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  1. That is weird I wonder if that is new. Because we had ours on Saturday?
  2. I used Michael and the pictures turned out incredible. I wish I would have remembered to have someone professional video tape. My friend did and it is shaky.
  3. We also did Free..semi private at Mammee Bay and honestly it seemed like it was private. There were two other wedding parties in the restaruant but they did a good job of keeping us each to our own part of the place. I didn't even notice anyone else!! And did I mention it was nothing extra. I spent extra on the private beach reception after the semi private dinner. It was well worth it.
  4. I looked forever for my AHR. I found one at Macy's and one at Dillards. I ended up wearing the one from Dillards. Right now they are all on sale.
  5. I got mine yesterday and I was married on June 14, 2008. They have my age wrong? Does that matter?
  6. We arrived on Thursday and were married on Saturday...
  7. Just in case you don't want to travel far: We got married at ROR and went next door to Sandals Dunn's River and were amazed. It was a 2 minute bus ride and was incredible. The people were so nice and even though the resort was smaller than ROR it was romantic and was wonderful. I highly recommend it and it didn't take anytime to go next door. Check it out!!
  8. Good Luck! We just had our AHR and the number of no shows was crazy! Also might have spent more than we ever agreed too!!
  9. WHAT I WOULD AGAIN: RIU/SANDAL’S DUNNS RIVER: I am so glad I got married at the RIU with family and friends and then went next door to the Sandal’s Dunns River for our honeymoon. It was such a nice change of pace and it was nice to have different food options. The RIU is huge and fun and Sandal’s smaller and romantic. SEAGRAPE RECEPTION: The beach reception was so nice and I highly recommend it. We booked the DJ and he made it a wonderful time. It was nice to have somewhere to go after our dinner that was private to my wedding. I put disposable cameras on the tables at the SEAGRAPE but the pictures didn’t turn out due to all the moisture. I don’t recommend those!! STALK the RIU until I got my upgrade it was so worth it when they finally moved us from the Junior Suite to the FULL Suite!! 4:00 Wedding- It wasn’t too hot and wasn’t raining like it was earlier that day and the transition to pictures, dinner and beach reception was perfect. WHAT I WOULDN’T: NOT REQUEST THE REHEARSAL: I wish I would have requested a rehearsal for my wedding party we were all a little confused about walking out etc without a rehearsal. FIND SOMEONE RELIABLE TO VIDEO TAPE: I regret not paying attention to who was videotaping the wedding. So my video is definitely shaky!! AHR: Probably would have skipped it. Fun but nothing compared to Jamaica!!
  10. I had cups sewn in and wore no slip. It was hot with just a dress on..
  11. I am organ donor...not a Dr or nurse but my brother passed away 2 years ago while waiting to get a new kidney and pancrease. It was heartbreaking that he sat on the donor list for over a year. So I tell everyone I know to participate. I would hope it wouldn't interfere with medical treatment!
  12. I don't think so I got married in June in Jamaica and am now regretting scheduling a AHR in July. It is two weeks away and honestly it was like planning a second wedding. We got married away for it to be fun and not so much planning and the AHR is now kinda a pain. So I so go away and enjoy!!
  13. Mine was the white daisy cake and it was two layered and we got the free package. It feed the people that wanted it out of the 22 there. I wouldn't upgrade!
  14. I got married on a Saturday and had the free package I went on Thursday to book him but his worker blew me off. So when I went on Friday morning he just expected I didn't need him. He said if you don't book him if you have a free package he won't show up! I had to come back to the RIU because I was still on the island later that week to view my photos. Just make sure if you order from home he charges you the same price if you would have ordered there. Because it's not your fault they are closed on Sunday.
  15. I had planned all my songs but the CD was lost so we went with the resorts music. Honestly I don't remember it and the ceremony was nice and it was about 15 minutes. Very quick and to the point. I thought about doing the sand ceremony but couldn't figure it out logistically so we didn't do it. I think it was nice and smooth and wouldn't change a thing.
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