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  1. I love your DIY stuff! I would be super excited if I got any of it! Good job!
  2. I agree with everyone! What does it matter if you pick the perfect flowers, cake or dress if you have crapy pictures that don't capture their beauty. I wa lucky to find a great photographer and that is by far the best part of my wedding... well besides marrying my honey! He was like another guest at our wedding and captured moments that I didn't realize he had seen. My wedding was the BEST day of my life and i have the pictures to prove it. I highly recomend my photog his name is Fer Juaristi and he lives in Nuevo Leon Mexico and is willing to travel. Here is my slide show in case you are still looking for a reasonably priced photog http://ferjuaristiproofs.com/darkroo...=veronica.evan and his website is FerJuaristi Photographer, Fotografo en Monterrey, N.L con cobertura nacional e internacional. Destination Wedding Photographer. Good luck! Just remember, your photos will not be a waste of money.
  3. I love your pictures. You look beautiful. I love the onw where he's kissing your baby/ belly! What a great "family photo" on your wedding day
  4. I love the one where he's grabbing your butt!!! That is the same look DH gives me when he sneaks in a grab! The pictures a beautiful, you can feel the emotions.
  5. verrow23


    Ikea rocks!!! Have fun!
  6. verrow23

    Where to buy ribbon?

    I got mine in downtown LA. I'm not sure where in CA you are, but pm me and I'll look for the business card with their address.
  7. verrow23

    Vote for my cake

    I like number 1, but 2 is really cool. Both are beautiful. I don't think you can go wrong on either choice.
  8. verrow23

    my labor story (with Ainsleigh photos) *long*

    Your baby is beautiful. I'm glad to hear your labor wasn't too bad. I've heard some pretty scary stories! Congrats!
  9. verrow23

    OMG.... Need a Laugh?

    Quote: Originally Posted by amdecker Ok, I just thought this was cute. Hopefully I have figured out how to post pictures... this is too cute!!! Last picture.... ewwwwww! I wonder if that chck knows it's going around
  10. verrow23

    Gross things I like to eat...

    I wonder how many people will end up trying this! I know I probably will! haha
  11. Your dress is beautiful. The bustle looks very nice. I wish I could pull off that dress... but I can't! haha
  12. Everything look so pretty!