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Beach wedding dress info?

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Hi TiffJT,

Thanks for answering my post. That dress from Davids Bridal IS really beautiful! How much is it retail and how much would you be willing to sell it for? You say it is a size 6, does it fit like a six or more like a 4 or 8? I am a size 6 definitely not a size 4(unless i live on water for a month! HA!) PM me and let me know how much you would let it go for, etc.

thanks again


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I'm from Canada and got mine at Ethos. Thin/chiffon/destination

They are use to Canadians wanting destination weddings. So there is a big selection!! Shipped fast too. I order in Mid Oct. and got before Christmas.




If you have a store near you it would be worth going in. They have a better selection because some of there destination wedding dresses are not on the web. Mine is not on the web. But there is one similar.

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