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  1. Ahhh those shoes and dress are ADORABLE! Wow those are going to make for some gorgeous flower girls! Look that that smile
  2. So I saw this thread and me being on the other side of the lens... what could I as a photographer make you feel more comfortable or at ease? Jessica - It may be a good idea to tell the photog ahead of time what you're self conscious about. Also tell them what you like most about yourself and your FH's fave body part I find that always helps me. Jen - that's what i think too. I have so much fun with my bd girls!
  3. Such gorgeous photos. OMG I love Playa Fiesta! Such a beautiful day, congrats!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Erika J It is still cheaper to go US Cell to US Cell than to make local phone calls and be charged by your resort in most cases. I just added a plan for $5.99 that reduced the international rate and turned my data fetch off. it made for a pretty easy way to communicate and btwm DH and I our bill was only like $30 higher than normal. Good idea! I need to do this for canada as well as Mexico! I have AT&T hope they have something like this
  5. Good choice FutureMrsG, Claudia's work is some of the best work IMHO. Girls I'm so excited our family chose this resort as my grandparent's 50th anniversary resort to renew their vows!!!! OMG I'm freaking out because it's so beautiful and I want to bring my camera and take pics for them as a present. I'm so excited to follow this thread and maybe help them plan a little bit more. I know it's going to be small but little details count in a big way, right
  6. In all honesty you really get what you pay for. Island bride I'm sure your photog is amazing don't doubt your choice. You picked them for a reason, right Besides there are so many amazing Florida photogs! That's how I learned to shoot beach weddings and sunset weddings so well. The light is gorgeous down there!!!
  7. Good choice, Sascha Gluck is AWESOME! So happy you found the right photographer. It's such an exciting feeling once that process is complete!
  8. What a fun, beautiful shoot. I love trash the dress slideshows! Great job Tammy & Trisha!
  9. Love having vendors on the forum, welcome Gina. Just looked at your site and I'm so jealous of all the places you've been! Gorgeous work too by the way
  10. Welcome to the forum. Costa Rica is gorgeous in January. Have fun planning your dw, congrats!
  11. Girls our commander asked if the resort had security as well. I guess that helps? We gave them all the info for our resort in Riviera Maya! Still crossing my fingers nothing bad happens!
  12. FYI there has been some stuff coming up and I wouldn't be surprised if there is a ban on mexico again. I heard there were some serious emails that came down since last week 2 american civilians were killed MY hubby has the commander's approval but you never know it could change so quickly geesh mexico - smarten up
  13. My sessions with the little black book are $325. That includes a disc of 80 edited images too and a 18 page flush mount album.
  14. You have some gorgeous pictures! Eva does some gorgeous work. Some of the best Punta Cana photography I've seen to be honest. Thanks for sharing your review. Congratulations!
  15. Awe I didn't see this review before and it's one of my fave resorts! Thanks for bumping Krainone. It really is an awesome resort. There's a Dreams PC thread in the DR section of the forum, be sure to check it out :-)
  16. Kauai - awesome choice :-) Oh my, the ceremony site and the flowers are freaking awesome! wow. I love all the colors. You 2 make a good looking couple. Congrats!
  17. Congratulations! You made such a pretty bride. Punta Cana is gorgeous - love that water. You all look so happy too. Great review, tfs.
  18. Don't you just just trip advisor? haha just kidding! But I know that all too well reading bad reviews then being blown away by a resort! Fabulous review. Dreams Riviera looks awesome! Can't wait to see your pictures from Claudia - I know they are going to be amazing! Congratulations & TFS!
  19. Darn Jess. I was really hoping he would win. Wanna know a strange coincidence? This morning I was going through a photography forum and I stumbled across that photog! LOL I saw the results and was like WHOA Dude that was Aiden's contest. It was weird but I was super disappointed when I saw the results. BOO!
  20. Love it! What about brightening it up a bit and making the "p" like that red/coral color. LIke the color scheme you ahve and it's a pretty design. OK just saw all the rest of the feedback And I love your second versions too. The pink really pops but I like the blue too. Tough call!
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