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  1. Thanks for a great post. Very helpful. I googled and ended up downloading this: Free PDF Creator - Convert to PDF from Any File You Can Print - PrimoPDF It got good reviews, works great and is free! After you install it, the program automatically shows up as a printer option, so just open the file you want to PDF, select the PDF maker as your printer, and voila, you'd got your PDF.
  2. Just started playing around with Lumapix recently (trial version) and it seems like a great piece of software. Can't wait to start designing our photobook with it. But I too was wondering about what margin to allow on each page, if I plan to upload it snapfish? (I was also considering My Publisher, since I've read good reviews on that.) It might be better to err on the side of having a thinner margin (1/8"?), and allowing part of the edge to be cut off, as opposed to having a margin show. It may also depend on how many pages you have in your book. Any advice on this? Also, I read a great detailed review for Lumapix Fotofusion here: Gorgeous Photo Layouts with LumaPix's FotoFusion v4 - Thoughts Media Forums But I'm totally confused about what he says about PPI/DPI with the Essentials version. I tried to google this topic, but got even more confused. All I want to know is, if I just get the Essentials version, will I be able to print a good quality 12x12 photobook? The article says I will only get 166ppi on a 12x12 print which doesn't seem so great. But I've also read other articles that say ppi doesn't matter. Please help... I don't want to shell out $120 for the Enhanced version.
  3. Your pics are beautiful! Congrats!!
  4. Wow... beautiful pics! You guys make a gorgeous couple. And I loved the shape of your dress. Do tell.. who was the photog?
  5. Thanks for all the nice comments! I can't stop staring at my pics... is that normal?! LOL. I was going to just do a quick photobook on snapfish, but after looking at all the stuff Morgan is doing with her pics, my photobook is starting to feel a little inadequate. So I'm starting all over with that. Probably going to buy Lumipix fotofusion and play around with it to see what I can come up with. Quote: Originally Posted by tvt Those are great pictures! I love LC wedding pics! I love the one of the bridal party on the rocks with the ocean behind, awesome! I never get tired of seeing LC pics either! And I LOVE the one with our party on the rocks too. My poor sisters had to climb and stand on those rocks barefoot though, and they had lots of sharp bits. I just told them to suck it up and smile. LOL. No one got hurt so it was all good. Looking back on it, I totally wish we had done a TTD too.
  6. Hi LC gals, I've finally posted my pro-pics by Elizabeth Lloyd. I loved the way they turned out; I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Beth if anyone is still looking for a photog. http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...191#post484183
  7. Ok, that's the last of the ones I'm going to post here. It was so hard choosing my favorites; there were so many to choose from! Hope you gals liked them, and if you have any questions about Beth, please feel free to PM me.
  8. Here are our pro-pics by Elizabeth Lloyd from our LC wedding, May 24. Beth was so easy to work with; we had an absolute blast. And I love love love all our pictures. I would recommend her in a heartbeat. The only negative thing I can say about her was that it took about 6 weeks for her send the photos, which seemed like an eternity. But, in the end, it was worth the wait. We got about 900 pictures on a DVD (plus another 900 duplicates in black & white). I managed to whittle them down to about 600 which I uploaded onto snapfish. You can see them all here: Snapfish: Share:Registration_Opt2 Here are some of our absolute favorites (in case you don't feel like going through all 600 pics...) The Details
  9. Welcome back! I love all the pics at the hotel pool and beach. I feel like I was reliving my stay as the Royal Decameron again! (Especially when I saw that dancer guy with the neon green/orange skirt and blond wig, ha! He was running around during our welcome dinner too!) Anyway, you looked gorgeous in your gown and the wedding seemed like a lot of fun. Loved, loved your sunset pics too.
  10. raisinblur

    Las Caletas Vendors Suggested

    I think PVadventures uses several photogs and stylists, so it all depends on who Nicole recommends for you. (May depend on who's available on your wedding date also.) My hair/make-up was done by Fernando from Stylo Estetica. He has a salon in Bucerias (in NV). I think Kelley recommended him because I wanted to do a trial, and my hotel was very close to his salon. (If you want to do a trial and are staying far from Bucerias, this may not be an ideal match.) But I was very happy with the way my hair/make-up turned out. I think he did a great job. His English is not great though, so it may help to brush up on some Spanish. And he showed up to LC about 30 minutes later than he was suppose to. He called Kelley to let her know, and she let me know, so I wasn't stressed about it. But if this sort of thing would get you stressed out, you may want someone else. As for photography, I also used Elizabeth Lloyd and I thought she was great to work with. She was reasonably priced for our wedding, but she may have increased her rates since then. I haven't gotten the pro-pics back from her yet (she said she mailed them today!), but I did an engagement session with her, and I would definitely recommend her.
  11. I found these threads that may also help: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t1728 http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t12963