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  1. I made a template for a 12 by 12 page - it's made in publisher so you will need that to open it. There are two pages - you can switch back and forth on the bottom of the publisher file Guest Book 3.pub
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by arhoyaltres Those look really great. I'm also using paper from paperandmore.com (the metallic pearl cardstock), but when I print on my Canon photo printer the color seems to be dull even when I print on the high quality setting. I have not had this problem before with my printer. I was wondering how were you able to keep your colors so vibrant? I actually had them printed at Kinko's - I liked that their printing was super shiny and bright. Plus, the cardstock wouldn't even go through my laser printer at home! One thing about Kinko's though, some of their printers get really hot and it curls the metallic paper and causes it to jam (we ruined a few like this). The solution is to have them print one at a time - so it took a while but was well worth it. Good luck!
  3. You guys are awesome! I used whatthefont.com and it confirmed it is ambassador script. I'm going to download it right now. THANKS
  4. Hi~ Does anyone know what this font is or have it? It's part of my invites but I want to use it to make tags for either fans or OOT bags. TIA (sorry its soo big - I can't seem to get it to be the right size!)
  5. Hi All, First of all thanks to everyone who has posted their save the date boarding passes - I swear I got ideas from just about everyone who has done one. Mine were sent out last week to RAVE reviews. Everyone is asking me where I got them done! I love knowing that I did them myself (with all of your help of course!) I got all of the paper from Paperandmore.com, and the rest of the supplies at Michaels (palm tree punch, crystal brad, corner punch). I used nail/cuticle scissors for the little cuts. I printed them at Kinkos so they were nice and shiny! When making the blue folders, I left space so that the "Save the Date" with the crystal brad showed at the top, and would be seen when my guests opened the envelope. I also cut out a palm tree in the tan color so that it shows through the blue cutout.
  6. I just bought that shirt - at Rite Aid of all places! He thought it was super funny
  7. Just wanted to give everyone a warning of the custom magnet maker ourspaceontheweb.com. They are an internet-only site, and I had actually contacted them through ebay because they make custom magnets in small quantities, and I had wanted an irregular size (I was actually making a 3.5 x 8 magnet of the first page of my boarding pass save the date). At first they seemed helpful and promised a quick turnaround time. Turns out, 2 weeks later they have messed up on them twice, and now refuse to correct them for me, but yet won't issue a refund until I mail all of them back. Problem is - I haven't even received all of them because they only sent me the first half after those got messed up the first time, and the 2nd half are supposedly in the mail. They didn't even want to admit they messed up on them and tried to blame the post office, and even blamed me for being upset at them! But seriously - why can't people do things right the first time, or even the second time?? Just a warning for anyone looking to use them for custom magnets - stay away!!!
  8. seebree57

    Personal Wedding Website

    We used Personal Wedding Websites and Planning Tools | Free Trial Wedding Website, and with a 50% discount code from the knot, it was only $30 for twelve months. The beach design is super cute, and even has a flash intro. Everyone loves it!
  9. seebree57

    Oriental Trading Coupon

    Thanks! I'm ordering sample fans from them also!
  10. seebree57

    List of Wedding Coordinators

    I'm working with Tracy at a Dream Wedding Maui Style. We met with her last year when we visited Maui and she's great!
  11. seebree57

    23 OOT bags 4sale

    where did you buy them? they are so cute!
  12. seebree57

    Why did you choose your date?

    our anniversary is november 1, and since that falls on a saturday this year, of course i wanted to use that date. but, according to the chinese calendar, the 1st is bad luck for a wedding, while the 8th is good. so we decided on november 8.
  13. seebree57

    Getting married in Maui

    new here~ just got engaged and we're planning to get married at the Sheraton in Maui on November 8, 2008. any advice about maui weddings would be appreciated! thanks, Bree