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  1. Same thing here. People wanted to know wear we were registered and I'm having a shower... BTW! I think you can register at home depot. My fi made fun of me bc I mentioned it, and I looked into it. I think its just listed under gift registry rather than wedding!
  2. OH my!!! I Love that idea! I'm so excited!!! I'm going to have to start searching for pictures! I bet I can find pictures of all of them!
  3. Wow! I'm such a sap. That flower petal thing is a big deal. My mom had a big glass covered box that she had kept rose petals in it from my dad for 14 years. Somehow it got water in it and they all got ruined. She was devastated. Anyhow, I think that you throwing them is very symbolic and will probably be very special. What a neat idea. I don't have any help for you though on the rules on that stuff
  4. Maybe its cheezy to say this, but its a once in a lifetime deal! And it will be so memorable-so worth it! I'm a student now too, so my income is very little. My fiance wants to do something special for the welcome dinner since most of our guest are spending so much money and to show our thanks. Thats why I'm eagerly reading that other thread about welcome dinner!
  5. I'm tanning because I want to get the color I want before I go the beach so that I'm not worried about getting a tan there and I can wear sunblock so know the color I will be so that my makeup is right. Plus, YES! My big butt looks much better tan!
  6. I use chase and citicard. With citicard I get a 50 check about every 2 months, and with Chase you earn points so easily!
  7. My mom and dad are paying for most, and for 2 nights for everyone in the wedding party and their families. All of our guest have to pay for their own trip which at first I was feeling awful about, but now that everything is done, they seem excited, so I feel better!
  8. Do you guys know if the Pirate cruise is one of the only dinner cruise party boats like that Or have you heard of any others?
  9. Hey everyone, I am going on a short little trip to Mexico to talk to the wedding coordinator at the RIU Palace Las Americas plus, I wanted to take a look at how we might be able to decorate and such. My dad started worrying because it turns out that we have a lot more people going than we planned. I will be back by Friday the 30. If you have any specific questions you'd like me to ask the wc, I'll be happy too!
  10. Woah woah woah! I havent been on here FOREVER. But TURBOJAM is the best. It really gets you in shape... I was pretty much doing running once every two weeks or so and turbo jamming about 3 days a week, and I was able to run a 5 mile st. pattys run last weekend. they really get you in shape!
  11. I got some comments at the beginning, but when we made our website we both listed and "honorary bridesmaid" and and "honorary groomsman." that way they were still acknowledged.... BTW Debs, what kind of dog is that on your avitar? I want one...
  12. Since we are staying at an all inclusive room, we booked my Fiance and myself in the same room all week, but I am sneaking in and staying with my bridesmaids up until the wedding night. I'm still listed on his room for booking purposes. Its kind of important with an all inclusive that you see what their rules are. Some charge a premium for only one person in the room and others have like 3 night stay rules for rooms. But I'm excited for the slumber party before and the anticipation for later.
  13. Natalie. I think they look great, but I do agree that they should be a larger size than the original because although all of us would be paying attention, I think that most wedding guest would not notice them the way we would. They look wonderful!
  14. Jennifer,I am getting married on June 7th. When I filled out my request, I bid for the Gazebo. I saw some awesome pictures online of a wedding that was on the gazebo. I thought it would be nice because I want to use the nicer chairs, and then after the wedding go down to the beach and take the pictures. I think that atmosphere and decor of the hotel will wonderful and the tall columns on the gazebo will be so pretty. Which location did you pick? Have you written to Lizette yet, or do you have any concerns that you are trying to figure out. Maybe we have the same questions.
  15. Hey Jennifer! I have received an email from Lizette... No wonder she doesn't seen very knowledgable... She is very nice. Took about 3 days to respond, but on a couple things I asked, she said "Let me check." I felt very uncertain and haven't heard back yet.
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