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  1. Oh i can't wait for the new season either! Fairies - I like that. I need to get into the books since we're so far away from the new season!! lol
  2. What?! I love Glee but really I don't see them making a musical on GA. Stupid! Just like that documentary episode... wth was that?!
  3. Just came back recently from one of my favorite destination weddings, ever! Lauren found me through BDW and I had an amazing time throughout her destination wedding journey. Everything from the planning to the day of was awesome. You couldn't ask for a more ideal location than EDR. The little details that Lauren chose and the fabulous colors really popped. Plus the fact she got a donkey for cocktail hour along with the mariachi band was just priceless.Topped off with a gorgeous sunset and dancing into the night at Tucanes. PERFECT! Enjoy the show! Lauren and Elliot's El Dor
  4. Thank you so much for all the wonderful responses. Stacie was such an awesome bride! Any photographer would have be honored to shoot her. If you're still interested or have questions you can either PM or email myself Loved that song! Stacie's choice was perfect for the portraits. I'll have to check out that Bruno Mars song - I like his stuff too and I'm always on the search for the "perfect" slideshow song.
  5. Just got back from this resort, I'll be sure to post a review but I just wanted to say it's such a gorgeous spot! I saw a glimpse at 4 different weddings while I was there. Loved their set up in the evening for the dinner on the beach. Wow and that gazebo is amazing :0) happy planning!
  6. Hey Angelina! Best of luck, I may see you there as I'll be there too until the 17th.
  7. Just posted this and figured I should share with the rest of you fellow brides to be. It was such a gorgeous wedding and Stacie had everything planned perfectly. The resort was one of the best I've ever been to. Amazing service, food and beach. They also pulled off a fantastic wedding with a dove release and all  http://www.melissagreen-photography.com/blog/2010/08/12/stacie-stevens-jamaica-destination-wedding-slideshow-iberostar-grand-rose-hall-montego-bay/  Such a beautiful day in Montego Bay!!!
  8. Well a lot of it depends on the lighting but yes minimum 1000. My last wedding was 1500! But the lighting was perfect and I couldn't have asked anything more to make it a photographer's dream to photograph hehehe Thanks for the input Yolanda!
  9. Hello ladies and gents; For those of you that have received your professional photos on disc or in a gallery, how many did you have to choose from or receive in total? For my DW I had one photographer and I received 250 high resolution edited images from our trash the dress and wedding day ceremony. I'm just wondering what the average is as I am averaging over 1000 images given to my brides. Thanks for your help :0)
  10. It was just one dancer but he did an amazing job. He really got the group into it and gave everyone fire sticks. So not only did he have a few tricks up his sleeve but incorporating the audience I thought was really cool. I have some pics and I promise to post them as soon as I'm at that point in the uploading phase :0)
  11. OMG! All you Iberostar brides are in for a treat! You will LOVE not only the resort but their weddings are amazing! Wow! I just got home this evening from Stacie's wedding at the grand on Saturday. She had the fire breather/dancer and the reggae band and it was so much fun. I have a ton of pics to edit! It's going to be hard deciding which ones for their slideshow. I'll be back and post some teasers. It was such a beautiful wedding weekend and a happy time for all :0) If you girls have any othe q's I can try and help although I'm sure answers from Stacie would be best!
  12. Pictures from our very own BDW Andrea of her Punta Cana Destination Wedding at Dreams.
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