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  1. Year Month Date Bride & Groom Where 2007 Jun 12 Ann + Paul @ outside of the Wailea Marriott (AnnR) (only us, it was our legal ceremony/honeymoon, wedding was in Mexico) 2008 Oct 4 Sherry + Patrick @ Wailea Marriott + Seawatch (Sherry) 2008 Nov 5 Lisa + Jayson @ Mokapu Beach + Seawatch (Chiquita) 2009 Feb 11 Trish + Bill @ Makena Secret Cove + Kimo's Restaurant (mplscold) 2009 June 1 April+Mike @ Seawatch + Mulligan's on the Blue (litl_april) 2009 April 15 Stacey+Mike @ Kapalua Bay+ I'O (SAM) 2009 Sep 26 Jackie + Jeff @ Fairmont Kea Lani (PaddleAddict) 2009 Oct 12 Rina + Yuriy @ Kapalua Bay + Son'z Restaurant at Hyatt Regency (rina) 2009 Oct 14 Deb + John @ Kalaeokai'a Estate + Five Palms Restaurant (da.schmoopies) 2009 Oct 18 Patty + Jason @ Old Lahaina Luau for wedding & reception (mspattemac) 2009 Nov 12 Karina + Cory @ Ritz Carlton Kapalua (1sunshine) 2009 Nov 18 Vanessa + Jared @ Maui Tropical Plantation (brightesthour) 2010 Jan 12 Danielle & David @ Westin Kaanapali Villas + Old Lahaina Luau (michelle0 2010 Feb 10 Laura + Jim @ Maria Lanakila + TBD Reception (laura&james) 2010 Feb 11 Jane + Mark @ Makena Secret Cove + Capishe? (hawaiidreaming) 2010 Feb 25 Adam and Sandra @ Ritz Carlton Kapalua (sehender) 2010 Mar 10 Ruth & Erik @ Makena Cove & TBD (madiamondgal) 2010 Apr 7 Tami & Adam @ Private Estate in west Maui (tovaqt) 2010 May 4,5 or 6 Leah + Dillon @ Royal Lahania (photopia) 2010 May 10 Amanda + Niall @ Honua Kai Lani + Spago (amandadburns) 2010 May tba Susan + David @ Grand Wailea + TBD (just4susan) 2010 May 15 Carol + Doug @ Seawatch Restaurant for wedding and reception (cutefeet) 2010 May 22 Huey + Isaac @ Honua Kai Lani + Spago (Huey) 2010 Jun 7 Brenna + Doug @ Kapalua Bay Beach + Old Lahaina Luau (Brenna) 2010 Jun 7 Stacy + Craig @ Merriman's Kapalua + Dukes (Stacy015) 2010 Jun 12 Autumn + Mike @ Ritz-Carlton Kapalua (asharp) 2010 Jun 17 Krystall + Nick @ Olowalu Plantation House + Old Lahaina Luau (azulskies) 2010 Jun 17 Aisha + Chris @ Kapalua Bay Beach + Reception TBD (ThefutureMrs.Jones) 2010 Jun 26 Jessica + Dan @ The Bailey House Museum + Sarrento's on the Beach (jam8x2) 2010 Jul 28 Lisa + Al @ Olowalu Plantation House (lwav8176) 2010 Jul 29 Julie + Brent @ TBD Ceremony & Reception (jewels0729) 2010 Aug 9 Lisa + Daniel @ Wailea Golf Club (lower knoll) + SeaWatch Restaurant (pjlisa) 2010 Aug 14 Liz + Michael @ Merriman's Kapalua 2010 Oct 19 Amanda + Patrick @ Kula Botanical Garden+ Ruth's Chris (Amanda81) 2010 Nov 6 Amanda + Matt @ Kapalua Bay Beach + TBD (AtteGirl) 2010 Nov 8 Joanne and Ed @ Four Seasons Wailea (sleepyj) 2010 May 12 Lindsay + Justin @ Olowalu Plantation House (weiky) 2010 Sep 9 Lindsay + Ed @ TBD +TBD(lindsnyff) 2011 May ?? Crystal + Dave @TBD (cryssv) 2011 June 4 Sydney and Sean @ Olowalu Plantation House (SydneyFitz) 2011 Oct ? Kath + Dale @ Five Palms Restaurant (karyan)
  2. Stacy, you should ask Deanne to verify the photography on the beach information for you! We were there in June and Deanne informed us that the photographer just needs to apply for a permit to shoot on state/county land (ie..the beaches). It's possible things have changed in that time but it can't hurt to ask! Here's the website she gave us last year. I passed it onto our photographer and she took care of the rest! Aloha! — Hawaii Film Office
  3. Hey there! There is a 5-days-or-less quarantine, but from what I read on the link included, the dog must be at least 10 months of age. It also sounds like you must fly in to Honolulu and plan to go to Maui from there. Also keep in mind how you think little Daphne would fare alone in cargo for about 6+ hours (my little guy would likely never go for that lol!). We had thought of bringing our little Scooter along last year but decided it would just be too much trouble and not fair to him since airlines do not allow pets in cabin on flights to Hawaii. Animal Quarantine Information — Hawaii Department of Agriculture Some things you can consider if you want to include Daphne in your wedding but decide against bringing her with--we had a custom cake topper done with Scooter on it through Etsy seller lynnslittlecreations. Another idea I've seen of others on the forum is making # signs that they hung around their dogs neck and took pictures of, then used the pictures for table numbers. Do a search on the forum of pets, you're sure to find many pet lovers who've come up with other ideas, too! Good Luck!!
