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  1. My mom wore a Kirstie Kelly for Disney collection dress (Kirstie Kelly for Disney Fairy Tale Weddings - Maidens) Style - KKSB4 MA2012 (Sleeping Beauty collection). Here are some actual pic's of her though: It took about 6 months to get in! Longer than my Maggie!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by keilag I am in love with Maggie Destination dress SD5230 but I cant find antwhere in Dallas that has it to try on The fit is the same as the Ireland...just with the toga straps...when I saw the SD5230, I was so upset b/c I had already purchased my Ireland...but there was no way that the dress would have came in by my wedding date...so I had the seamstress make and incorporate those toga straps onto my Ireland :-) Have you tried Mockingbird Bridal or Lulu's in uptown (off Routh) or even Ocone's in Fort Worth? Those are the salons I know carry the Maggie lines :-)
  3. Ok, sorry about the delay in posting pic's of this Ireland dress. Again, I incorporated the toga straps from the Maggie SD5230 and attached a silk/feather flower (with a four leaf clover in the middle b/c it was St Patty's day that we got married)! I do live in Dallas and there are a few boutiques in the area that carry Maggie. Mocking Bird Bridal (off Mockingbird and 75), Lulu's in Uptown (off Routh St), and then Ocone's in Fort Worth (that's where I originally tried it on at and fell in love with it). Here we go: (My mom is wearing the Kirstie Kelly for Disney Dress) (Our Tres Leches Sand Castle Cake) I hope that helps...I am DEFINITELY NOT a model NOR even close to a model size. I'm short too at 5'3".
  4. Can you post some pic's since no one has seen this on a "real" person yet? :-P
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by wahmsuzanne Oh wow! These fees are really adding up! How loud is the iPod docking station? I've been told not loud enough for the ceremony ... but for music and such what do you think? Or could you bring your own "system" and hook up your iPod? For $36 I could buy a bad ass boom and still own it afterward LOL What fees for hooking up your iPod? If you don't what good are the speakers ... like for your reception? I don't get it ... why would that cost more? Thanks for the help. *SmiLes* Suzanne The iPod docking station is in every room and attached to the wall (can't take it out of its place next to the bed)...I don't know why they were trying to charge her $365 on top of the $150 rental for the speaker system. I was only charged $150 and it covered the entire speaker system for the entire night (until 11pm)...but I had my reception and dinner both on the beach. The iPod was used for music after the mariachi band (cocktail hour)... We found that using the iPod was great b/c you could change the songs and volume with ease and didn't have to "manage" it... The only thing I can think of for the additional charging is b/c she had her reception inside the Seaside Grill and they wanted to charge for having to play thier music instead of what they normally play (like an incovienence fee or something)...but I don't know. (She got married the day after me, so I saw her there).
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Denise L A couple of last minute questions: 1. are the wedding coordinators in charge of playing the music for my BM's and myself as we walk down the aisle? I don't want to have one of my guests do it. 2. There is no charge for a rehearsal correct? 3. I have read the order of ceremony on page one, my FI and I have written our own vows but, will they still use something standard for us when we exchange the rings? 1. Yes, as Sunbride said, they have someone in control of the music 2. Rehearsal ceremony - no ...but keep on them b/c she asked when I wanted mine, I said Monday (wedding on Tues) and we never had one...so I was nutz about what to do, how fast to walk, etc! 3. We wrote our own vows too, but "Mexican Law" prevails and you have to listen to her read the document...then you can say your own vows (I chose to take away the microphone at this point b/c I wanted it to be more intimate and be between him and me...it wasn't for everyone to hear)...so to better answer your question: you have to listen to the judge read the marriage license (no reading out of the bible like a traditional wedding) document, but you add your own vows (or sand ceremony) in there too! :-)
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Dreams425 Hi girls. I have an important question for those who are already married. My DW planner in the states neglected to tell us that we needed to have an apostille certification on our birth certificates. Now I'm frantic because my fiance and I are both from different places than where we currently live and your apostille certification has to take place in the state your birth certificate is from. have any of the DT brides had or not had the apostille on their birth certificate? Now my planner is saying she doesn't think we need it but the resort website says it is required and I'm panicking that I'm not going to be able to get this done before we leave on April 19th! Any advice is welcome! Thanks! The "Apostille" is simply a fancy word for "certified" or stamped by an official government...if you have a certified copy of your birth certificate from your local county office, then this is perfectly fine for what they need. As far as needing divorce decree's (if you have been previosly married), then the wedding coordinators are looking for name changes...basically, if you changed your name from your "given" name to something else, then there is more paperwork involved; but if your name is still the same as your birth certificate, then that is all you need (well, you'll also need your traveler card (which is given at the airport) and your passport. I had Landy with us and she just needed our passport and traveler card to make a photo-copy of and didn't even look at our birth certificates or divorce decree's b/c neither of our names were ever changed...so it I feel ya about bein' stressed out, but once you're down there, everything will be OK! :-) I hope this helped :-)
