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Traveling with babies/toddlers: CARSEAT question!!

18 January 2010 - 09:57 PM

I am in desperate need of some advice or direction on this one...
we are leaving this Thursday! We opted to drive 5 hours to the nearest *major* airport to fly out for our destination & saved $1,000 so we don't actually fly out to JA until Friday at 6am.

This whole time, I have been thinking that we will just grab her car seat from the vehicle to take with us on the plane. Although we didn't purchase a seat for our 18-month-old (FI's decision, I disagreed), we are going to gate-check her car seat & use it if there is a seat available. PLUS, I was thinking we'd need it anyhow for during our airport shuttle that morning and for our airport transfers to and from our resort in JA (we have a 90 min. trip to the resort from the airport & then back again when we leave).

FI just said to me tonight "Do you seriously think we need to haul that thing around with us for this trip?"....Um, YES, why would I not want her in a car seat, especially for a 90 minute drive (2 times) and on the airplane?! Car accidents are the #1 leading cause of death for children, so I just don't get how he's managing to make me feel like I'm nuts for thinking we need to bring the car seat with?!

I also just don't see how our 18-month-old is going to stay still in someone's lap for 90 minutes..?! She does NOT like to be held or sit on anyone's lap for longer than a few moments. When she is harnessed into a car seat, that's a different story...then, she understands (and also has no other choice) she must sit still & stay put.

Someone please tell me you have advice?...have been there before?...or can direct me on what to do, who to speak with/contact, etc.?

As if I don't have enough crap to do & worry about, now I have to argue with my FI about our little "car seat dilema".

Stupid question, I know...

24 October 2009 - 03:23 PM

I apologize in advance for asking such a silly question but I really don't know much about what exactly an "ordained minister" is and I really want to know...are they ordained ministers of the church? Are there any religious ties? Or can an ordained minister just be anyone who is authorized to marry people? I guess the reason I am asking is because the WC for Beaches Negril said they have an ordained minister perform marriages at their resort and that if I were to want a priest/pastor perform the ceremony we'd have to marry off-site in a church. We are traveling all this way to get married on the beach (w/our guests) so I don't want to have it in a church, otherwise we could have just gotten married here at home. But I am really interested in having religious references made in our ceremony script...can an 'ordained minister' rightfully do this? If not, would I be ridiculous to ask this of an ordained minister? I know this all probably makes me sound really dumb but I just honestly do not know...

This is probably a pretty dumb ? but...

26 August 2009 - 02:23 AM

I was wondering if any of you other ladies have daily weight fluctuations? Let me explain what brought about this silly question...I have been reading through this forum (for tips, encouragement, ambition, etc.) & noticed that several women say things like "I weighed myself when I woke up this morning & had lost 2 lbs.!". I am just curious because can this be a result of a person's diet/exercise regime the previous day or because of normal weight fluctuations?? I just know that personally my weight fluctuates several times throughout a 24 hour period. When I wake up is typically my lightest point of the day...for example, if I weighed myself before bed & then again the next morning I can be anywhere from 1-3lbs lighter EVERY morning. So, how do you ladies truly gauge your actual weight loss? If I set a goal to lose 5lbs. I would have to say that my goal is to weigh between 114-119 because on any given day (without diet or exercise...just my normal day to day physical & eating routines) I weigh 119-123...lol--hope this makes sense to someone else out there! hahah!

My idea for presenting our rings...

25 August 2009 - 04:09 PM

So, we are not having a bridal party (BMs, groomsmen, MOH, etc.) it's just going to be us up there. We have a daughter, Sienna, & at the time of our wedding she'll be 18 months old. She is already walking around & getting really good at it, fast. I was brainstorming a while ago about ways to include her, considering her young age...

I was thinking we could find a chain necklace & put our rings on it & have her wearing it around her neck. We could have her walk down the aisle to us (with the help of my younger sister--she's 11) I could then have my sister remove the necklace from our daughter's neck & have her give us the rings.

I don't know...? Does this seem corny? Or cute? I was thinking it could be a creative way to incorporate our daughter into our ceremony & also let my (only) sister play a role---she's too young to be an actual MOH...so, what do you ladies think?

Obviously, we'd make sure my sister or someone else is watching Sienna the whole time with the necklace on, so she doesn't end up strangling herself or anything horrific like that!

Photography costs???

20 August 2009 - 05:45 PM


I would like to get an idea of what most couples pay for wedding photography, considering we are all doing DWs...prices can be different from those who chose to go the traditional route for their special day.

Our wedding is going to be at Beaches Negril Resort & Spa...I have heard different things about the photography services they provide at this resort. They don't show examples of their work...I've heard the "pro photographers" are actually just the resort employees...some have even said (in their own opinions) the quality of the photos isn't that great. Photos are important to me, so I was trying to think of possible alternatives..since Beaches does not allow 3rd party vendors on their property for services THEY provide.

I know a girl who is just starting out as a photographer & since she is still building her "wedding portfolio" she is willing to give us a good deal on a photo package. Here is what she said she could do for us...
-"getting ready" photos
-full coverage of ceremony & reception
-family/guest photos
-our wedding day session photos (just FI & I)
-TTD session the day after our wedding
-She will give us 3 CDs w/ all the fully edited images (one CD w/ ALL images...in case we want any photos she doesn't chose to edit)
-She promised to fully edit 400 images
-We own full rights to ALL images she includes on all 3 CDs (so, 400+ images)...so we can reproduce as many images as we want
-We may choose to order prints through her or order prints from wherever we so chose.

I offered to pay her round-trip airfare & hotel stay for 3 nights ($1500) & she said she'd give me all of the above for a price of $800...so, $2300 total.

What do you ladies think? Should I do it? Is this a reasonable price for what we'd be getting out of it? Or are we just better of going through the resort for our photo package? A *similar* package offered by Beaches is $2000 & includes "200 digital images of ceremony, reception, & walk on the beach and/or garden"...from this girl, we'd be getting over double the amount of images plus we'd KNOW what kind of work to expect (she takes AMAZING, artistic photos). Please help me out...I want to be done stressing over this aspect!