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  1. I had my rehersal dinner last January at Misseones De Kino--If you like, I could PM you their menu and prices--all very reasonable and the atmosphere was wonderful. We had a blast. I had my wedding reception at Puerto Vieja and it was amazing--the views were excellent, we had fish/lobster/and steak and it was all so fresh and amazingly affordable. It's right outside of town, so you'd have to arrange transportation. I can also PM you photos/menu items too if you like. Good luck!
  2. We stayed at the Royal Solaris the week after our wedding in Cabo....i dont think i'd reccomend it for a wedding....Take a look at Tripadvisor.com and see the reviews...we weren't thrilled about food, there are better beaches in cabo, etc...
  3. We stayed at the Royal Solaris our 2nd week in Cabo after our wedding--i wouldn't recommend it--especially not for your wedding. There really isn't much to do at the resort, and my husband and i both got super sick from eating the food. I think you should keep looking--there are SO many other (better) places in Cabo/San Jose. Check out postings on Trip Advisor to see more reviews about the Solaris--they are also SUPER pushy there about timeshares, etc. If you're not a member of their timeshare group, you sort of get left out. PM me if you want more info on it. good luck!
  4. I just PM'd you! I tried to send a photos to your email address but it didn't work! the site to my photos is in the message i just sent! We had our dinner on the 2nd floor terrace overlooking Cabo. We were married at a bed and breakfast down the road--had our dinner at PV, and then took everyone back to the B&B for dancing and drinks, etc. it worked out really, really well! We had 31 guests, and everyone fit perfectly on the terrace. It's big enough where you could probably set up a spot for a DJ and dancing, but i think the restaurant is only open until 10? i'd have to check on that...There's more info in my message...again, let me know if you have any other questions!
  5. Hi Girls-- I had my reception dinner at Puerta Vieja and it was absolutely perfect!!!!! i will email you pictures--feel free to ask me any questions! happy planning!
  6. We had our wedding dinner at Puerta Vieja--we took some photos on the beach below Sunset De Mona Lisa between our ceremony and dinner--the two restaurants are almost on the same road--PV sort of overlooks Sunset De Mona Lisa--it was just a couple minute drive, but might be a little bit of a hike in nice shoes (or flipflops)....we had our cocktail hour at PV also--the sunset and view were amazing--I PM you pictures if you'd like to see the setup. Good luck with your planning--you chose an AWESOME restaurant for your dinner!
  7. I also used Mandy for my wedding back in January as my coordinator....you're right--she is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She used to be with one of the local planning companies, but is now on her own. We communicated via email for 6 or 7 months and when we finally got to Cabo, she had everything perfect--i couldn't imagine a better day!!! It was so nice to be able to trust her and have her take care of the payments, the set-up, etc...i didn't have to worry about a thing. Our table settings were perfect--i was blown away when i first saw them. She's very much about the "extra" touches. She gave us a TON of great recommendations for restaurants, bars, etc. I wrote more about her in my wedding review. I would recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone planning a wedding in Cabo.
  8. Here is a review from our wedding….on a side note, I didn’t post much towards the end of my planning, but found this website so valuable—especially the reviews!! We had a sort of unique wedding—we rented out the Casa Contenta Bed and Breakfast in Cabo San Lucas for the whole week—most of our bridal party along with a few other friends stayed there the week of the wedding. We were married on the rooftop of the Casa, then went to a restaurant called Puerta Vieja (right up the road) for dinner, and then back to the Casa for drinks and dancing on the roof. Wedding Coordinator-Mandy Clough (formally of Sunset Weddings). A+ We were recommended to Sunset Weddings by the owners of the Casa Contenta which is where we had our ceremony and reception. Mandy was worth every penny—and it didn’t even end up being that much! I did a lot of the original planning but brought her in when I decided I didn’t want myself or any of my family members to have to run around the day of the wedding to coordinate everything and pay vendors, etc. We communicated for 8 months via email and when we finally met her the week before the wedding, we knew we made the right decision—she handed ALL of the payments, set up chairs, dealt with clean-ups, and had great (and cheap) recommendations for vendors, places to eat, etc. She is no longer with Sunset Weddings but is still planning weddings in Cabo-I would recommend her in a heartbeat. She always listened to what I had to say, and her results were amazing. Hair and Makeup—Senza Salon A+ Our coordinator put us in touch with Tatiana at Senza as a cheaper alternative for hair and make-up. Tatiana and I corresponded the weeks before the wedding and I emailed her pictures of how all of my bridesmaids and how I wanted my hair/make-up. We went to the salon that morning and her stylists had pictures of us and our ideas next to them and did a PHENOMINAL job. Wow. If you go to the salon, an up-do is $50 vs. $100 or more at the other Salons that specialize in weddings in Cabo. I think it’s a little more if they come to your hotel to do it, but still really reasonable. Sunset Cruise/Groom’s Dinner—La Princessa through Cabo Tours and dinner at Misiones de Kino A++ Some of the best times were had this night. We treated our guests to a private sunset cruise aboard the La Princessa boat. The drinks were great, the staff was wonderful and the sunset was beautiful. Everyone had an awesome time. We had our groom’s dinner at