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    Hair extensions

    Like I said above, I went with some high end clip in extensions that were real hair (the other ones are icky, like ones you buy at the drugstore, no). I got mine at a professional wig and hair extension salon and I didn't think I would liek them but I loved them! They matched my hair color and texture perfectly and look so natural that when I have them in, I can't tell sometimes if I'm touching my own hair or the extensions. For about $200 I got 4 large peices (that go in rows around the head) and 4 small peices that are used in the front areas. I usually only wear 2 large peices when I wear them cause my hair's already thick and all of it together makes me have a ton of hair. But I've been so satisfied. ?They're still in great shape and I've had them a little over 2 yrs now. To put them in, you pull your hair up in a clip, and comb some down creating a straight part all around the head. then you clip the extension in along the part with the 3 clips on it. they are flat metal clips/combs that lock the extension in place. the clips/combs are covered by the hair so it blends right in. These work well if you have layered hair. They hurt a little when I first put them in just because I wasn't used to them but the good news is you can wear them comfortably for a day or two, take them out at night when you're sleeping. Wear them when you want longer hair and skip em when you want to rock your shorter hair. I'm a big fan. Plus they look great! No one would be able to tell I had extensions in. BUT you can see the bumps if you pull your hair up so they're really best for down or half-up hair. Hope this helps! I can't remeber what brand mine are but I think they're made by Farrah Faucett or something? I dunno. I've definately gotten my $200 worth out of them!
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    Why you SHOULD trash your dress!

    The whole thing was amazing. AMAZING! I'm blown away by the video footage and the pictures. Seriously. The best I've ever seen. Kudos for all the good things happening for you!
  3. ErikaSue

    Hair extensions

    I bought some nice professional clip-in extensions before. varrying lengths for about $200 total. They look awesome and are made with real human hair
  4. I went with TA Jennifer and I already feel SO relieved!. She's awesome
  5. ErikaSue

    raise your hand if you'd gotten nothing done today

    I have to flippin work til 7pm tonight so I'm currently at work doing nothing and will be for the next 4 hours! YIKES. Happy Memorial Day weekned to everyone!
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    Funjet is not so fun

    sorry to hear about your flight issues. I suggest you try to keep your focus on why you're going and let the details work themselves out. It'll save you some anxiety. Just kick it on the plane and have a few mixies!
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    Mr & Mrs Reception Intro

    party like a rock star
  8. ErikaSue


    Welcome and congrats!
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    I'm new

    sounds great! Happy planning!
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    Newbie :)

    awesome! Congrats and welcome. This site has been so helpful for me and I hope it will be for you too!
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    Today is my -1 anniversary!

    awesome! Congrats!
  12. I agree 100%. Just say it in a firm but polite way. This is your wedding and you have got to be your own advocate
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    Just started

    welcome! I know you'll find a ton of help on here!