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  1. hi and Welcome WE have great friends who live in Portland. They say they are constantly wet so I guess Cancun sounds pretty good!
  2. I'm looking for a photographer I heard of and know of but don't right now have her site her name is Sherrlyn Borkgren. Does anyone know how to contact her? She's a photojournalist Thanks! Jas
  3. I have to agree 15 minutes is WAY..... tooo long. Five minutes is plenty for a slide show before turning it into a movie.
  4. my friend got married there at ochorious and honestly I thought it kinda was rude. gosh there are so many cool places in Jamaica. And there are conciencous green places too. just my 2 cents
  5. gesh... I'm new here and I bet that will happen to me too. I just wish I could take our dog to be in our wedding. Is that possible? He is the most faithful friend ever.
  6. jas&john

    Newbie Alert!

    HI, I don't know that place but if you can at all make a pre trip I would do that. Mex I know well and it is always full of surprises. I'm new on the site but have traveled the world and spent lots of time in Mex. It's a place that you have to be able to roll with and laugh at mistakes. I was at a friends wedding in Cancun area but not at Cancun proper. IF you get a package make sure you can bring in your own phtoographer you don't want a hotel photog if picturs really matter to you. Of couse there are some exceptions. I've been a brides maid 11 times at destination weddings! Really J
  7. Oh my gosh I can't imagine anyone caring about that picture. Hey it's Mexico and it is exactly what I would expect to happen in MX. It's always hit and miss. If you have a good photographer you could just ask her/him to tyr to keep it out of the pictures if you really don't like it. In years from now it will be a great conversation piece when showing your album. I'd just laugh it off, have a blaast and enjoy the people (including that artist). J
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    Hello everyone, I'm so glad to see that everyone is so active here. WE just got engaged. John got down on his knee in front of everyone at the Christmas lodge! I didn't see it coming. I kept wondering why there was a photographer hanging around. Now it all makes sense. Our wedding isn't for a year but I'm going to be hanging around here learning all I can about destination weddings. So far we have thought of Italy,Caribbean,Argentina just about everyplace but Iraq. Ha ha. thanks J
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