the restaurant Misiones de Kino—a family friend owns it. We had a giant palapa lined with twinkle lights all to ourselves and catered a buffet meal of fajitas—veggies, meat and fish along with fried ice cream for dessert and it was AMAZING. Again, we did this meal really inexpensively and it was very unique! Ceremony and Reception—The Casa Contenta Bed and Breakfast. A- We rented the Casa Contenta for an entire week—it’s up the road from Costco and is this huge fortress—it’s really an amazing property. There are gardens everywhere, and there are three decks to hang out on along with a swimming pool and a hot tub. We found it through family friends who own a house down there. I was really happy with having the whole villa to ourselves—especially for the ceremony. We were overlooking all of Cabo San Lucas with an amazing sunset when we were saying our vows. It was a beautiful and very private location. We had a dance after dinner with a bar set up for our guests. It was great—a little trying at times since it’s in a residential neighborhood—we had our DJ there till 11:00 and planned on continuing the party inside, but the day before the weekend we were told we needed to clear all guests out by that time too. So that was a major bummer. But all in all, it was a perfect place for us to have our wedding. Photographer—Gilda Badillo. A+ Gilda was wonderful to work with—we received our pictures back a few weeks ago and were so excited with how they turned out! We did her “A la Carte†option and hired her for 3 hours. She arrived a half hour ahead of time to look for spots for pictures—she had us take several posed pictures and a bunch of candid photos. She also drove us to the beach below the Sunset de Mona Lisa after the ceremony and took a bunch of photos on the beach with the sunset. The pictures arrived in a proof album and she gave us cd's of all the pictures she took with copyright privileges Officiate—John Fagan, Baja Weddings. A John came as a recommendation from the Best Destination site. He was a joy to work with. About a month before our wedding, he sent us a bunch of sample ceremonies—we went through and took bits and pieces of what tone we wanted our symbolic ceremony to have and all of the readings we wanted. It turned out to be the perfect ceremony for us. Make sure you let him know how to pronounce your names beforehand! He pronounced our last name a little wrong at the end but all in all—he was wonderful!!! Wedding Dinner—Puerta Vieja Restaurant. A+++ Since we had such a small list of guests (31 people in all) we decided to do our dinner at the beautiful Puerta Vieja restaurant. We were seated with three long tables on their back upper terrace—we had a perfect view of Lands End as the sun set. It’s a really unique restaurant with really reasonable and delicious food. We arranged for appetizers to be served before dinner along with drinks through the night. Dinner was 3 options: a Seafood Combo with lobster, shrimp and fish; a surf and turf combo with ribeye and lobster; and a vegetarian option with flan for dessert. It was all presented very well, all the food was hot and fresh, and the service was amazing. DJ—Ron Weber (aka DJFunkle Ron)—A Ron was a recommendation from the owners of the Casa Contenta—he did our music for the ceremony along with the dance. He has a really extensive music collection—we brought a few “must play†songs with us but otherwise he had all the music we wanted. He was awesome to work with! We are thrilled with our choice to do a destination wedding. We had a small enough guest list that we were able to spend quality time with everyone and were able to provide each and every one of them with an experience of a life time! Here are some pics from the Casa Contenta and Puerta Vieja flowers from Cabo Flowers view from the 2nd deck at the Casa Contenta view from the rooftop of the Casa Contenta Puerta Vieja AWESOME front door at Puerta Vieja Table Settings by Mandy Clough at Puerta Vieja The View while we were eating dinner
  9. Thanks ladies!! The BM dresses were last minute decision--clearance at Ann Taylor! They turned out nice for the pictures, so i'm happy!
  10. We were married January 8th in Cabo at the Casa Contenta Bed and Breakfast. Gilda Badillo was our photographer, and she was AMAZING! She was so easy to work with, showed up before she was scheduled to, and took some really amazing pictures! She was very reasonably priced, and I would recommend her to anyone! Here are a few pictures she took:
  11. They were PHENOMENAL! We met with George and Elizabeth right when we got there and they made us feel so calm and confidant about everything. All the little details were taken care of for us from chairs and seating to paying/tipping our vendors--we didn't have to worry about a single thing, because Mandy had already taken care of it. She took the time to listen to what we wanted and executed perfectly!! You're in good hands!
  12. I've been working with Mandy from Sunset Weddings for almost 7 months now--she's been SUPER helpful and always gets back to me right away...i didn't want to have to deal with the stress of coordinating with vendors myself, since we're not doing our wedding at a resort. We leave a week from Saturday for our wedding and I am confidant she'll have everything ready to go! I can post to let you know how it went when i get back. good luck!
  13. My wedding is on a Thursday--we have many people flying in on Sunday and staying the week, we have a few who are flying in early Wednesday to make the sunset cruise we have planned for that night....and ONE bridesmaid who is flying in the morning OF the wedding (not to pleased about this, but she's a teacher and it's all she could do!!!) there are some who can't make it but those who have always planned on coming, will come!
  14. I just saw this thread and it makes me so excited--you look amazing!!! Gilda is our photographer, and it makes me look even more forward to the big day! congratulations!
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