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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by HereFishie Welcome back JaimieJ! I would love more info on the Mayan Blessing as that is what we're doing. There's not alot of reviews about this type of ceremony there so whatever you can tell me would be helpful! The ceremony is about 30-35mins long and be prepared to have seeds/flowers sprinkled over your head, they will fall in your hair and they did in fact fall down the front of my dress. which was kinda funny. Also be prepared for them to ask you to say something before you exchange rings. we had nothing prepared so we just kinda winged it with "I love you." Also be prepared to drink a little cup of tea. Don't worry it's not gross, just a little bitter kinda woody tasting. Our guests ended up standing thoughout the entire ceremony as noone told them to sit. At the begining of the ceremony everyone faces all four directions so everyone has to stand but after that you should tell them they can sit (maybe just tell you guests before they can sit after you face all four directions). When you throw the flower petals in the water hold your dress up or dont walk out too far. I totally didnt even think about it and the bottem of my dress got wet and covered in sand but it dried quickly, you can't tell in my pics. I didn't mind but incase you have a super fancy dress or something just a heads up! I think thats all I can really prepare you for. It's an amazing ceremony and just enjoy the moment.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by swankster77 Congrats JamieJ!!! I would LOVE to see your pictures from the resort photog... I'm still debating using them or bringing one with me... when you're ready let me know and I'll post my email address Thanks! Did you have a DJ Yes I did have a DJ, the one the resort provided. He didn't have much new music but a great variety! Just make sure you bring important songs you want played, if you go with them.
  3. Hi everyone! Just thought I'd let you all know my wedding went AMAZING!!! Karla was our planner, she was great. The Tulum beach location is AMAZING. (We stayed at Akumal and I was slightly upset when she said we had to use Tulum beach location, but I thought it was better then the akumal location not as windy and more private.) Poolside reception is the way to go, all the guests had a great time. We went for 3 hours. well worth the cost. Also I know a lot of people are freaking out about the photography and the new rules. We were planning on using the hotel photographer from the begining and we honestly couldn't have been happier with our photos. Absoultly Amazing. We had Jorge and he was such a great guy, easy to work with and he took such great pictures, all our family and guests were amazed. I totally recommend him. Also we got the videographer as well...again I recommend it, great keep sake We did the Mayan Blessing ceremony, amazing. We did our legal ceremony the day before we left so we wanted something else down there and it was such a great choice. I havent really read about other people doing this so we didnt really have a clue what we were getting into, but it was more amazing then we could've imagined. At the airport of course out of all our guests (35) we were the only ones who got the red light (myself and my new husband!!) they didn't care about all our stuff for the OOT bags and favors I had one whole suitcase for just that stuff, I had the recipts but they didnt ask or anything. But we thought it was funny out of everyone we got the red light. If you guys have questions I'll happily answer them!! Also if you want some pics of the amazing work Jorge did I can eventually email you them...I just havent loaded them on my computer yet! Also thank you so much to all the previous brides for the infomation you were able to pass down :)
  4. Hello fellow GBP brides!!! My wedding is getting close just over a month away. Question for you guys do you think it will be a problem with the resort getting an all vegetarian menu it's something that is very important to us. I just emailed Karla about it but for those of you who've been there before what are your thoughts on this
  5. pretty!!!! thanks for the review!! thinking of secrets for our honeymoon!
  6. I was thinking of doing the same. I wonder what their prices are...
  7. I have 5 BMs and a BridesMale and I am paying for everything. Dresses need no alterations and were $70 Shirt & shorts for my BridesMale = $60
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by TandDJamaica09 Here is what we are planning to give our guests: -Sudoku/Crossword Puzzle Books -Deck of Cards -"Magic Magnet" with instructions about placing the magnet on the patio door to keep the AC on when the door is open -Shout Wipes -Advit packets -Pepto Bismol packets -Crystal Light Drink Mix -Orbit gum -Candle -Plastic Key Card holder with elastic bracelet -Welcome Letter -Wedding Events (or itinerary for the days we are there) -Guest Roster (with our relationship to the guest, arrival/departure info, and a place for people to fill in room numbers once we get them) -Photo Share information card I got amazing deals on everything, so the total cost for one "couples" bag was only about $10!!! ) I am so excited to hand these out!!! ) wow that's awesome im amazed by the $10!!!! Way to go!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by courtney_b00 Ooh that is gorgeous. Who makes it? Sophia Tolli
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by poohshek Very nice!!! Would you need alterations done on the dress? It seems to fit you really well as is. Yeah it did fit be perfectly the only thing is I will need it hemmed a little as I'm going barefoot.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by nibsmom It is so beautiful!!! Who is the designer?? Thank you! It's a Sophia Tolli dress
  12. So this is my dress!!! I hope you guys like it because I love her!!! It's ordered I don't get it for a couple months still. I hope this works it's my first picture post!
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