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  1. Folic Acid is a vitamin supplement.  You can either take prenatal vitamins or just folic acid.  The RDA for pregnant and nursing women is 800 mg. Most multi vitamins only have 400.  I take the gummy prenatals and they rock!  They're like a bite of candy every morning!


    The reason doctors will tell you  to use condoms after going off the pill isn't to protect you from hormones, it's to reduce the risk of miscarriages. Depending on the BC method you use, the uterine lining can be too thin to support a pregnancy to full term.  If you are TTC you should stop smoking, watch your drinking, and start cutting down of caffeine.  Basically quit doing everything fun, lol!


    I was married almost 3 years ago and we have been TTC for about 6  months now.  I have had great luck with temping to learn what is up with my body.  I highly recommend the book  Taking Charge of Your Fertility   and the website FertilityFriend.com.  It has an online tracker and will generate charts, etc.  I know lots of people that have gotten pregnant using these tools. By learning how your body operates, you can also use the program as a form of family planning or  to help your doctor identify any problems you may be having.  


    Just my two cents!  Good luck ladies!

  2. So happy I found this thread! What a great way to get back into BDW! I'm an old-timer and still a little confused by the new format, lol. I didn't realize that they were making a movie (series)! I was happy to read that Suzanne Collins would be co-writing the screenplay! I first found this series recommended by Stephenie Meyer somewhere. They really are consuming and don't feel YA. Of the three, I think I liked the first book best. I felt the most connection to the characters though it may be because this was the introduction to the series and Ms. Collins did such a great job of laying the foundation. The final book was my least favorite. I was shocked (and teary) when Prim and the other children were killed. I also felt that Katniss had an almost desperate bordering on whiny-ness about her. I was not surprised that she ended up with Peeta. Gale says that she will end up with the one she cannot survive without. Because Gale has sort of "found himself" by the end of the novel, I think she realizes that he can live without her. There would always be a question in their relationship and after so much loss, I think she was seeking stability. Peeta also had been through the same experiences with the Hunger Games that no other person could ever fully understand.

  3. I think it's cute and like someone else said, at least it will be memorable. I worked with a girl whose dad was James White and she married a James White. If she hyphenated she would have been Jenny White-White! A few years ago there was a couple in the news who met over Facebook because they shared they same exact name, something like Kelly Harris for both the boy and the girl. Now that would be weird!

  4. So sad that this season is over!


    Very excited about this hidden post thing though!  



    Russell couldn't get out of the cement because he was too weak and Eric has his fangs so he can't feed to regain strength.

    You know I am all about spoilers so as soon as I find any info on the next season or next book, I'll be sure to share!

  5. OK, just watched the new episode.  I heart True Blood but I'm a little uneasy (? don't know if that is the right word) with this season.  They are SOOOO far off the books and mixing things in from future books and I feel a little lost.  I like the series so much, but I'm afraid they're going a little too far from the original plot and it's going to end up all crazy where everyone is in a time machine or some shit.


    I get that they need to add depth to the minor characters but I'm not liking how they have changed some of the characters.  If I remember correctly, Russell was not bat-shit crazy in the books and he for sure didn't have a were-posse led by some guy named Cooter.  I feel like his storyline has gone the way of Maryanne and I think I'm over it.


    I am however happy with the more frequent appearances of Eric! And I still want to make out with him for real.  I have heard that season 4 will be the book 4 storyline which means LOTS of Eric!


    The Jesus/Lafayette trip kinda freaked me out so I don't know where that will go.  I'm thinking Jesus may be more into the "black arts".  If they stick with the books, Holly is pretty harmless and ends up with Andy (though I think she was a teacher?)  I think it was Tanya? that was a psycho waitress.


    Sam is having some major issues! His brother is not right; I bet he will for sure kill and/or be killed by the end of the season. I bet he's stalking Jessica.


    And how are there only 2 more episodes?!?!?!?!   I have way more questions now than answers!

  6. Quote:
    Originally Posted by **~Jenn~** View Post
    Please don't get me started on Kristen Stewart!!! I mean she is suppose to be an actress and she can't even et through one Un-Awkward interview. Her interviews make me want to drive nails through my eyes...LOL
    THANK YOU! She irritates the crap out of me! And if you notice, in pretty much every movie she plays the sullen, horny teenager.

    Her interviews are so bad they make me uncomfortable! I get that people are shy, but for the love of GOD, hire someone to write you a script and ACT like you have a personality!

  7. Soooooo, how was it? I'm a little pissed. There was a mis-communication and I thought a friend was supposed to buy my ticket and she thought I had it. Now the show tonight is sold out so I'm missing the movie and GNO!


