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  1. That really sucks and a similar thing happened to me so I can empathize.


    But, as TA Maureen pointed out, this was a corporate decision not the individual wedding planner. Unless you put down some sort of deposit on the items you wanted it may be difficult to get the previously quoted prices. I would still try to contact the hotel manager to see if you can get anywhere. It's a sucky situation and I'm sorry you have to go through this so close to your wedding date.


    I don't know where the Riu Club is, but I have heard wonderful things about Negril Escape (obviously in Negril) and Evita's in Ochos Rios.


    Good Luck!

  2. I personally haven't done it but considered it. I read a really interesting blog about it and decided it wasn't for me.


    There are a lot of side effects that someone like Beyonce has the luxury of dealing with. you should be completely off and able to stay at home and rest during that time. There are intense headaches associated with this type of cleanse due to hunger and the elimination of caffeine, etc. They body goes through a big shock. I read that you should keep away from all kinds of food because of the temptation, but that after a few days food begins to become nauseating.


    You do lose quite a bit of weight, but it is mainly water and poo (for lack of a better term). Because of that, you will gain about 50% of the weight back within a few days. Also, having not eaten in that amount of time, you have to let your body slowly adjust to having food again and that transition takes about a week. You start off with liquids only then gradually work your way up to eating solids again.


    I agree with the other girls. Cutting out refined sugars, white carbs, excess fats, sodas, etc. is probably a better way to go. Add in some cardio and plenty of sleep and you will see longer lasting results.

  3. Quote:
    Originally Posted by sunstarsmoon View Post
    FINALLY, I was feeling very alone lol. Couples Sans Souci for me. Have you been on the couples message board they do have a section for weddings. I was able to get some info but not alot. I love this forum for all the different ideas you can get!
    When I first joined I was the ONLY Couples bride! There haven't been very many of us! LOL

    My reviews, pictures, and planning thread are somewhere on the forum. I don't think the links in my siggy are working but you can do an advanced seach. I also compiled an everything Couples thread. http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...-thread-39034/

    Originally Posted by lowkeybride View Post
    I'm thinking a combo of Couples Swept Away and the Caves! Still need to touch base with a TA though because it may be very unrealistic when I hear the cost wink.gif
    Couples is more expensive than other places but worth every penny! You get what you pay for, right? They include a lot of extras so be sure to consider that when pricing out resorts.
    Originally Posted by mrs.timpone View Post
    I attended a wedding at Couples Negril.....they didnt have any upgrades so the wedding was really plain but the resort is hands down the BEST resort i have ever been too!!!!
    Really? The wedding was plain? The standard package is very simple but the WCs have pages and pages of upgrades. They are also incredibly flexible and will find something for you if you want it and are willing to pay for it.
    Originally Posted by xtinamckee View Post
    We decided to do a private dinner after the wedding as our way of thanking our guests for coming. It's a little pricey ($95 per person, plus a $200 setup fee).
    It's debatable if it really is necessary to book a private reception. Ours was "semi-private" but we were in a completely isolated section of the restaurant (in the best section IMHO) overlooking the pool. No other guests were seated near us and it was FREE!
    Originally Posted by sunstarsmoon View Post
    I am looking into hiring a private catamaran for the afternoon, quote I received was 76.00 per person which includes 2 hours, food, open bar, snorkeling. Sans Souci does not have the catamaran as one of their freebies.
    The catamaran cruise is included in your stay and will seat up to 80 people. You can go with the free option and book ahead of time with Debbie. This is what we did. There were maybe 5 other couples that were not part of our group but we never noticed. Some were people we had run into at the resort and were very friendly. Most of our group stayed towards the front and the other couples in the back and it worked out fine.
    Originally Posted by kerrij View Post
    We just got back from our honeymoon at Couples Swept Away...what a beauuuutiful resort! the only thing i didn't like about it, was how public the wedding ceremonies were. we had got married the week prior at GBP in Runaway bay where our gazebo ceremony is soooo completely private...but at CSA there are people in bathing suits and even topless sitting right there staring at you. maybe somepeople don't mind the public affair, but i knew i would hate that which is why we chose GBP because of the private marriage site. BUT CSA is amazing and if you are going there, you'll LOVE IT!!
    Couples does place signs up in the vicinity of the wedding that say "wedding in progress" or something on each side of the altar. They also station a guard to keep people out of the area. The resort was completely booked while we were there and you cannot see a soul other than us in any of our pictures. There were people on the beach but not close to us.

    If I can help in any way or answer any questions, feel free to PM me!

