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  1. lavender

    Juan Carlos Tapia's Prices

    Mmmm, that is very pricey indeed....
  2. lavender

    Body sugaring?

    Has anybody tried body sugaring? From what I've read, it is less painful then waxing because the sugar only sticks to the hair and not the skin. Any thoughts/advice/comments to share?
  3. lavender

    Customs in Mexico - declaring wedding stuff

    Keep all your receipts, separate between friends and family members and try to make all your items look as though they are 'used' - that is, remove all price tags and stickers. If you bring in an entire suitcase of packaged items, they will assume that you are bringing them into the country to sell for profit and will want to tax you on them.
  4. Thanks for the post, great information!
  5. lavender

    what guys wish their wives did

    Too cute! I like that one!
  6. Ooh, and I have to agree with Natasha, Cinque Terre is absolutely beautiful!!! Highly recommended! Enjoy the gelati!
  7. I found that Florence was super duper hot and crowded in June. I found that Rome was much more bearable. Spring is usually a good time to go because it is not too hot and the days are longer... I would aim for Spring then Fall then Summer.
  8. lavender

    Bikini Waxing?

    Hmmm, I am allergic to Advil. Would Tylenol be okay?
  9. lavender

    How do clip in hair exstensions work?

    Quote: Originally Posted by RaydensMama Thanks for the advice!! No problem One other thing: try to buy extensions that are 'double wefts'. This means that you get an additional 'row' of hair in each section and therefore, double the amount of hair. I've seen the Jessica Simpson ones (which are fake hair btw) and I prefer real/human hair. When you wear it, you will notice a big difference. Think of the hair on a Barbie doll, looks great but feel coarse and weird when it tangles. Good quality hair extensions will run in one direction. That is, the hair is sewn together in the direction of growth. If you stroke your own hair, there is a huge difference between stroking it from top to bottom over bottom to top.
  10. I travel often and so it's cheaper for me to buy an annual fee for insurance rather than a one-time deal. Check your bank - they usually have pretty good rates.
  11. lavender

    Bikini Waxing?

    Has anyone tried bikini waxing and lasering? If so, do you recommend it? Do you use numbing creams in advance? I've gotten my underarms lasered and although I am glad that I got it done now it sure hurt like heck!!!!
  12. lavender

    Wedding Day Beauty Prep

    It's best not to do anything drastic or try anything new when you're at a week or two before the wedding. I wouldn't try any new products or creams on your face, any facials, lasering and such when it's so close to crunch time.
  13. lavender

    Some Things I Have Bought.......

    Ooooh cute keychain holder! That's an awesome idea!
  14. lavender

    How do clip in hair exstensions work?

    Make sure the extensions are made from real hair. Otherwise, the hair will feel really coarse and I find that they tangle easily (it becomes a real pain in the butt!). You can find Rema hair as well, they're made from virgin hair. Costs an arm and a leg but totally worth it in my opinion!