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    Ok teachers it is that time of the year again

    Quote: Originally Posted by Just Martha Only name I need to worry about this year is Noah! Come to think of it, I have never had any unusual names....well, I had a Cordero 2 years ago. Not too bad though. I hope he wasn't hispanic. Cordero is lamb in Spanish.
  2. I'd be paranoid it would fall off. Aside from that its quite weird. They call it a g string but it has a whole lot more fabric than a gstring!
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    Hi I'm a Newbie

  4. stkitts2010

    What do you collect?

    Quote: Originally Posted by JenniferLynn I also have a thing for ladybugs, so I have a small collection of ladybug stuff. Me too, I love ladybugs! I even have a ladybug tattoo. I don't even remember how I started collecting ladybugs, now that I think of it. I also collect decorative/painted plates from every city I visit. Actually, I collect these for my mom as I send them all to her. She enjoys displaying them in her house and sharing with others all the places I have visited.
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    Interactive color sites

    Thanks! Color jack is great.
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    your next big trip

    Quote: Originally Posted by Bianca My parents are from La Paz. We lived in Cota Cota for a couple years before we moved back to Virginia. As happy I am to have come back here to finish hs and college, I still miss it and want to go back! My FI has no intentions on moving to Bolivia, but I have made it clear that when I retire, thats where I'm living! I use to spend a lot of time in Santa Cruz. I would love to live in Bolivia. My FI isn't too keen on the idea. I haven't been to Bolivia since October 2007 but I'm hoping to go back soon. Did you know AeroSur flies from D.C. to Santa Cruz?
  7. stkitts2010

    your next big trip

    Quote: Originally Posted by Bianca I am *hoping* to go to Bolivia for at least 2 weeks. I would love to stay there for a couple months, but FI isn't too keen on the idea. I would go after Christmas sometime. It's been about 7 years since I've been there. I miss my extended family! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Bolivia! What part of Bolivia is your family in? My FI and I are going to Gabon and The Democratic Rep. of Congo in Africa for a month in 2009.
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    A Newfie Newbie!

    When I was in college I dated a guy from Trinity Bay. I use to visit NF a lot. It was usually a layover location when coming back from Europe on goverment flights. The people there are very caring and warm.
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    A Newfie Newbie!

    Welcome! NF is one cold, cold place. Where in NF are you?
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    Permanent makeup

    There are two girls in my office who have permanent makeup. One has eyebrows and the other eyeliner. The first two years I worked there I didn't know it was perm makeup. It looks great! They have each had it for about 5 years. They just recently went for a touch up. I have always wanted eyeliner but I'm too scared to let someone with a tattoo needle that close to my eyes. I'm scared I would blink or something and end up with an injury. Otherwise, I would already have some.
  11. I live in Boston- a city known for its neighborhoods. Specifically I live in Back Bay- an officially recognized neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts. It is an upscale residential, retail, and commercial office district. Back Bay (and neighboring Beacon Hill) are considered Boston's most expensive neighborhoods, with townhouses regularly selling for millions of dollars. Popular upmarket shopping destinations include Newbury and Boylston Streets as well as the Prudential Center and Copley Place malls. The quaint, tree-lined streets in this neighborhood are filled with brownstone shops, restaurants, bars and upscale housing. The Public Garden is the neighborhood border. From there, you can amble along the wide sidewalks of Commonwealth Avenue or down lively Newbury or Boylston Streets. There are many types of international foods available, from tapas to sushi. Numerous bars serve as meeting places for talking, drinking and dancing. Also in the neighborhood are the John Hancock Tower and the Prudential Center , two of Boston's most prominent skyscrapers. The building I live in was designed for the founder of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the son-in-law of Harvard's naturalist Louis Agazziz. Recently this area has been full of camera crews, actors, etc filming upcoming movies. The second part of Pink Panther was filmed across the street from my building not too long. Women, The Ghost of My Ex Girlfriend, and at least 5 other movies have been filmed doors away from me or across the street.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by zorlack76 I live in a town called Rockford, IL, home of the great band Cheap Trick (no they are not from Chicago...they are from Rockford.) We are also the home of Aiden Quinn (second rate film actor...usually never gets a lead role.) Well, lets see...we have the highest crime rate per capita in Illinois. We have about 150000 people in Rockford. Im on a corner lot, so I have a bunch of nabors. One of my nabors lets their grass and weeds get way too long. Another has the police at her house at least once per week. Her son was arrested last year for selling a gun to an undercover cop. Yeah, he's out of prison already and now selling dope out of the home. How do I know this, because I watch him to the hand to hand transactions. Another nabor of mine was arrested for Armed Robbery about a month ago. He is currently pending trial. And my last nabors are great...Bob and Ellen. They are a holy family. Bob is a preacher, and they homeschooled their children. They are a great family and very musically talented. Every morning, I am waken up (and annoyed the rest of the day) because I live on a main thoroughfare and have people with loud sound amplification systems bumping their music up and down my street. I cant tell you how thrilled I am to live in this neighborhood and city. Boo hoo I use to spend way too much time in Rockford on business. My coworkers and I called it Mayberry U.S.A.
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    Bridal Shower Etiquette

    Thats why you look so familiar! I too went to BHS. You and my brother were friends, if I remember correctly.
  14. stkitts2010

    Bridal Shower Etiquette

    Quote: Originally Posted by OROBride1008 Is it ok to have a bridal shower if you are having a DW? More so, do you only invite the people you invited to the DW to the shower? Or do I have to have a AHR to be able to have a bridal shower and invite other people who weren't invited to the DW? Any thoughts on this would be great. I think it's okay. Furthermore, I noticed you are from Bradenton and you look familiar. I use to live in Bradenton. What high school did you go to?
  15. stkitts2010

    "Guy-only" weekends...

    My FI goes on guys only trips at once a month. In June alone he went on three guys only trips! He can go to strip clubs or whatever they decide to do. As long as at the end of the night, he has no regrets. On the same token, I too often take girls only trip. Although, I always go on them with the same two girls or one of the two of them if the other can't go. I only have two friends who are females. The rest of my friends are guys. I would ever go away on a trip with any of my guy friends. I don't expect my FI to ever be okay with that idea, not that I'd dream of it either! This week, we are both going on trips alone to different parts of the US. I will be in FL for 5 days just to get away and relax alone. He will be in NYC partying with his friends. Like he told one of his friend's wife just yesterday, "We give each other the opportunity to miss one another by taking seperate trips every once in a while." She looked at him like he was up to no good and looked at me like I was crazy for letting him travel alone.