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Jamy, honestly it wasn't that big of a deal, I went to SS office first and they have the forms online so you can print them out and have them all filled out before you even go, I went in the middle of the week around 2:00 I only waited a few minutes. I know in CA you can make appointments at the DMV I would do that if I were you, hey you have to change your address on your license and registration anyway, so you might as well get it all done at once.

Once you have those two things done its really a lot of phone calls and stuff you can do over time.

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I agree with Christine. It doesn't take that long to do it. Make an appointment with SS and get that done first, then go to DMV. After that it's a bunch of phone calls and mail.....I got almost everything done, well contacted a bunch of people....everything is changed except stupid student loans lost my paper work and haven't changed it over.....need to mail it (sorry they are stupid).... I faxed it to them but it doesn't work that way with them.


I also still have to change my Passport and my teaching credential....

But it doesn't take that long....

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Money aside, I don't think I'd want to "trust" a company to make changes and obtain my personal information. I did the SS thing a couple of weeks ago and am heading to the DMV today.. then it's just contacting accounts, changing forms at work, and we'll be consolidating our bank accounts so we do the name change then.


On a side note, I felt like I was in limbo right after the wedding.. was I Mrs. xxx or still Miss xxx? I had them change my email at work and everyone was so confused about who I was.. it was like I was officially married, but my name wasn't changed yet.. I couldn't wait for today! My new driver's license.. I would have went last week but had a HUGE zit on my face..lol.. those pictures last a very long and time and didn't want the permanent reminder about my awful zit. :) Any how! Now I'll have the name to match the ceremony!

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OMG you guys, I've been married since March & haven't done anything. I printed out the SS form like twice and there was a question on there that I couldn't answer...I don't remember what it was now.


Plus, with our move I figured doing the DMV thing was stupid, cuz I'd have to do it all over again.


Well now look at me, I'm still my maiden name self masquerading as a married woman, using my husbands name when I can, but there is no legal requirement. DRRRR!

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Yeah, I know it isn't brain science but not having to make the calls and write the letters may get it into motion. I spent almost $30 today on lotions....spending $30 on something that is useful may prevent me from posting a thread in 6 months about how I need to change my name!


Who knows, I may just do it myself but appointment or not the DMV is hell (anyone watch that show Reaper? LOL) But I have to go eventually, right?


If I ever become Mrs. Jones, on my own or with paid help, I'll let you guys know :o)

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