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  1. Great job! I would have never known it was your first DIY project.
  2. You did a great job on your welcome letter. I'd really like to see your arrival letter but don't have enough points to view it. Can someone donate some points please?
  3. I'd like to use m&ms for wedding favors but wasn't sure how well they'd handle in the hot weather.
  4. Your welcome brochures look great! They are very informative.
  5. i'd like to make the boarding pass invitation. where did you get the clipart and fonts? also, did you use microsoft word?
  6. they are very nice. looks like a lot of work. i too am debating between making my own invitations or purchasing. any suggestions on where i can get modern clipart and fonts?
  7. hi galit! the pics are very helpful. i'm also getting married at OGX in may. i'll definitely ask you some questions.
  8. br1de2b308


    thank you all for welcoming me. i'm looking for invitations now. i like the boarding pass idea. i've been debating back and forth on whether i should make them myself or just order them to save time. i would only need to make 50 or less. suggestions??
  9. br1de2b308


    Hello brides to be, My name is Judy and my wedding date is May 8, 2008 at Occidental Grand Xcaret in Playa del Carmen Mexico. Whoever said planning a destination wedding was less stressful was wrong. Any advice/suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks!