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  1. I would recommend Cabo Azul. It's a beautiful hotel. It's actually in San Jose, which is 20 min away, but San Jose feels much more like an authentic Mexican town. Thursday nights there is an Art walk in town that's a lot of fun and San Jose has much better restaurants than Cabo. Cabo Azul's restaurant, Javier's, is awesome! My boyfriend and I drive there from Cabo all the time for dinner. Other restaurants that are good in San Jose are: El Grill, Tequilia's, Baja Brewery, Baan Thai and Morgan's. I live in Cabo and that would be my recommendation. -Neysa Berman
  2. This forum is a great place to find all the information you need. Welcome!
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  4. Hi Courtney, Tomas has a great eye and is fun to work with. We have done may weddings together, us for hair & make-up and Tomas for photo, the photos turn out amazing and the brides are always happy with his work.
  5. When you choose a Make-up artist/hair stylist, what do you base your decision on?
  6. My stylist team has worked with her many times, we get to see her work up close. She has great taste and I would say she is one of the top WC in cabo rightnow.
  7. Have you thought of hiring an independent wedding planner? There are some really good ones here in Cabo.
  8. Is it your first time in Cabo? Your going to love it here!
  9. I have worked with Jeremy on numerous occasions and his work is amazing! Good to see you here. -Neysa Berman
  10. Cabo Azul has a great chapel and the design is amazing. Javiers restaurant is one of our favorites in Los Cabos. My husband and I drive to San Jose at least once every two weeks for dinner. I don't know much about their wedding planners and service, but the pool, rooms, restaurant and overall design are absolutely beautiful.
  11. Oh and the other thing that was kind of a bummer was that we had to shut down the music before 10 or 11. and we were just gettin started. haha!
  12. Hi Carissa, i was married at the Cabo Surf and loved it. The rooms are nice, nothing extravagant but it's a great location and a really great surf break for beginners. We were married at the end of March and there weren't too many people on the beach. The few that were there were cooperative. They prepared the buffet and it was really good. We had the open bar but everyone ended up ordering top shelf so we had an undexpected bill. We also tried to cut out the cake and do chocolate covered strawberries since we were on a budget and it ended up costing more than a cake. Just make sure litt
  13. There is a nightclub called Passion at the Melia Hotel and that is probably the best place to be. Check out Noche Magazine online for more information regarding tickets. Otherwise I'm sure some of the other hotels have fireworks shows and dinner if your looking for something more mellow.
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