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    Receptions at the RIU??

    Thank you for the wonderful insight-I'm also getting a bit frustrated! We went to Los Cabos a month ago to check out the RIU Palace and we decided that's where we want to have the wedding-we meet with Daniela and she gave us some input- But what I was wondering why do you have to pay for the Caprice package, 500.00 for the private reception (Baja), and then meals charged by per person- Can someone please explain to me, why am I paying for the Caprice package and plus meals per person-I am so confused-plus we are getting married in the Catholic church down there so we won't even be having a cermony there- Thank you
  2. Do you have a close up of your flowers-I love them
  3. marytete1

    American Hairstyist & Make-up Artist in Los Cabos

    Welcome to the site! I sent you an email about pricing and availability- Look forward to your response-
  4. OMG you look absolutely stunning-the pictures are breath taking- Few questions for you I love the candle and your flowers-can you let me know where you got them- Also, do you have the information for the photographer and videographer? Thanks again
  5. marytete1

    I booked my Photographer and video!!!!!

    Hello Can I please get their info to contact them- Congratulations thats awesome! Thank you
  6. Hello Okay I have such a crazy question to ask you...we really want to get married by a Catholic priest, and I see you live in Chicago, as do we and I was wondering what parish your priest is from-what I'm getting at do you think if we flew him down to Cabo would he marry us? We are new to our parish and don't think our priest will marry us in Cabo- I don't want to do the traditional wedding here in Chicago b/c my father passed away and I just think it would be too emotional so thats why we geared twds a destination wedding where its close family and friends and people who understand what I'm going thru and why I decided to have a more intimate wedding- Thanks for any help! Mary T.
  7. Hello- Do you guys have a number to contact the priest? I left a few emails and still haven't heard anything back- Is the church close to the airport? It looks like a beautiful church-thanks for all the help- Mary T
  8. Hello- When did you do the legal cermony? Do you have any pictures of the church? We really want to have it in the Catholic church so any info you can send would be greatly appreciated-I sent an email to Fr already so I'm awaiting his response- Thanks again-
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    Hello My name is Mary Looking to get married in Los Cabos in Feb 09' at the RIU Palace-waiting on confirmation of the date....