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  1. All good suggestions - thanks. I need to remember these for October!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by ChristinaH Yes, included WD and Sunday brunch info. Including a ton of info really, as a lot of my guests have never been to PV, let alone out of the country. I'll try to upload my letter that I will send out to my guests in advance. OMG - it worked : ) Thanks for sharing your letter - very informative!
  3. AmandaB

    Going to NYC tomorrow! Any "must-do's?"

    I just realized you were back! We did the whole last year at Yankee Stadium a few weekends ago and had a fantastic time. We were so lucky to get out alive (it was during a Red Sox game) but so worth it. Glad you had fun!
  4. AmandaB

    Going to NYC tomorrow! Any "must-do's?"

    Quote: Originally Posted by Nrvsbride I would recommend dessert at Serendipity b/c I just love their dessert. There is this great restaurant in SOHO called "Bread". They have the best tomato soup! If you like italian food you should def check it out, it is awesome. You can also go have brunch at Cipriani's that is always a good time and get Bellini's. Or you can have brunch at Pastis. Since you already saw all the touristy things I would say just enjoy eating. LOL. New Yorkers love their food. Or if you did want to see something you could go see the "Walking with Dinosaurs" exhibition in Madison Square Garden. It runs from July 30- August 3. It is supposed to be awesome, they have real life looking dinosaurs. Also there is that cadaver exhibit in South Street Seaport called "Bodies the Exhibition". People seem to really love that. Both of these events are not touristy things they are things that NYers go see so maybe you'd like to check one of them out. Obviously you should shop till you drop b/c there are tons of stores especially in SOHO. And SOHO has those great little vendors on the street that sell cool jewlery and sunglasses. As far as nightlife goes some of the "good" clubs are kind of hard to get into but you can still go somewhere nice like the Hudson Hotel or the Rooftop of the Empire Hotel. Hope you have fun! I would definitely second going to Pastis!
  5. I thought she told me once about 6-8 people per table with the bride and groom in the center or in the front (sitting alone.) Or if we just wanted to get in the mix that would work too. I guess it just depends on how many you guys have...I'm pretty sure she will be totally flexible with whateva!
  6. I love seeing her work. I am using her in October. Great pics and you guys look fantastic! It will be so tough to decides which ones to get!
  7. AmandaB

    Getting Married in October!

    It is so helpful, but I don't get to get on here as often as I would like...hopefully you can. Welcome!
  8. I love those! Super cute. The mesh is perfect and all those goodies inside makes for an even sweeter deal. Good job!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by JaimeLynne Ok, I just wanted to let you girls know that as of Tuesday this week (yesterday): I am *officially* an LC bride! Nicole was super cute and sent me a great congratulatory email. I am stoked and feel so blessed so have both Las Caletas and Elizabeth Medina booked!!! If she doesn't book any other weddings there between now and then I will be her first LC bride - how neat would that be! Yahooooooooooo!!!!!! P.S. Oh and I just checked on the LC calendar and we are on it! May 24th, 2009 Congrats! It's such an amazing place isn't it? I cannot wait to get hitched there!
  10. AmandaB

    newbie pv bride

    Welcome - there are a ton of gals on here that are having a PV wedding. Lots of great stuff and comments on this site. Enjoy!
  11. AmandaB

    I am new here, HELLO

    Welcome - you will find lots of great information and comments here. Enjoy and happy planning!
  12. AmandaB

    Prevent scarring?

    Quote: Originally Posted by lauren c. i bought that for a burn...didn't do anything for me, but maybe i didn't use it long enough. I do not know about the burn, but Moderma is pretty good for scarring. I think Vitamin E works just as well though.
  13. Those are super cute and different. Nice job!
  14. AmandaB


    Welcome! You will find a ton of great info and comments here. Enjoy!
  15. I loved the prop you used. Those bags are cute. Nice, bright colors.