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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by amqueens Everything looks so amazing. How did you make the vases with the orchids? Hi! We bought cylinder vases and the floating candles at a craft store (my mom actually brought these with her to save me the hassle). Then I bought a bunch of silk orchid leis from a website: Save on Crafts, Wedding Supplies, Flowers, Tulle, Lights, Decorations & Discount Craft Supplies Save-on-crafts. I cut apart the leis and used them for both my hanging flower garlands and also the flowers floating in the water in the vases. I hope that helps! Best of luck
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by angie8119 Thanks so much for the great review!!!!! i am so stealing that idea for the tag holders!! For the dj- did you give him cd's or can you give him your ipod? if you didnt bring your own music, did he have a selection for you? Hi! Definitely steal the idea for the tag holders, but just remember, only the guests who book suites will get key cards, the rest get actual keys. Everyone gets towel cards though, so it is useful regardless. We gave the DJ CDs. I was not going to count on him having an iPod doc or cable to hook it into his system. He had
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Jenna in Jamaica Thanks for the review and you looked amazing! I have recently changed my location to ROR, and i think i made the right choice! Did you have the dj at the dinner or just at the pool. I was thinking about doing the poolside reception with the buffet for $55 a person, but now i'm thinking about doing what you did. Thanks! Hi! Congratulations! Great choice changing to the ROR! The DJ was only at the poolside dancing reception. The cost was $300 for two hours. We had actually brought some CD's to play at dinner, thinking that I could just b
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Scott-Pierre Congratulations and thanks for sharing your review and pics!!! You were gorgeous! Question about the spanx issue.... did you put them on at first and then discover they were too hot? I really want to wear spanx with my dress... I can deal with being hot... I guess now I am just worried about sweating through them (if that is possible). did you have that issue when you first put them on? Hi - thank you! You will love the RIU for your special day! With the spanx - it really depends on what you want I guess. I wore them during my dress fitting a
  5. Thank you! Enjoy your wedding and congratulations to you! The flowers on the table were real flower petals that Tai Flora substituted for my bouquet in the free package. The flowers in the vases were artificial orchids. They were the same ones I used for the hanging flower garlands actually. I bought them from Save on Crafts, Wedding Supplies, Flowers, Tulle, Lights, Decorations & Discount Craft Supplies Save-on-crafts. I actually bought dendrobium orchid leis and cut them apart. It was very easy and cheap ) I hope that helps. Feel free to let me know if you have any other ques
  6. More Pictures: The whole group The bridal party Reception Dinner Set up (The Plantation) The first dance Trash the Dress Shoot (2 are professional, the others are from my friend who came with us)
  7. Hi everyone! I know I am still a newbie, but other reviews really helped me in my planning, so I am hoping this helps someone. Please feel free to PM me or post specific questions. Just some background about my wedding: We arrived at the RIU on July 16 and were married on July 20. We had 26 guests arriving between July 16-18, and most people stayed until July 21. On July 21 my husband and I moved to Sandals Dunn’s River Villagio (which happens to be directly next to the RIU) for our honeymoon and we left there on July 28. US AIRWAYS/ALPHA WORLD TRAVEL The trip was very smooth ove
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by michellerics Those are fantastic! are you giving them when they arrrive or before they go? Love it! Hi! We have chosen to give them to guests when they arrive. I really want everyone to feel special when they arrive, so we are going to do our best to greet everyone personally when they arrive and give them their bag. Hopefully this will work out.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by merocket59 They look really cute! Where did you get the paper you printed the welcome letter on? It looks really cute We found this stationary paper at Office Depot. It was exactly what we were looking for )
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by emme Looks great!! Where did you find your Advil packs, Pepto packs, and Shout wipe packs? I'm having a tough time trying to find those and Purell hand sanitizer for reasonable prices. Hi! I found both the Advil and Pepto packs by searching around on Amazon. The seller I used was: Shore Wholesalers. Lots of other places had individual packs, but to save on shipping charges, I used the same seller for both packs. I found the Shout wipes at drugstore.com Online Pharmacy - Prescription Drugs, Health and Beauty, plus more. They had free shipping on
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by KimmyG The magic magnet is a great idea- do you know firsthand that they are necessary at your resort? I'd hate to include them and confuse all the guests if they don't need them. Which resorts do you need these to keep the AC running? Great job, bargain shopper! Hi! I've had a lot of questions about the "Magic Magnets." They are simply Heavey Duty round magnets that I bought in a pack at Michaels. I a slip of paper with instructions and a magnet in a snack sized Ziploc bag. The little slip of paper says: Magic Magnet Place the magnet over the
  12. Here is what we are planning to give our guests: -Sudoku/Crossword Puzzle Books -Deck of Cards -"Magic Magnet" with instructions about placing the magnet on the patio door to keep the AC on when the door is open -Shout Wipes -Advit packets -Pepto Bismol packets -Crystal Light Drink Mix -Orbit gum -Candle -Plastic Key Card holder with elastic bracelet -Welcome Letter -Wedding Events (or itinerary for the days we are there) -Guest Roster (with our relationship to the guest, arrival/departure info, and a place for people to fill in room numbers once we ge
  13. Here are some pictures! Good suggestion ) Vases (I have 6 total) Candle (I have 12 total) Envelopes (I have 55) Thanks for looking!
  14. Hi! I have some items I need to sell! Please note, the floating candles unfortunately do NOT fit in the vases I am selling ( Hence, why I can't use them. But maybe someone needs one and not the other, or has a special talent for trimming the edges off of candles! Anyway, here are the items: 1) 6 cylinder glass vases. Each stands 9" tall with a 3-1/2" diameter (opening). Asking $20 for all 6. 2) 12 floating candles (color ivory) to sell. These are brand new, in the plastic wrap. 3" diameter candles. Unscented. Measures 1-3/4" tall. Burntime: 4-6 hours. Asking $15 for all 12.
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