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    For Sale Monique Lhuillier Dress - Miranda

    what a gorgeous dress...wish it could fit me! LOL!
  2. mikandtet

    Men's Wharehouse/ BYGO

    awesome! thanks!!!
  3. and I thought this only occurs to Filipino families! Hang in there...do what you want to do, go crazy. It's your money anyway. You will not go all out if you can't afford it, right?
  4. mikandtet

    Paypal for Dummies

    Thank you so much! This is very helpful!
  5. Thanks for all who replied! To update... I looooooovvvvvve vistaprint! can't stop ordering and re-ordering! I am now hooked! I dont mind the shipping charges! LOL! I will post some of my orders soon, just no time right now.
  6. mikandtet


    I am a huge fan too!!! I've ordered almost everything I in paper that I need! LOL!
  7. thanks for sharing the paper punch I have been cutting my stickers, it is supposed to be round ones...but it does not turn out to be round using the scissors! LOL!
  8. here's another one BELLA_BELLA_ZIGZAG_LABEL.pdf
  9. Here's a label though, but I used it as a sticker too. Hope this helps! DOTTED_BRACKET_FRAME_LABELS_SHEET.pdf
  10. mikandtet

    Family Guy

    I love it!