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by t777a has anyone been married in the chapel between november to february . i know its hot during the summer months but i wanted to know if it was hot in the winter as well. i read that it has very poor ventilation. thanks so much Although we weren't married in the chapel, we did walk in there during the day and it didn't seem like there was good ventilation...it seemed "stuffy", but I don't know if they will turn on the "air" if there will be an event
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by SunBride So you were able to remove the docking station from the room? Other recent brides said it was wired to the wall. No, there is one in the room wired to the wall...I meant for the reception dinner, there was the choice of the DJ (using a CD or his music) or just using the iPod...if you use the iPod, the DJ shows you (or whomever is working the music) how to work the stereo and all you have to do is plug in the iPod :-)
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Denise L Thanks rachelannmartin! It doesn't state anywhere is the wedding guide...that i can see that they charge $365 for the reception!!!! So....is it better to put the music on CD's as opposed to the Ipod and when you say bring your own docking station do you mean from home or the ones from the room...but they're tied down no? Now I really don't know what to do!!! Also, did you bring your marriage licence home with you or will they ship it to you. I'm not sure if I want to leave it there!!! Thanks! If you use your iPod for the dinner, then all you have to do is hook it up and push play and in every room there are iPod docking stations to play it! :-) I brought our marriage license home b/c we were going to get it "Apostled" and translated here in Dallas instead of paying them the fees and waiting the months to get it back...but that's really your choice as it would cost less here at home to get that paperwork done...plus you have the license in hand
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Rebecca&George Hi, I have a couple of questions, I hope someone can help ) 1. Does it cost extra to have flowers put in your hair?? OR is that included in the price of the up-do? I am paying to have all my girls get their hair done, and it would be cool to be able to make sure they all can have flowers in their hair if they want ) 2. Does anyone know if I use the Caribbean Trio for the cocktail hour will I still have to pay the $365 if I use their speaker system just at the reception. I want to use my ipod but a mic is really important. 3. For the girls that have already been through this, was it easy to get your decorations back? I have to get married at home a week after I get home from Mexico and I would like to be able to use some of the decorations twice...that way I only have to pay for them once ) Thanks for any help!! 1. The hair flowers are $6 extra...but they give you like 5-6 flowers! You would pay that in the total price when you pay the wedding. So no worries on that :-) 2. I only paid $150 for the speaker system rental for the entire night (until 11pm) and we had the Caribbean trio and then used our iPod for the dinner & dancing...on the beach :-) 3. The wedding coordinator will ask you if you want the decorations back and they will deliver them back to your room that same night :-)
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Denise L Ok...I am trying to figure out the whole music thing. To have the speakers and microphone at the ceremony is $150, then another $150 for the reception? Now what if I still want to play music from my Ipod during the cocktail hour? Do I have to pay another $150 for the speakers then? I don;t think I really need the speaker for the cocktail hour but the Ipod Docking Station would be enough. BUT if I am having the coctail hour on the beach anyway...I imagine there will be music there anyways...no? Any insight or advice from past brides would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks! It's a flat rate of $150 for the speaker "rental" until 10-11pm (that's what we were charged)...but we had our reception and dinner on the beach...so if you have it in the restaurant, then that may be the reason for the additional charges :-)
  13. Sorry everyone...I changed the name of the wedding album on Photobucket, so the pic's aren't showing anymore...so let's try this again :-) Dreams Tulum Wedding Floyd-Scroggins pictures by jennyjean7 - Photobucket
  14. Thank you everyone for your kind words!! Sorry about the photo's...I went and changed the name of the album, so it changed the link :-( So lets try this again :-)