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  Although I have a brief review of Del Sol photography on the forum, I relish the chances to share how great our experiences with Del Sol have been. From the beginning, the team really reached out to get to know us and who we were even half a year before the wedding--they were never more than an email away--with super prompt replies and great humor. I even had a chance to speak with Mateo on the phone because he wanted to make sure that I was happy with the amount of time coverage, and to work out what was best for our group of 23   Even on the process of choosing a photographer more than a year ago, I was always drawn to Del Sol and used a few of the amazing weddings that fellow BDW'ers had shared as inspirations for my own. On the day that it mattered the most, Sol most definitely delivered! As I have said a few times already, having Del Sol cover our wedding was third best wedding related decision after deciding to get married and getting married in Mexico.   Although I realize that this can't be expected for all weddings, it was the coolest ever to receive the slideshow (a fabulous preview that doesn't even cover the rest of the amazing photos that we have) a we... (read more)