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Boudoir Pictures -- Butter Boudoir in Vancouver

16 July 2010 - 02:03 PM

I was rifling through my boudoir pictures I got at almost two months ago as I am putting together a photobook for DH's birthday coming up. I had wanted to give it to him on the wedding day, but seeing as how I didn't get to do my boudoir shoot until the day before we left for Mexico, it wasn't going to happen! I thought I'd share them with you wonderful ladies as I always loved seeing other people's boudoir pictures (the reason why I wanted to get them done in the first place!).

I had a thoroughly enjoyable experience with Gina from Butter Boudoir in Vancouver during a marathon shoot in a Yaletown condo. Although it was a "marathon", I was easily there for over two hours. Her sister does your hair and make up and although I wasn't too crazy about the make up in person, it turned out well in the photos I thought. Gina also has a collection of accessories (i.e. really high heels, birdcage veils, necklaces etc.,) and props (lollipops) that makes it funner.

Although I felt awkward at the beginning, Gina was wonderful at helping me find comfortable poses etc.,

Here are a few I really liked:

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Here is the link to her blog post:

Butter Boudoir Photoshoot Butter Media Blog

Hope this helps some Vancouver area brides who are interested in boudoir shoots out!

Our La Zebra Tulum Wedding Pictures by Del Sol Photography

19 May 2010 - 12:47 PM

We got married just about 2 weeks ago at La Zebra (in Tulum, on our favorite beach in the world) and we absolutely lucky to have Sol Tomargo and Rodrigo from Del Sol come capture our day. They exceeded any inklings of expectations we had and were a pleasure to work with up til the day of the wedding.

I can see why everyone says Sol is a total sweetheart--with my kind of personality I was feeling stressed on our day and she said all the right things to help me chillax a little. My brother is a photographer as well and it was great to see them banter back and forth. Major kudos to her and Rodrigo who ran around to get the perfect pictures in when our family and guests were busy trying to get their own pictures.

They went above and beyond, and even stayed longer than our previous agreement to capture the story of our day as things were running late.

Even better, while we were on our second week in Mexico after everyone had gone home, we get this email saying they had a "supresa" for us. Low and behold, it was our wedding slideshow!! I didn't expect to see anything for at least a month or two. The funny thing is that we couldn't even view it in its entirety until we got back home on Monday.

05.05.10 Christine + Anthony | Wedding at La Zebra, Tulum | Photos by Sol Tamargo

I am in love with Del Sol

I will be following up with a wedding review (hopefully sooner than later!), but I wanted to give a shout out to Marion Vaglio our Tulum wedding coordinator, the wonderful staff at La Zebra, including Lina the manager there, Fernando Fuentes and his hair partner Gama, and the awesome and beautiful firedancer pair who I wish I knew the names of! We also did a trash the dress session with Rachel Schrank from Playa Weddings the week after which was major fun. I will post when I get some pictures.

Sita&Nate's Planning Thread - La Zebra Tulum Wedding

10 April 2010 - 01:13 PM

I haven’t been as active on this forum as I could have been, but I would like to give back now by posting a planning thread (my favourite kind of thread, much like everyone else!). BDW has been my escape from the stress of completing a Masters degree while working almost full-time and being sucked into numerous work related projects, so thank you Tammy for hosting this forum! This forum has kept me sane. I am getting married May 5th, 2010 in Tulum!

After 8 years of being together, FI asked me to marry him on our trip to Australia. It was definitely a huge surprise and something I was not expecting! We went out on a trip to Whitehaven Beach (supposedly one of the best beaches in the world) on the north-ish east coast of Australia. It is only accessible by boat, and we were hanging out there for lunch. It was beautiful, with pure white sand beach and fish swimming everywhere in crystal blue waters. I found out that in Australia, it is either sharks or poisonous jellyfish that will get you in the waters. Where we were, the danger was with the jellyfish, so we all had to wear fullbody suits (tele-tubby suits). He was acting very strange while we were playing around in the water—not responding to any of my comments or questions. I was like “What’s wrong with him?” When we were away from the crowd, while we were sitting in the water, he got extremely quiet and fidgety (struggling to pull out the ring under his suit in his swim trunks). He finally pulled out this ring, a beautiful 1.3 karat princess cut Tacori-inspired ring that he had custom made, and asked “Will you marry me?”, as I was too shocked to respond, he motored on to say “I take that as being a yes” and promptly shoved the ring on my finger.
This is the ring:

Click the image to open in full size.

Here is one of my engagement photos by Emma Milley.

Click the image to open in full size.

And one by my brother:
Click the image to open in full size.
Here's to hoping the pictures work!

Inexpensive yellow and white flowers

24 September 2009 - 01:40 AM

Hi Jenny,

Is it an option to get a quote from another florist? I am sure you can find roses in your colors that are not budget breaking!!

Best of luck!