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  1. Welcome to BDW! I was married at the Riu Jalisco back in 07'! Great choice! Speeches and dancing are totally doable there. I rented out the pool bar for dancing but you may be interested in seeing if the disco is rentable as well? Just to give you more options of course. Hope you found our Riu thread in the PV section. There's a ton of helpful info there too. Congrats and happy planning!
  2. Hey there! I love Destin! I used to live there and the beaches are gorgeous. Congrats & Welcome to BDW Looking forward to your review and pictures (of course) hehe
  3. Hi Elizabeth, welcome to BDW Dreams is gorgeous in Punta Cana. Their gazebo set up in the court yard is a perfect layout for a wedding IMO. If you're wanting a beach wedding though I would maybe consider the other resorts you listed as if it's at Dreams PC there will be guests on the beach from what I've seen. Gran Bahia Principe looks amazing and huge. I only saw the outside and grounds but everyone I talk to about it has nothing but positive feedback. Check out some past reviews from brides from those resorts too. Hopefully that can help you out with your decision Happy planni
  4. Punta Cana is one of my favorite tropical destinations. I've been there twice and it's super humid- so be prepared. It's the perfect back drop to a DW though. It's like paradise Congratulations and welcome to BDW. Be sure to check out the reviews from all our PC brides. Hopefully that can help you narrow down which is right for you.
  5. Love the Riu chains. Jamaica will be so nice! Congratulations on your engagement and welcome to BDW!
  6. Super pumped! This is awesome Tammy, BDW has come so far. Thanks for all your hard work!
  7. Christine - thank you so much for sharing the photos! And thanks for giving me the opportunity to share one of the most wonderful days of your life.You ROCK! Seriously I feel so lucky to have met you both on and off the forum - YOU are a photographer's dream bride! Not only drop dead gorgeous but also so chill and cool hah! Thanks everyone for the comments, means a lot! I've grown quite a bit and I owe a lot of it to BDW. This forum is not only an amazing resource but the support here is one of a kind. Chris I hope you can always looks back on these photos and let them take you
  8. When I was at BV a couple years ago, you could use the pool, spa, and one dinner at the Premiere. Things may have changed though so it's probably best to check with you TA just to be on the safe side...
  9. Key West is all good, no worries What a gorgeous spot. 3 months will go by so fast too Hopefully the panhandle brides (Destin, Panama City, Pensacola etc) escape the oil sand spills too. I've been paying close attention to it.
  10. What a beautiful wedding! You made a gorgeous bride too, loved your dress. Everything looks perfect. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Thanks for posting:)
  11. That's a good way to be and think of it Erin That's what i did too and looking back it I don't regret it one bit. That's the beauty of destination weddings, they can be as simple as you want them to be and always end up a huge hit. So much fun! And I remember the bartenders being super cool too, I wonder if it's the same guys. I'm getting pretty pumped about Christine's wedding next week. I feel so lucky to travel and be apart of such an incredible day. AND... this time I have my macro lens so I'll be spending lots of time with the flowers in the garden. be prepared for pics ladies. ha
  12. I voted other; we honeymooned at the Buenaventura Grand Hotel and Spa (PV) which is apart of the Summit group now.
  13. Oh I'm excited for the new upgrades! The forum is growing. yay!
  14. Congrats Diane it did indeed sound like the perfect day!! Love the chuck taylor's too! Rachel I had no idea Nat Cordova second shot your wedding! Holy smokes you lucky duck!!!! Now I'm going back to look at your wonderful pics
  15. hey ladies. I know how everyone loves seeing some pics and I saw one of my fave photogs just got back and posted some shots eyespy photography Blog Archive Erin & Jeremy {wedding} Enjoy less than 10 days till I'm there for Christine's wedding and I'm so freaking excited!!!!!
  16. Oh pretty sunflare in the 2nd picture~ they turned out nice.
  17. Oh Andrea - what a gorgeous day! Love that song - it's one of my happy songs and I'm sure it's one of yours now too CONGRATS!
  18. Awesome pics, they turned out great. You two make a cute couple :0)
  19. I've heard great things about paradisus from friends and fellow photographers. Also Dreams isn't on your list - but I've been there and it was awesome! They have beach weddings as well as gazebo weddings. The resort is immaculate and the gardens are very well taken care of. Happy planning and I'm sure whatever you choose will make for the best DW!
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