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  1. Hi everyone, Thinking of choosing the IB Tucan for our wedding....I have tons of questions though! What are the decorations like? Flower choices? How is the onsite phtographer?? This is my biggest worry. I am not too thrilled with the on site photog's website photos but can't seem to find any other photographer that is within my price limit. Can anyone help me? Did you like the on site photog? Did anyone get their own I have a very limited budget of $1000 or less. Any ideas? THANKS!!!
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    Hi everyone, My name is Cassia and I have jumped on the destination band wagon full force! I am a non traditionalist really and I, as I'm sure everyone else, want my wedding to be unique, simple and fun!! My fiancee and I are planning on getting married July 2009 in Playa del Carmen, Riviera Mexico. We haven't made any decisions yet really, just know we want to go away!! I am looking for any info anyone can give me, specifically on Iberostar Tucan/Quetzal which is where we are planning on getting married. I am second guessing myself on everything and need your help to make some decisions! Thanks so much everyone, Take care Cassia