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  1. Thank you! I am able to see it again, that's weird that it would say it was deleted.
  2. Hi there, I posted a review about a year ago and I went to update it today. It saved my changes but when I clicked submit a message came up saying the review was deleted. If that was true why is it still showing on my account that I wrote a review? Do you think the vendor may have deleted it? I haven't posted in a while could that be the reason? Any help would be very appreciated! I would love to add to the vendor's reviews. Thanks!
  3. I went to Debbie's Bridal fashions and was happy with their work. I got a bussle, the top and waist taken in, a sweetheart cut and the length taken up quite a bit as it was very long and it cost me $400. I thought it was too tight when I went for my final fitting but they told me it would loosen on my wedding day as I wore it and they were right it did so I am very glad they made it tight! Does anyone have Brian Napier's contact info, I tried going on his site but its not working?
  4. Hey ladies, Got back 2 weeks ago from my wedding on May 5 and couldn't be happier!! Our group was 44 people altogther with half only there for a week and the other for 2 weeks. The meeting with gabriela was a little overwhelming but I think it was just because I was hot and hungry and then after all of the wedding things we had to do went quite smoothly. The wedding day was everything I thought it would be and more. Gabriela and Pilar did an amazing job! Every detail was looked after. The dinner, we had the grill menu, was sooooo good. Many people said it was the best meal they had at the resort, it sure was my favorite. Gabriela performed the ceremony and did a good job, if I were do it again we would get someone we know to do the ceremoney as we just had a renewal of the vows. Gabriela's english is good but she has a thick accent and she wore her hotel uniform, would have been nice for her to wear more "wedding appropriate" clothing. Its weird because Pilar wears a nice skirt and blouse. We had a honeymoon suite, such a nice room. We got a bunch of freebies with it. Being privledged status at that resort is so worth it and it really isn't that much extra to upgrade. The only complaint is that we had to pay extra for the cake as we had more than 20 people and I was so full and busy dancing that I didn't feel like cake. BUT Pilar said they would put it in the buffet kitchen and we were just supposed to ask for it. Well we did and they had no idea what we were talking about. We went to Pilar so she could try and find out but nothing was done. I was very disappointed that I didn't get to have any of my wedding cake. Didn't matter at the time but was really disappointed the next day. But what do you do we didn't feel like pursuing it any further. I got my hair and makeup done with Melissa Parry (MVP Hair and Makeup) and our photos were done by Ivan Luckie. Extremly happy with both and will be posting reviews of everything soon. Rather than repeat was has already been said if any future catalonia brides have any questions feel free to ask. I will try and post some pics soon, I want to wait for the pro ones Lacey
  5. Hey Kristen, where did you get your key card holders? Did you have to pay for your luggage?
  6. Oh Kplanta your wedding looked great and you look so pretty!!! I was itching to hear how everything went. I would love to see more pictures if thats ok with you I do have a few questions. At the reception do they have a mike and speakers so you can announce things like you suggested? At your ceremony did you have a mike so everyone could hear what you were saying? How did Gabriela do reading your ceremony? I have been debating on hiring a minister or just using her? My cousin offered to play acoustic guitar for our ceremony do you think its worth it considering it can barely be heard, or would you suggest paying actual music? Any suggestions on songs for the acoustic guitar? Thank for reasurring me with the DJ, I was a little worried it would be "old school" music hahaha Who did you use as your photographer? I hope we get upgraded, we have 44 people coming with us, and anything thrown in free is very nice! Just curious, did you tip the wedding coordinators at the hotel?
  7. Kplanta, have you left yet? If not, I hope you have a wonderful wedding and vacation! I can't wait to hear all about your stay and wedding since we both had very similar questions I can't believe I only have 40 days left until we leave...eeep!
  8. Thats interesting that you got sent the flowers already and heard of the new wedding coordinator and I haven't. I get married May 5, so you think they would contact me. I Guess I will have to send them an email. Thanks for the heads up
  9. Hahaha kplanta, I have all the same questions about the DJ. Don't worry girl I am in the same boat as you One more, would be could he play some songs from a IPOD, for like the first dance, etc.? Its good to know they don't do makeup. I think I am just going to practice with my girlfriends before hand and do my own makeup there. Did lilia speak good english, I don't speak spanish ad I am worried about getting my hair done. I think I might go there before and do a little trial do....I know sounds picky but I always have bad experiences when I get my hair done. Good to know about the prices. I think I am going to book the salon before we go to ensure we have a people doing hair for everyone, I think there will be at least 5-6 girls. Oh one more question is how is the disco, do they play decent music? Thanks for sharing Baezas!
  10. Welcome, glad to see another Edmonton bride. I used my aut and she works near Calgary so that would't work out. The TA's on here, I have heard are wonderful ad they charge a small fee to do soooo much work. If I hadn't had family I would have used someoe on here.
  11. We got the GM stuff at Le Chateau too as well as coliseum in west ed mall. My bf got his lien suit at coliseum too.
  12. I just found out that with our group booking we get an extra 10kg, separate check in, and front of the line boarding for the plane. So thats nice! Extra stuff will just be distributed with the family. Maybe if we are lucky we can get upgraded at check in at the airport.
  13. Josie, your wedding sounded beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing a bit of your day with us! You look so happy and beautiful! Did you get your hair done at the salon? I didn't realize the hotel has a 24hr snack bar, thats so awesome! I added you on Facebook so I can see more of your pictures. Its like only two more months until we go!
  14. Did they bump you up when you arrived at the airport? I am really hoping they will do that with us as I have heard that before but I am worried because I think our flight is quite full. I don't care so much about Elite but rather just getting the extra baggage allowance. We have 40 people flying so I would think that involves something for free. Do you think I should say"since we booked 40 people with you could you allow us the Elite package luggage weight. I don't want to push it with them or anything. I have been debating about giving the bags out before hand but then you have to trouble them to carry that stuff, oh decisions decisions!
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