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  1. I'm sticking with it.


    I have noticed more and more the judges' sutble ways of influencing the voters. They say "when you are in the top 10" vs. "if you make it to the top 10". They also gloss over mistakes if they like the couple - for example, the final lift that Legacy and Kathrine did, just did not work. She didn't get a hold of her ankle and it looked like he kind of dropped her, but the judges were saying how great they were.


    I'm wondering if they threw Kevin & Karla? under the bus last night after last week when Mollee and Nathan should have been in the bottom.


    I think the bottom 3 will be Kevin & Karla? Is that her name? I keep forgetting. Channing and Victor, and I can't figure out the last one. It's probably someone really good that just lost the popularity contest.

  2. Cory - you're right. Channing is not a big girl, power house is the adjective I was looking for. I just meant that she couldn't be thrown around, at least by someone Phillip's size.


    Yael, I'm a little underwhelmed myself, especially after the big hoopla during auditions that Season 6 would blow Season 5 out of the water. Seasons 4 & 5 are my favorite!

  3. And now for my re-cap, LOL


    There are spoilers, so if you havenâ€t watched you may want to skip this post.


    Ryan & Ellenore – Argentine Tango – They could do no wrong! He is such a strong guy and those lifts all looked effortless. I know Ryan isnâ€t a tango dancer but this was pretty close to his specialty. Heâ€s a judge favorite for sure so I donâ€t see him going anywhere anytime soon. How weird was Ellenore making those alien noises? It kinda creeped me out!


    Phillip & Channing – Samba – This was a STRUGGLE! I felt so bad for them! But, I think part of the problem is that Channing is a bigger, more muscular girl. She would probably do better with the lifts if she had been paired with Ryan – Heâ€s really the only strong guy this season. You could tell at judging they were nervous. It was kind of sucky that Nigel made a big deal of the girls going home then just told Phillip to step forward and said buh-bye.


    Victor & Bianca – Broadway – I thought they did better than the judges gave them credit for. It wasnâ€t my favorite piece at all. I agree that Bianca hadnâ€t grown but I think she would have gotten a lot of votes. It makes me wonder if they judges picked her because she auditioned and was so close so many times but they knew they needed to get rid of her so they didnâ€t end up with another Evan.


    Peter & Pauline – Jazz – I love Wade. Heâ€s just so out there. Pauline did a great job and Peter held his own! I can see them being a good pair later and heâ€s muscular enough to lift her.


    Legacy & Kathryn – Contemporary – This was a turning point with Legacy for me. I wasnâ€t a huge fan before but I think he did a great job and showed a softer side in his interview. Kathryn was really under the radar! I didnâ€t know she was that good!


    Nathan & Mollee – Bollywood – Holy Pirouette Batman! Nathanâ€s spins were insane! I heart him. He reminds me of my Gay BFF Kupono. Mollee did a good job too. I can see the two of them getting more comfortable with each other and the lifts. Of course, I also think they are going to start dating and go to the prom and dance to some Taylor Swift song! LOL


    Russell & Noelle – Hip Hop – No Bueno! About halfway through this I was feeling awkward just watching! Poor Noelle looked like she was about to cry the entire time the judges were talking to her! I thought Russell did a good job so I donâ€t really know why he was criticized.


    Kevin & Karen – Hip Hop – Karen is H-O-T hot! She keeps out performing Kevin. Not a big fan of her outfit but I guess that isnâ€t a big deal. I also want to know what an ice cream paint job is.


    Jakob & Ashleigh – Viennese Waltz – I liked this one and I liked Ashleigh! She seemed more humble? And didnâ€t mention Ryan at all after the dance. Those kisses were pretty smoochy but I guess that just shows she has good chemistry with Jakob. He did pretty well with the lifts, but I think if they got a hard core Disco they would be in trouble.


    Lastly, I just want to say that I am not a fan of the new set. I think it is too big and that they arenâ€t covering the stage enough in the time allotted. I donâ€t like all of the props and the big backgrounds. It takes away from the dancing and the cameras are doing all kinds of crazy moving and angles!

