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  1. I assume you are taking stuff down and storing it for the wedding?


    Here are some options:


    Square Glass Vases 4" Aqua Ocean Blue $4.80 each

    Amazon.com: Espana 11.125 Inch Tall Medium Round Glass Vase, Aqua: Kitchen & Dining

    Medium Bubble Vases - Blue : Target


    I don't know how many this seller has. At least 2!

    Aqua Blue Art Glass Vase - eBay (item 260481505154 end time Sep-30-09 16:46:38 PDT)


    I was at a shower this weekend and the hostess used tall shot glasses as bud vases! It was really cute! There was one at each place setting.


    You could try to find some Mexican glass ones like these:

    Blown glass shot glasses - Aquamarine (set of 6) - NOVICA

    Amazon.com: Aqua Colored Reception Vase: Home & Garden



    Do you have an Old Tyme Pottery close? Have you checked the standard JoAnne, Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Ikea, Pier One, etc?


    I don't know what your budget is, but you could always check Etsy and see if anyone has any blown glass or hand painted glass vases.


    Try googling Floral Supply places to try and get the vases in bulk.

    Colored Medium Glass Vases from Floral Supply .Com


  2. I had my solitaire re-mounted into my wedding set.


    I'm sure any jeweler could do this for you, but I would go with a higher end or independent company as opposed to a mall jewler. Your best bet will probably be to call and get estimates.


    Be sure to check out warranties/guarantees/insurance and find out who (if anyone) will be responsible for the work.


    For example, when my ring was re-set we went with a different company than the one where my FI bought my ring. So, the second company (Shane, and they are fantastic) is responsible for my current setting. They do the cleanings, inspections, re-sizing, and will replace any stones/shanks/etc. Basically they will do anything to the ring EXECPT the center stone because we didn't purchase it from them. However, if my center stone were to be lost or damaged because of the settting, they will replace it with one of a similar quality.


    If anything were to happen to my center diamond, we're SOL. The store where it was purchased, voided our warranty because they didn't remove or replace the stone.

  3. How much was your quote? Roses are usually on the cheaper side for flowers.


    Regular daisies (not Gerbera) or Carnations are probably the only thing that will be less expensive. Tulips, Daffodils, Callas, etc. all have to be specailly ordered and shipped in.


    Have you considered going with a high quality real-touch? A lot of the craft stores carry these and have great sales or you can use coupons. You can even DIY to save even more money.

  4. Is anyone else still watching or just me??


    I have to say that this show is much better than I thought. I'm really getting in to it! It's like if Buffy and Gossip Girl had a baby show. It's a little racy at times for a teen show, IMHO.


    I read the books when they came out so I very vaguely remember what is going on. I also just finished the author's opther series so it's interesting to see her style sort of tied in.

  5. Quote:
    Originally Posted by koolatta View Post
    Hey...for all you Eric (Alexander) fans. Did you hear he is going out with Evan Rachel Woods (the Queen). She is one lucky gal

    NO!!! That hurts my feelings! I would rather him be married to some gorgeous Norwegian with 6 lil' platinum blonde babies!

    She irritates me for some reason and she used to bang Marilyn Manson which makes her gross. So, in a distant way, Eric/Alex has slept with MM and Rose McGowan...yuck.

    Oh, and Vin Disel would make a great Quinn!

  6. Welcome to the club Jenn!


    I watched the first season then started reading the books. At first I wasn't a big fan of the writing and I found the books to be a little dated so I took my own creative license with them! But they are easy, fun reads and can help fill the vampire void of the next 63 days!

  7. I know that our SOs all drive us crazy, it's natural. But sometimes they do things that are so sweet and surprising! We need to talk about those things too!


    So, I'll start...


    My DH sent me flowers for my birthday yesterday. They didn't arrive so he was really bummed. When he talked to the company they appologized and sent another bouquet out. Well, my original flowers got her this morning and I have another bunch coming tomorrow! I'm super excited because I love getting flowers!

  8. I just foudn this on the HBO sponsored boards! Ha Ha!



    Breaking News Alert: Rabid fans of Area 9 Sheriff Eric Northman have taken credit for abducting local vampire William Compton. The group contacted authorities with demands yesterday. According to one source who requested to remain anonymous, the group of individuals, all linked to the forum for the HBO series "True Blood," refuse to return Compton until writer Alan Ball meets their list of demands, which include specific directions that: (1) Northman gets treated more favorably in the series, including 98% of the series screen time; (2) Ball desist in destroying Northman's character in general and with plot lines that differentiate from "the books"; (3) "stop making Eric look like a giant asshole"; and (4) "totally give [them] more shots of Eric like completely nekkid [sic] and stuff." The source then added, "wooooo!" When asked to comment, local telepathic nuisance Sookie Stackhouse commented, but no one was listening.
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