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  1. Here is the website... Limoncello Ristorante - Cancun. Just trying to help out.. I know it's hard sometimes to find a set menu place:).
  2. also- I believe that Limoncello (ours which is Italian) is adjacent to Lorenzillo's (seafood)
  3. Hi there! I actually have a GREAT rehearsal dinner recommendation! The restaurant is Limoncello Ristorante and is in the hotel zone (and I think not that far from the ME). The setting is GORGEOUS.. pictures don't even do it justice. When we went down to do our site visit, we went there for drinks and knew that we wanted to do our rehearsal dinner there. The staff worked with my husband ahead of time based on our budget to do a set menu (which honestly I can't remember what it was but I believe it was around 30 pp) and included app, full meal and dessert. They were organized, treated us amazing, and I can't say enough good things about them. Their website has a place I think to do an email request if you want to get ahold of them. Good luck! Here is my review that I originally posted... rehearsal dinner: A Limoncello Ristorante- organized and great! willing to do a set menu for our group and set a price so that we could budget accordingly. the only snafu was that although we made our reservations on line and confirmed by phone, when my husband went there in person they had no record of reservation..so I would doublecheck when you are down there. The ambience is GREAT, food is amazing, and the restaurant overlooks the water and I knew when I ate there during our site visit we had to a rehearsal dinner there. They were very organized and had great customer service!
  4. Congrats- awesome review!!! I got married at a different hotel in Cancun, but went to my cousin's wedding at Moon Palace and it was sooo gorgeous! You look amazing!! Did you change into a different dress for the disco/reception? I think it was you in a short white one.. and if so I was curious where you got it It's really cute!
  5. I realize this is an older post so I'm not sure if you already found your hotel! We are doing a delayed honeymoon in Kauai and I did a bunch of research on the island. We are staying at the Hyatt which is supposed to be amazing!!! It is sort of pricey though so that depends on your budget for the trip. The island is fairly small but it seems like hotels tend to be scattered on the southern end of the island near Poipu or on the northern part of the island near Princeville. Depending on your comfort level with online booking, Pleasant Holidays has some great deals with airfare, car and flights. I am sure that either way, either hotel or cottage, you can't go wrong! Have a great time!
  6. Here is from an original post that I did- I loved loved my make-up artist. People raved all day long about my make-up.. and that is coming from big city (LA and SF) girls with pretty high expectations:)! You can find a full review of him and see my pictures from my original wedding review. But he was the best!!!!! I wish that he was more widely known on this forum.. a true and rare gem! I'm sure you could find him through a request from your resort or the YazminGonzalez website. The website is in spanish but I believe there is a way to send an email or request on the website (my wedding coordinator had set it up for me). Their website is Yazmín González I have to give a HUGE shout-out to the hair and make-up artist that I used for my wedding, Sergio from Yazmin Gonzalez. He was the best find!!!! I even had paid for a trial run the day I flew in- it was completely not needed but helped my piece of mind. I believe that for the trial run plus the day of the wedding it was 330 total. He came to the hotel for both days, took so much time to make sure it was exactly what I wanted and the day of the wedding everyone RAVED about how fabulous my hair and make-up turned out. If you have any questions please let me know...but thumbs up all around for Sergio.
  7. I LOVE that I just found this thread. I have been a fan/member of Rue for a while and love it even more, now that they don't charge you for shipping returns back. Too funny- I was having the same problem with the final sale and the site completely shut down. I did not know about Gilt or Hautelook, I will have to check those out..thanks!
  8. We got married over a year ago in Cancun and opted to do a belated honeymoon/anniversary trip to Hawaii. We extended our stay in Cancun for a mini-honeymoon at Dreams Cancun which was amazing, and decided for lack of vacation time and money after the wedding:) to do the trip to Hawaii at a later point. Which for us was the perfect idea... we are finally going to Kauai in May and staying at the Hyatt on the island which is suppose to be amazing and I am really excited!! I have never been to Hawaii so if anyone has any tips or places they'd recommend in Kauai I am open to it! I know that we will definitely take a boat trip to NaPali Coast and maybe a helicopter ride if anyone has any good companies they have tried. Also, my husband wants to do scuba diving if anyone knows of any good spots. Thanks!
  9. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear about that!!! The good news may be that if you have a website (and maybe a nice friend and mom) who could help you spread the word if you decide to do a neighboring hotel with space that would allow you to block the 50 rooms. There are so many great hotels in Cancun- so trust me, although it STINKS right now in the moment when you are there for your wedding and everyone is together this will be a distant memory . But I would def. find a hotel asap to reserve the rooms so you don't run into the same problem again. Good luck!
  10. And I should probably re-emphasize (I don't think it comes across in this) that she is great! She really worked with me- she went through a whole list on her laptop, after she realized my flowers had arrived slightly wilted, picture by picture of suggestions and options. And they really turned out amazing!!! Plus I wanted really exotic flowers- lots of orchids and tropical flowers- on of course a minimal budget and she worked with me sooo much to get me something that would fit my budget and my taste:).
  11. Hi Sophie. I used her last year- here was my review.. hope this helps. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions about her! Good luck. Julieta Flores- B. Julieta did my flowers. I had some specific ideas about my bouqets and my bridesmaids and boutineers, and general pictures and suggestions for rest of flowers. I sent a lot of pictures and emails over a year, but due to holidays and other things I did lag a bit on getting the contract signed and sent until the last minute which may have contributed to a few things going a bit off balance. Julieta called several times after I flew in and I set up a time to meet with her about flowers. She explained that most of order had come in but a lot of flowers were wilted looking and she didn't think i would be happy with them. I was dissapointed because the only thing i really cared about was my bridal bouqet- I wanted a duplicate of an exact one I had seen on the knot.com and it was dissapointing that those were the flowers that came in wilted. But she went through and showed me pics of each flower she wanted to use to replace it and although i was really nervous in what i would get the day of my wedding they turned out beautiful!!!! The reason I gave her a B was that the bridesmaids bouqets were not full bouqets (they fell apart later inthe night and i realized they were stems in styrafom made to look full) and the dinner flowers were not at all like I had wanted. My mom and I didn't even think they were delivered but I saw a pic from photographer so i guess they put them somewhere- but you know they are really small and nondescript if no one even saw them. But overall, she delivered everything on time for events and worked with me last minute to get what I wanted and was very nice!
  12. It sounds like you are marrying into a lovely family... great gesture and enjoy having a little bit extra for planning your wedding. Congrats!
  13. I also used them and they were GREAT. I wrote a pretty thorough review on them also. Here is the email: manniacancun@hotmail.com or info@manniacancun.com.mx Good luck!
  14. I also used them and they were GREAT. I wrote a pretty thorough review on them also. Here is the email: manniacancun@hotmail.com or info@manniacancun.com.mx Good luck!
  15. That is such a funny video.. in addition to my husband I know of someone else that had their guitar completely ruined in flight and the airline refused to cover it. So I would really think twice about bringing your prized musical instrument with you somewhere (especially if there is sentimental value)- most will not fit in standard cabin as a carry-on and so you will be forced to check it. I laughed so hard when I saw this video...
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