  4. You never know Karla, she is a ballroom dancer so she might have an advantage. I get the feeling they will keep her around for a bit to create drama. And Nigel gets all creepy and googly-eyed with pretty girls so he'll stand up for her just so he can look at her.


    She reminds me of Jeanette from last season. I guess it's a ballroom thing to be over expressive?



    The judges will choose who goes home tonight again as well. Next week (after baseball) it will go back to the Wed/Thurs schedule with call in votes.

  5. So you all know how I am about spoilers...I LOVE THEM! It's like they make the week go faster or I get a little fix, IDK.


    If you are interested here are the pairings for the week according to the internet!









    Ryan & Ellenore – Argentine Tango – Miriam Larici & Leonardo Barrionuevo

    Phillip & Channing – Samba – Tony Meredith & Melanie LaPatin

    Victor & Bianca – Broadway – Tyce Diorio

    Peter & Pauline – Jazz – Wade Robson

    Legacy & Kathryn – Contemporary – Stacey Tookey

    Nathan & Mollee – Bollywood – Nakul Dev Mahajan

    Russell & Noelle – Hip Hop – NappyTabs or Jamal Sims

    Kevin & Karen – Hip Hop – NappyTabs or Jamal Sims

    Jakob & Ashleigh – Viennese Waltz – Tony Meredith & Melanie LaPatin


    I see some potential for great numbers and also some really scary ones! It seems that several are still dancing within their own style.

  6. I like the practice parts. I think it helps you get to know the dancers and their personalities better.


    I FF through Mary's comments. I like that Nigel isn't afraid to be brutally honest and Shankman just cracks me up. I will miss Mia because she was another one that said whatever.


    Oh and this week we get to find out if Molly's BFF gets to stay. She is the one that didn't dance last week because she screwed up her knee. I wonder what they will do in that case? I guess they could bring back the girl that was eliminated last week?

  7. WOW! Melissa, I can't believe it is finally your wedding!


    Everything has come together so well even though it was a bumpy road. I cant wait to see how everything comes together.


    Your planning thread rocks! It is so detailed and you have so many unique ideas. You and your guests are going to have a wonderful time!


    Best wishes for you and Grant as you start this new chapter in your lives.

  8. damn, I had a whole long response typed out and it didn't post!


    I thought that was kind of crappy to bring back Brandon too! Oh well, at least they said he could come back next year.


    I wonder what happened to Billy? I thought he would go Top 10 for sure! I wonder if they will let him come back again too?


    I still think its weird they haven't mentioned Mia once, but practically beg Paula Abdul every night!


    I'm excited for this week! I think it is on Tuesday this week because of stupid baseball.

  9. Hey Ladies! The new Sookie book is out!


    Amazon.com: A Touch of Dead (Sookie Stackhouse: The Complete Stories) (9780441017836): Charlaine Harris: Books


    Before you get too excited, it is just a compilation of 5 short stories that have been published previously, in various anthologies. But it does, from my understanding, give the reader more background information and further character development.


    I'm definitely going to check it out!

  10. I read the first 2 books when they came out but now I want to read them again! I don't remember much from 10 years ago! LOL


    I do remember Elena being a mean girl though.


    The author, LJ Smith has restarted the series. One book is out now and the other is due in March, I think.


    Great idea about the GC, Rach. I have one to borders that I totally forgot about!

  11. Great responses!


    Too add to what others have said, I would pre-screen a few photogs (if you are thinking of taking one down) and have her help you make the final decision. Be sure the photographer knows ahead of time about the situation and see how he/she reacts and if they have experience with the situation.


    You could appoint your mom photog for the week to take candids but leave your wedding day to a pro.


    You might tell her that the resort doesn't allow outside photographers/unlicensed professionals, something to kind of take you out of the loop.


    Since her experience is with yearbook layouts, tell her you would rather have her help designing your album. That way she is still involved and it could be a great bonding experience for the two of you.


    Good luck!

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