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  1. Hello All, I got married at the RIU Negril, in July and the resort was great. I would not pay any attention to what you read online. We didn't have any problems with bugs, the food was great, and the staff was amazing. The resort was clean and the beach was nice. I too read thos bad reviews, but not sure where they came from after visiting the RIU. My wedding was great and so was Dionne. If you have any specific questions, let me know. Oh I used Marcia Roberts for my pictures, she was amazing and fun to work with.
  2. Hello Sunstarmom, I did get those flip flops from dessy and the parasols came from lunabazzar. http://www.lunabazaar.com/paper-parasols.aspx?gclid=CI6-oaS36aMCFczD7QodoAOd2A.
  3. I used Marcia for my wedding July 24, 2010, in Negril. She had two assistance with her for pictures and video. I booked her a year before my wedding, and at the time I paid my deposit via paypal, not sure if she does that anymore. I paid her cash the day of the wedding, right before she left.
  4. Hello Wendy, if you go to Marcia's website you can view our slide show from her weddings tab. We are the one that says Riu Club Hotel, it is the second option in the list. http://www.jamaicanphotography.com/
  5. Marcia Roberts does a great job, I just got married and I used her.
  6. wemkulaf

    RIU Negril Wedding Review

    Oh Marcia has a slide show of some of our pictures on her website: http://www.jamaicanphotography.c
  7. Ok I am back from my wedding July 24 at the RIU Clubhotel in Negril. Travel Agent - A+ I used Destination Weddings and my TA was the greatest. I had 16 people traveling from 4 different states, and None of my guest had any issues booking their trips. Hotel - A+ We were greeted with Rum Punch and was able to check into our rooms right away. The Staff was very friendly to all of my guest. We were upgraded to an Oceanview with a king size bed. The rooms was very clean, and cleaned everyday we were there. When I first got there, I gave the hotel my guest list and asked that they all be placed in building 1, and they had no problem doing this. I would suggest building 1 or 2 ,cause 3&4 are kinda further away from everything. The food at the hotel was good too. The best Restaurant was Sir Andrews. The evening entertainment was great. Me and my guest made sure we didn't miss the 9:30pm shows while we were there. Wedding Coordinator - A+ I started email her back in Aug. 2009, and she always replied within 2 days of getting my emails. My meeting with her was at 11am, and she was promptly waiting for me and FI in her office. Basically we just confirmed everything I had been emailing her about. I brought some of my own decorations and she was glad to set everything up with me. I asked if we can get some tables reserved at the Buffet on Friday night for a welcome dinner and so I can give out our welcome bags, and there was no problem. She arranged this and it was all good on Friday. Wedding Day - A+ I choose the Royal Package with my ceremony at 4pm on the Beach at the Arch. Believe it or not, it was sunny all day until 4pm. It started raining at 4pm, so my wedding was moved to the Terrace. They say it is good luck when it rains on your wedding day . Dionne made sure all my decorations were set up there and ready to go inspite of the rain. The Terrace is partially open and nice for those who are concerned about what happens if it rains. The rain stopped during the ceremony, so we were able to get all of our pictures on the beach afterward. Actually I was kinda glad it wasn't on the beach after it was all said and done, cause the area where the Arch is has no shade, and it was hot as all get out right before the wedding. My reception was at Shadows, on the second floor. Even though it is semi private, there was no one else up there and the restaurant was empty as well, so we were the only ones in there. I got the white cake with flowers in my colors. It was a 2 tier and I brought my own cake topper. They do not provide decorations for the reception so if you want anything you have to bring your own. Needless say I brought my own, and she had it decorated very nicely. Photographer - A+ I used Marcia Roberts, and I must say she is absolutely fabulous to work with. She did photos and video. Click the link below to see a slides show she did for our wedding. The pictures she took were not like any others and the attention to detail was great. She doesn't book based on time, so she was there all day and night until after the reception and we were ready for her to go. We have stayed in other RIU's before and this was just as nice as the others we have stayed in. If you have any questions for me, feel free to ask.
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    I just had my wedding in Jamaica July 24, we only had rain for about 3 days we were there out of 7. And it rained mostly in the afternoon. I rained during the time of our ceremony, but it turned out to be good, cause we had the ceremony on the Terrance where it wasn't so hot and covered and was able to get all of our pictures on the beach afterward.
  9. Thanks Pam, I am getting married July 24, and I booked Marcia too. So far she has been great to work with from a distance. I booked her last year and since then we have been keeping in touch and she was able to work with my budget as well. I can't wait to meet her in person next week. I love the fact that she doesn't charge based on time limits.
  10. I am leaving July 21 to get married July 24 at the RIU ClubHotel, and was looking at the weather. It says 60% chance of rain the day of my wedding, does anyone know what the RIU does in the event it rains. Where is the wedding if not on the beach?
  11. wemkulaf

    Arrival in JA Prior to wedding

    If getting married in Jamaica, you have to be there 48 hours prior to your weddings, so if you are getting married on Saturday, then you have to arrive in Jamaica no later than a Wednesday.
  12. I sent out my STD 11 months prior and around the 6 month mark, the site I am using for my TA and Wedding, sent an email with a reminder that deposits were due by a certain time. So I didn't send anything between the time.
  13. We are having 16 guest joining us in Jamaica.
  14. My am using parasols, very inexpensive and nice on a beach.
  15. wemkulaf

    chair covers

    There is a place called Hook My Wedding Up - Where Dreams Do Come True and they will rent you chair covers for 1.50 a piece. The only probably you might have is your chairs have arms on them, not sure if a chair cover will fit that. Double check before you get anything. That place hookmyweddingup.net is awesome and the chair sashes are included if you rent from them. My sister used them for her wedding last year so they are good. I was going to use them but the RIU Negril uses chairs with arms also.