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  1. Hooray! Congrats! I leave tomorrow and your post made me that much more excited!
  2. June 2009 April & Michael - June 1, 2009 - Wailea, Maui, HI Monique and Derrick - June 5th 2009 - Riu Ocho Rios, Jamaica Hanna & Josh - June 5, 2009 - Grand Palladium Colonial Mayan Riviera, MX Bo (Goldstein to be) & Ben - June 6, 2009 - Riu Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta, MX Pauline & Roger - June 6, 2009 - Grenadian by Rex Resorts, Grenada Amanda & Thomas - June 6, 2009 - Dreams Los Cabos, MX Carolyn & Michael- June 6, 2009- Gran Caribe Real Cancun, MX Crystal & Branko ~ June 10, 2009 ~ Grand Palladium, Riviera Maya, Mexico Julia & Dima ~
  3. I just had my legal day on Friday. We didn't want to hassle with doing the paperwork in Mexico and getting a blood test down there. I was also a little hesitant but I ended up loving the experience. In California, they make you do the paperwork and have a ceremony with the magistrate. It was really nice to have that experience with just the two of us. Without our friends and family there, it made it feel really intimate. We didn't have our rings or anything so that will make our Mexico ceremony special too. We also didn't say our vows at the courthouse, just I do. No one at work kno
  4. Hi Ladies! I'm so sorry I'm just getting back to thank you all for the warm wishes and awesome suggestions. I ended up wearing a super cute summer dress. It was fun that it was just the two of us at the court house, no witnesses or anything. It actually made it very special. It didn't matter at all that I didn't have my E-ring. FI/DH was super sweet. I went to run a couple of errands afterward. We had met at the courthouse so he drove home. When I walked into the house, the dinning room table had six vases (1 for each year we'd been together) full of star gazer lilies. They are my
  5. Helen, I won't get to be the first Pacifico bride. We are back at Vallarta. It would have been nice to get the upgrade but oh well. I'll be sure to post lots of pics!
  6. So, I'm leaving on Tuesday for PV. My sister has been amazing and doing research like crazy. I've been emailing updates to our guests on a daily basis but also updating our website a lot. I've put a bunch of new info on the things to do, before you go, and what to pack pages. I thought I would tell you ladies in case you want to use some of the info. Here's our site: Bo and Ben - Our Wedding Site. Also, if there is anything you want me to take pictures of or bring back, just let me know.
  7. I'm still working on my dinner music, but here is my reception music. It is exactly 3 hours long: You Are The Best Thing, Ray LaMontague Somewhere Over The Rainbow Shout (Parts 1 and 2, The Isley Brothers Celebration, Kool And The Gang Hey Ya, Outkast Just Dance, Lady GaGa & Colby O'Donis Jump Jive An' Wail, The Brian Setzer Orchestra</string> Tequila, The Champs Boot Scootin' Boogie, Brooks & Dunn Unforgettable, Nat King Cole & Natalie Cole I Got You (I Feel Good), James Brown How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You), James Taylor Cha Ch
  8. Sorry for the delay on the music list. We had our legal day on Friday and I woke up Saturday with a horrible cold so I've sorta been a bum about wedding stuff. Anyway, here is the list of music for the reception. It is exactly 3 hours. Let me know if you have any questions. Ahh! I leave in one week! Reception Play List.doc
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by soon2bePowers Goldstein to Be, that would be great. Question how did you transition your music. For example ending the bridesmaid walk song and beginning the bride walk song? I actually still have to tweak my ceremony music a bit. The braidsmaids are walking to somewhere over the rainbow and then I'm walking to Pacabel Cannon in D. I'm going to use Audacity (it's free music mashup software) to shorten the intro on PCD and cut down SOR. I'm planning to work on that this weekend. I figure worst case scenario I'll just have the wedding coordinate pr
  10. I did the majority of my music last weekend. It turns out I had a TON so I ended up making a play list for dinner too. I downloaded all the music I wanted and then started playing with the order. Do you want me to send you my list of reception music?
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Andi you know what you could do...just for fun (since tomorrow is not your "real" wedding anyway) is go find the the most tacky cheap ring you can and wear that! that would be fun...can you imagine wearing like a cheap, awful, huge, gaudy thing?! Just a thought it would be a good story later! I love this. I'm going to try and get one this afternoon. You're right, that would be funny!
  12. Our legal day is tomorrow! Wahoo! I'm excited and a little nervous. FI and I were discussing it last night and agree that it's the type of feeling you get before you do something fun and new for the first time. I can't wait. I'm a little bummed out because I don't have my ring. We went to Colorado last weekend for my bridal shower. Our jeweler is there so my little bro picked up my wedding band so that I could try it on to make sure it fit and everything. Well it turns out that the jeweler wanted to give us a good deal so he used diamonds from another ring in my band. It was very pretty
  13. Here are the things still left on my list: - create ceremony programs and tie them to the fans - create, print and pack the welcome books - update website with pre-travel information (doing this instead of sending brochures) - find some earrings - write vows I'm sure there are other things but these are the items I can actually remember right now!
  14. Hi Holly, Congrats and welcome! As Helen mentioned, you should definitely check out this thread: Official PV Riu Thread (Discussion here for Riu Vallarta, Jalisco & Pacifico Palace) I'm getting married at Riu Vallarta in just a couple of weeks. I've never stayed there so it will be great to get some feedback from you. - Bo
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