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  1. I LOVE when this thread gets bumped! I heart all of the puppies!


    Amanda - my chocolates do the same exact pose. They also do the full stretch out on the couch, LOL. Luckily we have never had to board them because it would be costly. I don't know how much we spend on them per month. It's a lot because they are our spoiled little children. I know I have spent at least $500 on "indestructable" toys for Izzy, my baby girl, because she eats everything.


    The other night DH accidently clipped her nail too short and it bled a little. He went to the pet store the next day and came home with new toys and chewies for both of them because he felt bad! LOL

  2. I don't think you are off-base in that you want one central, experienced person with whom to work.


    I would end this relationship now if this is any indication as to how she will handle things during the rest of your planning. Have you put down any deposits?


    I would look for an experienced DW travel agent. That person does not have to be local to you - so much can be done over the phone and with e-mail. Planning a DW entails so much more than just a regular trip. I went through my local TA and after reading about other experiences on BDW I found out that my planning could have been a lot less stressful had I had a TA that specialized in DWs.


    We have great TAs that are members of the forum! I would book through one of them.

  3. I would pick up the tab for whomever chooses to order the lobster. Make arrangements ahead of time that you will pay the bill so there is no confusion or awkwardness if your guests were presented with a bill.


    Think of it this way...


    If you offer bar service, you still pay for those who don't drink or don't drink as much as others.


    My mom doesn't eat shellfish and some of my close friends are allergic. If we go out to eat or host a party with a seafood dish, they choose not to eat it. They don't come to me after the party and say "Hey I want $3 cash because I skipped the shrimp".


    I mean this in the nicest possible way - Don't over-think things. It was a hard lesson for me to learn while planning!


    Good Luck!

  4. We haven't talked about this in a while! Anyone still watching?


    I know that tonight's episode is the last until March, for sweeps maybe? Haven't watched yet but it's waiting for me on DVR. I heard it was scary!

  5. Quote:
    Originally Posted by cougs View Post
    AHHHH my boss's niece is an actress (pretty unknown) and just got cast as alcide's exgf, debbie pelt, for season 3!!! how exciting! i was like please, please, please talk to your niece and get us onto the set for a visit!!!! haha don't i wish!

    True Blood: Meet Debbie Pelt
    (she's another blonde who should have black hair, so i guess maybe she'll dye it or wig it)

    i haven't caught up on this thread but have you seen the deliciousness that they cast as alcide? joe manganiello? hot hot HOT!!!
    Holy Crap! Lisa that is awesome! You need to get us some spoilers STAT! And she will get to make out with Joe Hottie! Jealous!

    And waiting til June Sucks! All of my vampire fixes are out in June - True Blood, Eclipse. It's going to be sensory overload!

    OMG I just thought of this. I'm in a wedding the first week of June. The bride and I are both die hard Trubies. I wonder if she knows this? We might have to move the wedding date! LOL

  6. I agree Carly, I think I am most disappointed in the choreography. You can really tell that there aren't any Mia routines, KWIM? And then the bigger names are only doing group numbers - Tyce, Wade, etc. I have been really disappointed with the hip hop. It also seems that the season has been ballroom heavy.


    I do notice Ryan but I think it is because of his muscles. He's the biggest guy physically so he stands out.

  7. I really liked the movie! Though, I thought #1 was bad so there was no way to go but up! Also, New Moon wasn't my favorite of the books. This script did follow the book more than the first.


    As much as I love the Twilight Saga, I haven't been very fond of some of the casting. I used to hate Kristin Stewart but she became much more likeable in this movie (at least to me). I'm not a fan of Jasper or Rosalie - they just aren't who I pictured while reading. It's not a huge deal because they don't have major parts, but... I have trouble liking Esme because I just keep thinking about her as the crazy chick from Grey's Anatomy. The Volturi were cast well, as were the Wolf Pack. In general, the acting was better.


    Jacob is H-O-T HOT! 17 year old boys didn't look like that when I was 17 and I demand a do-over! I have been pretty neutral, yet favoring Edward but that movie makes me consider Team Jacob! The first time Jacob took off his shirt, the whole audience gasped then oohed!


    Overall I really enjoyed it. I do feel like I need to see it again just to process it. There was such a frenetic vibe in the theater, I don't know that I really absorbed all that was going on.


    Observations without giving too much away:

    *Jessica Stanley was cast perfectly!

    *I thought the depression sequence was well done

    *I think Bella & Edward were more touchy feely in this than they were in the book.

    *I can never figure out how much Charlie "knows" re: vamps and wolves

    *Some of the spinny/panning camera work was a little much for me

    *Again, Jacob is a tasty little morsel of jail baity goodness

    *Edward's left nipple is weird. I heard lots of comments about that when he took his shirt off

    *I heart Alice

    *There was no discussion of Imprinting with the Wolf Pack and that surprised me as it is a pretty big theme later in the series.

    *I thought the Edward visions were a little much/corny. Narration would have been fine or have him be more in the background - The exception to this is the graphics when he was with Bella in the water.

    *The scene where Bella dreams that she is changed - Cheesetastic! Lots of giggles in the theater

    *The end scene made me teary. When it ended I was like WTF?!? Talk about cliff hanger (not that I don't know what happens) Collective groan from the theater

    *Don't know if Stephenie Meyer did a cameo. If so, I didn't see her.


    I need to skim through the book and see what was left out. I wanted to re-read but ran out of time.


    All in all I give it 2 thumbs up and will probably see it again in the theater and will buy the DVD.

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