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  1. seriously! what is wrong with people - i have had the same thing happen and im like - ummmmmmm when were you planning on tell us?!?!?! people are weird its like they are embarrassed to say they cant come or not when i dont really care - i just dont want to pay for two extra dinners and not have someone show up - when its out of the country on top of it! feeling your pain! Quote: Originally Posted by marip123 Yes, I just told my FI last night, I'm on the verge of freaking out! We have these few people who won't commit, and we need people commit or not, and it's really starting to annoy me. A couple who had committed, and sent in their response card, decided they couldn't afford to come, and I guess they didn't think they needed to tell us. We just happened to call them because they were always a bit questionable, and sure enough, it's a no. I'm so relieved we called them!
  2. I am soooooo glad to hear I am not a total freak!!! while i wish we all werent freaking out everyones posts made me feel so much better! I am still freaking out though! LOL
  3. acacia

    Rock of Love 2

    i still feel dirty for watching but i looooooove it and you know its all about rock of love 3!!!
  4. I have 24 days left and everything is irritating me - big and small and really....there are much more small things than big!!! LOL I am just going out of my mind and everything is bothering me did anyone else get likk this?http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...s/smile105.gif
  5. really you guys make me so happy i have been freaking out and these reviews make it all good!
  6. acacia

    Rock of Love 2

    I can guarantee that they go on the reunion show and tell everyone they are better as friends and then he announces he is going to do rock of love 3
  7. how long ago did you find the spanish for dummies books? thats so cute and i have been looking for something like that ! Quote: Originally Posted by monicabrandon2008 Sounds like a great idea! I've been working on my OOT bags. So far I have: Spanish Book for Dummies- $1 Target First Aid Kits- Dollar Tree SPF 30 lip balm- Dollar Tree I found margarita and pina coloda body butter at Dollar Tree and they actually smell good! Avon Aloe Vera- Ebay I bought cups from Target at $.40 a piece and decorated them- I used a paint pen to write their names and used decal rub ons of various beachy stuff (got this idea from Morgan) I still need to get travel meds and may add a few more small things. It's so fun buying all the goodies!
  8. Hi I havent been but I have heard about it from friends who have stayed there. Nikki Beach is a club and never shuts down - the people were partying all night long there. If you want peace and quiet i dont think this is it but its very trendy looking and nice. Looks fun!
  9. acacia

    local Cabo Officiant? recommendations?

    anyone have marcos contact info?
  10. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE REVIEW!!! we are almost having identical wedding and this made me feel so much better!
  11. acacia

    Oot Bag Idea

    where did you find the postcards? did you buy in us?
  12. Check out twobirdsbridesmaid.com Super cute and they can do custon colors if you dont see one on there look at the lovely day tabs and there are pics from other beach weddings! I got these for my maids in kelly green and they are awesome!
  13. Mine weren't exactly cheap but they are super cute and the girls will wear again. They were from twobirdsbridesmaid.com