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  1. mikandtet

    Excited newbie!

    welcome and happy preps!
  2. mikandtet

    Definite Newbie!

    Welcome to the forum!
  3. I am a newbie too! Welcome to the forum!
  4. Welcome! This is a great site to be for us brides
  5. Welcome Monica! I am a newbie too. Great forum, eh?
  6. Thanks again ladies! So nice of you all
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by O'Driscoll Photography Hi Tetet, Congrats and welcome! The Philippines sounds like an amazing location for your big day! Tod Yes it is! We do not have much friends and relatives yet in Canada, so we opted to celebrate in PI.
  8. Thanks ladies! What a great forum, eh? I love this forum!
  9. I have a question though? May I know what printer you used for your invites and papers (cover and inserts) if you do not mind? Thanks in advance!
  10. Thank you, Becks for the wonderful templates! I have been searching and searching for templates and it always brings your templates on google but was not a member then, so I decided to be a part of this wonderful forum.
  11. Hi fellow brides, I am Tetet, a new member from Ontario, Canada. My hubby is Mik, who is unfortunately is still in the Philippines. We are both Filipinos and are plannig to have a church wedding back home. We have been civilly married for two years now. Hope you can help me plan my travel-themed wedding and as well I hope could help you too. Have a great day to everyone! Tetet
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