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  1. Hi All, I just thought it would be useful if everyone could post any recommendations they have for make-up that works well for walking down the aisle (or through the sand!). I'm afraid I've got nothing to contribute, but products that are good in humidity and for those of us who tend to cry would be really appreciated!
  2. Thanks for all of the tips! I got a pair of 'Assets' from Target that go from waist to mid thigh, and they're perfect! No rolls, no lines, just what I wanted! Now on to shoes...
  3. Thanks everyone! I'm off to Target tomorrow anyway, so I'll check out the Spanx-like line there and see what they look like. I really think I've spent more time on the underwear than the dress! That's just not right!
  4. Hi all, I must apologize for being really crap and not being on here for ages. Things have been crazy with work and so all wedding stuff had to be put on hold. Now that things are quieter at work, all of the wedding stuff that I left for ages is overwhelming me! Of the many things that I haven't sorted out, is the underwear situation. My dress (link below) isn't very forgiving. So I need some of that shaping stuff. I was just going to get something seemless that went from below the bust to the thighs, but the problem is that my dress dips in the back, so it would show. Does anyone have any suggestions for something that can cover a small bit of belly fat just below the belly button and smooth the thighs without giving me a big line (or roll!) across my middle? David's Bridal - Bridal Gowns VW9146 Chiffon gown with pleated bust, empire waist, and tie back. Thanks!
  5. I haven't been there, but I'm going with Rancho Armadillo in Playas del Coco and I couldn't be happier with them. They reply to emails quickly, provide loads of information and are reasonably priced. Have a look: Welcome to Rancho Armadillo :: Playas del Coco, Costa Rica
  6. I ended up on a spur of the moment, completely unplanned trip with my MIL and it was horrible! We get on very well in general, but it was my first time trying on dresses and I had a bit of a panic attack. It all suddenly became very real and it just completely freaked me out. The worse part was that I was not wearing appropriate undergarments for the occasion! The MIL was very understanding and I'm sure she feels included now, but whatever you decide, don't have her as the only person with you if this is your first time. I had no idea I would react that way!
  7. Nordstrom has some nice, less formal dresses too. Wedding Shop - Wedding Dresses - Nordstrom And Nicole Miller: ACCESSORIES 07 - Nicole Miller Official Store Good luck!
  8. That's really good to hear! I look pretty silly in the tea length ones (I'm only 5'3"), so it's good to know there are alternatives.
  9. I think I'm just going to have to try on a bunch of different things. I really don't know what will look good on me or what I want at all really!
  10. Thanks! I tried on a few tea length with my future MIL (completely unplanned and resulting in a mild panic attack!) and the tea length kind of cut off my legs and made me look even shorter than I am (5'3"), so it looks like I have to do knee length (not sure if I will feel 'bridal' enough) or a long one. I'm worried about the long one though as I don't want the bottom to get all dirty in the sand. Any ideas?
  11. Thanks for all of the welcoming messages! I'm really excited but not stressed at all at the moment. Should I be? May seems so far away! I tried on a few dresses over the holidays and I'm kind of coming around to the idea of a longer one, but I'm worried about it getting all sandy and dirty at the bottom (I'm going to need to wear it again for two receptions). Any ideas? L
  12. I have short hair too and just had it cut last night (I can't deal with the whole growing it out thing). I asked my stylist and he suggested lots of little twists at the back at the bottom, secured with butterfly clips. I'm not a fan of the butterflies, but I'm sure there are some nice alternatives. I said that I was going to be on the beach and would probably be doing it myself and he just said to use lots of hair spray. Hope that helps! L
  13. Thanks so much everyone! I especially love Lizz's posting. I couldn't find it on the David's Bridal site though. I loved some of their other ones though. L
  14. Hi there, I'm hoping to get a knee-length dress. Any ideas on where I can find one? I live in the DC area. I found one I really like on the Nordstrom website, but their bridal line is only online and I'd like to try a few on before I buy. Thanks! L
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