does this site have to be so complicated? Can anyone help me find a solution so I can post this and stop spending hours trying to do this?
  12. Hi everyone! Here is my review part 1. It is quit long but my pictures take up a lot of space so I had to put it in 3 different documents. I couldn't put very many pics of our room up because the files were too big so if you are interested in seeing them just send me a message. The pictures that are in here are all pictures that our friends took because we haven't gotten the pictures from Juan yet except for looking at the ones on his blog and we aren't too sure how that is going to work with him. Hopefully we will hear from him soon I have sent him an email since it has been 3 weeks since the wedding and we just want to know how this is going to work. Enjoy!
  13. we brought sparklers with us from the dollar store and lit them and they never said anything to us and Claudia was sitting right there so those must be allowed if you wanted to go with them instead of fireworks! PS. My review is done and all typed up but I can't load it from my mac for some reason so i will have to figure something else out!
  14. Hi everyone! So we just got back on sunday, we were married last wednesday january 5th and everything went amazing, Claudia really is great to work with in person! Juan has put some sample pics of our ttd and wedding day up on his blog but when I actually get the pics from him I will write a review!
  15. Hello, Yes I did call the resort today, it was actually much easier than I thought, I got a hold of the spa right away and it wasn't that hard to understand her, I think her name was Rocio. There is one thing I forgot to ask her was pricing for getting bridesmaids her done and what not? Just thought past brides might be able to help me with this? Also did past brides get there makeup done there as well or did you do your own? I wasn't sure if it was worth booking the makeup as well. Thanks! Three weeks AHHH!!