  4. Well, I've had my movie since Friday but haven't had a chance to watch it! Sad I know!


    I want to watch it by myself because DH has been teasing me incessantly and randomly shouting "Team Edward" like a 13 year old girl from various parts of the house, since it arrived. (He is a Dragonball Z fan and he plays WOW so he has no room to mock me.)


    Too bad I can't work the DVD without him. There are way too many remotes involved! LOL

  5. Quote:
    Originally Posted by ~*~Margie~*~ View Post
    Official start date for Season 3 has been released, it will be June 13, 2010!!!! Can't wait. It finally seems closer, hopefully it goes fast!
    One of the websites already has a ticker up. 86 more days! LOL

    Oh, and my friend the bride, her DW is the 12th! We are all travelling home on the 13th. Thank goodness for HBO West! I know they will re-play the episode a million times but it's not the same as watching it new, KWIM?

  6. That's kinda like the Anna Nicole announcement. It's shocking but not really surprising.


    The whole story just makes me sad knowing what he struggled with for so many years.


    He was my fav of the two Coreys! My BFF had a crush on Corey Feldman. We License to Drive at our weekly slumber parties.

  7. I'm sorry you're going through this.


    And WOW! How super generous of your parents!


    I would talk to H or send her an email that says you HAVE to know something definitive tomorrow before final payment is due. I don't think you owe her an apology or airfare for sure, but you might just say that obviously school is her #1 priority so that is what she needs to focus on. Has she even been accepted to this school or registered for the class? There are a lot of 'maybes' that can happen between now and the wedding. You don't need to be held hostage to those potential plans.


    I know it sucks when friends drop out. I had a BM do this 3 weeks before my wedding after I paid for her trip! But, you do not need the added stress between now and then. It doesn't have to ruin your friendship either. I'm sure H is just upset with her current situation and is confused about what to do. She probably feels guilty on some level for bailing on you but not saying so. If she chooses not to go, simply say you're sorry things worked out that way and she won't be there to share your big day, you don't need to burn bridges.


    It would be great if K's sister or another friend can go! It sucks paying for a room, but there really aren't many ways around that. I don't know anyone that wouldn't jump at a free or reduced vacation! Do you have any mutual friends that you could invite instead? They don't need to feel like a b-string bridesmaid, just say that H can't go and you'd love the new person to attend. It's your choice if that person just goes and has a great time or if she will stand up for you.


    I know it's hard to hear as a bride, but sadly, not everyone else is as focused on your wedding. H probably doesn't recognize the all of the repercussions of her actions. In the end you need to do what is best for you and what you (and your parents that are paying) will be most comfortable with.


    Good Luck!

  8. Welcome!


    I was a CSA bride! Our wedding was perfect!


    The link to my planning thread and pictures is in my siggy. There is also a Couples Mega Thread that has lots of great info. Be sure to check out the Couples message boards as well - it's very active.


    If you have any particular questions, let me know!


    Oops! Just realized the links were broken. I'll get them fixed but you can also search for them.

  9. I guess it depends on which resort you choose, but it is very easy to get married in Jamaica - just as easy as getting married in the US. I had no trouble with the social security office, bank, etc. using my Jamaican marriage certificate.


    I know the process is more involved in Mexico and so pther places.


    If you decide to go with JA, then you really don't need to be married before hand.

  10. I don't have cool collections sad.gif


    I do collect Fleur de Lis things but only if they are really unique. I don't like clutter (though I have a tons of it) so I think that is my aversion to collecting. I also fear things being "over-designed". I don't want to walk in to a house full of fleur-de-lis wallpaper, curtains, art, knick-knacks, KWIM? They are kinda trendy right now so I want to be sure I have something special.


    My grandmother collected salt & pepper shakers. I inherited all of them, so I guess that is something I could continue...

  11. I think it is your wedding and you need to do what you want. That is a hard lesson to learn when planning - no matter what, you can't make everyone happy.


    If money is a big concern, then a wedding at an all inclusive resort is the way to go. It will definitely be cheaper than a wedding at home.


    Since you are planning a party at home afterwards, your FI's sister can participate in that.


    The nature of a DW will limit your number of guests so then you get your small, intimate ceremony.

  12. Check with your resort first.


    Some have very strict policies on tipping; an employee can be fired on the spot if they are seen taking a tip at some. If you choose to offer gifts, be sure to include a note so there is no question.


    If the tip is included, ask how it will be split.


    If you have any events off property (golf, taxis, etc) be sure you have cash to tip.

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