    So I want details! I don't know when I'll have the chance to see it anytime soon. Although, I did hear that a local drive-in theater is showing all 3 back to back this weekend! I might just have to clear my schedule! lol

  8. Jessica is just a made up character, I think they kept her around because she's a fan favorite like Lafayette. The whole dealing V sub plot was not in the books. IMPO, those characters kind of update and expand the plot line. The early books feel a little dated, but then again they are 10+ years old!


    I am really liking that this book is following the book a little more closely so I have some idea of what to expect. Of course with this show that will all change next episode.


    I wondered who hired Franklin? He's perfect for the role but creepy!


    I'll be counting down the days until the 11th!

  9. Wednesday wasn't as good for me this week as it was last week.


    I was sad to see Christina go. I didn't think she would be around too much longer but I am not liking Melinda at all! Her "Avatar: The Dance" did nothing for me and those red pants for her solo were enough to get her booted!


    I was super shocked that Billy Bell was not in the bottom 3 and Robert(o) was instead!

  10. Does anyone else count down their weeks by how close the next TB episode is? I need more excitement in my life! LOL


    I'm late to the party, but I've always pictured Vin Diesel or Jason Statham (from the Transporter movies) as Quinn. LLCJ would have been a super sexy Quinn! Carly - you know my love for that man! There is something about the Rock that doesn't sit well, like he's too ethnic or something. He would be a great panther or wolf. For some reason I want to say that he was strawberry blonde in the books? Maybe I made that up? I don't think he showed up until book 7 or 8, so I'd be surprised to see him this season.


    While reading I pictured Christina Ricci as Debbie - little and dark.


    I was so into the books I read them one after the other and they all sort of meshed together. I have to go back and re-read before each season. I'm going to have to do the same thing with Eclispe before I go see it

  11. The "Sookie" line was priceless! I was laughing so hard I had to rewind to see what I missed!


    Season 3 is already so much better than season 2! I'm pretty sure Alcide will show up on Sunday, only 5 more days!


    I really like Terry Bellfleur too. DH still says from last season "Buuuuuuuuulllllllshiiiit! God has horns"


    Anyone who hasn't read the books should. They are really quick easy reads and you get more Eric! That is never a bad thing.

  12. I'm liking the new format better than I thought I would. I did think going to the hometown was a little cheesy!


    I'm ok with Alexi being gone, but really it is so dependent on the routine! I think she could have done really well with a contemporary routine (like the one with Christina and Mark) and Billy Bell (that I do not like) would not have been great with hip hop. I think Jose will be gone pretty soon as things get harder.


    Kent is my second favorite cause he's a cutie patootie but I do wonder if he will be like Evan from a few seasons back, that wasn't the best dancer, but was a crowd pleaser. I also really like Robert. He seems really genuine and he has technical skill but he's also big enough to do some of the fancy lifts. I don't picture Billy Bell being strong, kwim?


    Alex is my favorite though! He is so amazing to watch and that Sonya routine was perfect!


    This season seems to be all about the boys. None of the girls are really sticking out to me. I think tapper girl will be next or Christina. Tapper girl irritates me with the "Im and actress and a performer" crap. Um, you say it every episode so yeah, America does know that about you!

  13. I'm obsessed with this show! We drove home from vacation on Sunday (12 hours) and I forced myself to stay up and watch!


    It will be interesting to see what happens this season because there is already a pretty big divergence from the books, but in a good way.


    Love, love, loved the naked Eric. If that is any indication of how the season will go, I'm all for it!


    I did finish book 10 and was not overly impressed. It was good, but i think 8 & 9 were better. This one didn't really seem to further the plot much.

  14. YAY! I love this show!


    Quick thoughts...


    1) I like how the sped through auditions this year instead of drawing it out for weeks on end. It's been 3 shows and they are already halfway thru Vegas!


    2) How did they only find 3 people in Nashville? They didn't even have a choreography round!


    3) Is it just me or are the boys small this year? I like the really big, masculine dancers like Josh and Ryan who can throw the girls around.


    4) How fantastic were the 2 from last year - Billy Bell and Alex, the Asian ballet dancer! My husband was like, just go ahead and put the in the top 10!


    5) I don't know how I feel about the new format. As much as I want to see the All Stars, I hate that they are only starting with 5 boys and 5 girls.


    6) They haven't shown it yet, but I HATE that new stage they put in last year. I feel like once they changed that, it all went downhill for me. The judges keep talking about how amazing season 6 was and I really don't remember it, though I watched it!

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