  4. Congrats and welcome to the forum! You will absolutely love your Maui wedding!
  5. Congrats and welcome!! You will absolutely LOVE Maui for your wedding! You've come to the right place to find all of the answers you need, too!
  6. Glad to hear you are feeling a little better after coming back on the forum! Sometimes I think the best support comes from right here, where so many are willing to provide words of comfort and really--love. More hugs and prayers, to you and your family!!
  7. We got our cake topper from Lynns Little Creations on Etsy! Personalize & Unique Wedding Cake Toppers by lynnslittlecreations Absolutely loved it and it was a big hit with our guests, too!
  8. MwaHaHaHaHa...the tackyweddings.com reminded me of a friends wedding in which I was MOH. So, she was sending me all sorts of links to pictures for inspiration of things she wanted to do...for decor and all that. Suddenly I get a link from tackyweddings and her saying she just LOVES this idea and absolutely must have it at her reception! Oh, so freaking hilarious!!! I about died of laughter that it came from that website of all places. For those who wonder why I did not try to stop her, she is the type who will not alter her decisions once she's made up her mind on something...and if you try to say something against that mind-set, she gets very P.O.'d and won't talk to you for a week or more haha. So yeah, I let it be. Granted, I'll give her credit in that it wasn't anything really horrid, perhaps just something that might be considered "childish". I don't know, you can be your own judges lol. It was a balloon arch styled Cinderella's carriage over her cake table. I primarily just got a good laugh out of it coming from a website you'd think people wouldn't want to get ideas from!!!
  9. That does seem odd, as it sounds like the appraisal was the original one, provided when the ring was purchased. For us, I know that appraisal put the ring as worth more than DH paid. However, now 3 years later, when we switched insurance companies, they required a recent appraisal (I think within the last year). So the new appraisal states that the ring is worth less than what was paid for it, but again, it is 3--almost 4--years after it was purchased, so with inflation and all those fun factors, I can see how it would occur. But a recently purchased ring, with the appraisal at time of purchase, that just doesn't make sense.
  10. Even if your H2B selects a best man, I see nothing wrong with you having all your ladies be bridesmaids. I had a similar situation, where my best friend is very much so my best friend and I'm much closer to her than my sister. However, I knew my mom and sister would be very upset (and make it clear to me) if I selected a MOH and it wasn't my sister. I only had 3 girls total, so I went with no MOH. I had thought about having both of them as MOH but with only one other girl, I didn't feel that was right. I even worked it out so that each had their own "special" role. One stood by me at the ceremony, another one signed the license, and the third sat by me for the reception! So I say go with what you feel is best for you!
  11. litl_april


    Stacy, we only ended up with 25 total people (when we ordered the cake, though, our estimates were closer to 50 lol--so that's about what the cake could serve) so they were large slices and like I said, they boxed up the top tier for us which was a 6" circumference. It was about $400, so not cheap, but very tasty. That price also included the special pineapple flavoring additional cost, flowers on the cake, and set-up/delivery. I do believe adding a third tier does increase the price quite a bit, and I guess had we known that we would have done larger sized tiers and only had 2 tiers, but ah well. What's done is done lol. It was definitely some of the tastiest cake I've ever had (and I've enjoyed plenty of cake haha!) So if you're thinking only 2 tiers or even 1, the price shouldn't be nearly as much. If you have a lot of guests you might also consider doing a small cake and having a sheet cake to go along with it. Safeway is another good idea you could try!! I've never had their cake though, so I can't aid in their quality or taste, but perhaps someone on here can!!
  12. A lot of flight attendants did whatever they could to be accommodating towards my dress. It helped that it was obviously a wedding dress I suppose as the garment bag from the bridal shop was pink lol. When there wasn't an open closet to place it in they helped find a storage bin where it would fit nicely over the luggage inside without having to fold it. We got to Maui and it still looked great! It was pressed before we left. I agree with the other girls though, it may depend on the fabric!
  13. litl_april


    We did Maui Wedding Cakes and it was delicious!!! Personally, I'm a big sweets person, so I definitely don't regret doing cake...even though I was only able to eat a little bit of it at the actual reception cause I was already so stuffed lol!! They wrapped up and sent the top with DH and myself though, and since we had no way of freezing and shipping it, we enjoyed it the next day, YUM! For flavors, we did marble cake with standard vanilla filling and white cake with pineapple filling. Here's some pics
  14. Heather, my heart breaks for you. I am so sorry that you are facing such a difficult time with your mother's cancer. I agree with starchild that perhaps you should consider doing just a small, quiet ceremony in which your mother can be present. I can sense that your mother being there means a lot to you, as it should, and that is why I think starchild has a great suggestion to you. Brain cancer is an evil thing, nothing a single person should have to face, even with a loved one being affected and not oneself. My uncle lost his battle to the evil only a little over a year ago. My cousin, a daughter of his, chose to rush her wedding in hopes that he could be there...he passed only a week before. I know it was such a struggle for her to go on with the wedding without her father there, as she was quite the "daddy's girl," but I think she realized it was what he would have wanted. I don't tell you this trying to cause you pain, but to ask you to think about what is of the most importance to you. If it is that of your mom being there, consider the idea starchild brought forth. You can still have the beach wedding at a later date, and I--as I'm sure many--will be praying for you and your family, that your mom beats this and will be at your dream wedding. Sending lots of love and prayers your way!!! Be sure to take care of you throughout this battle.
  15. Congratulations! You've come to the right place to find all sorts of ideas! You will absolutely love Maui wherever you choose to get married! We got married there in June and it was a dream!
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