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  1. Welcome! You can plan in 5-6 months! The trickiest part will be getting your dress. Some companies take 4+ months to arrive. I agree that once you choose a location, everything else falls into place!


    Happy Planning!



    Are you ready for the Orange Bowl tonight? My FH is a huge JayHawk fan!

  2. I like the "Meet the Newlyweds" party idea. Though we are having an AHR in Louisville when we return, I think we're going to have a small BBQ with FH's family around Labor Day.


    My only concern with pot-luck...and I say this because I am a caterer and chef...you might want to delegate who brings what. For example send x number of invites that say bring dessert, vegetables, etc. I've seen many an event end up with 6 green bean casseroles or 9 chinese cole slaws...

  3. Wow Jen, I am impressed! I could give up pretty much anything but my Diet Coke! I have cut down to 1-2 per day but I have to get my caffeine somehow, lol.


    I'm ready to start getting in shape. My wedding is about 5 months away and I need to drop about 40 lbs, or at least tone the hell out of myself.


    We have a big half-marathon here in late April and I'm going to do it! My first official training day is Jan 6 with a 2 mile run. I'm telling myself as long as I finish I'll be happy--running, jogging, walking, crawling...


    I plan on doing other exercise and weight training, but I figure if I go on and pay the entry fee I'll be more motivated.


    I'll keep you ladies posted!

  4. In my understanding, no one should be invited to a wedding related event that is not invited to the wedding itself.


    However, I do think that if you word the shower invite to re-iterate that you aren't getting married here, it would probaly be ok. Or, you or the shower hostess could call each guest to personally invite them so you have a chance to explain why she didn't receive a wedding invite should it come up.

  5. Thanks, I'm excited to be here. I've used other forums but without much luck. Destination weddings are so much different than "normal" church weddings! :) I'm glad to know there are people out there who will be able to understand my joys and frustrations with the planning.

  6. My name is Erin. I am getting married June 21st at Couples Swept Away in Negril Jamaica.


    My fiancee met on a blind date and he proposed on our 5 year anniversary!


    I look forward to sharing with other DW brides!

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