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EDR reception advice needed!

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#1 Lauren_Hirshon

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    Posted 02 December 2007 - 03:52 PM

    I was wondering if anyone could help me out... I am getting married at EDR (2 months from today!) and have between 40-50 people coming (still waiting on some RSVP's). I am doing a sit down dinner, dessert buffet and have a band for after the reception. I have been told that Tucanes cannot accomodate a band and that many people so Tucanes which I had originally wanted is out. Gaviotas holds 30 or less so that is out. I am still waiting to hear back from Monica about the covered pool. Anyone know anything about the covered pool (how many people it holds?)? It is hard for me to tell from the pictures. Looks sorta weird from the photos... Salon Royal is not an option either as it is completely indoors and not what I really want. The WC's has suggested the beach by the white gazebo. I always knew I wanted my ceremony on the beach but am a little unsure about having the reception there. Will it be buggy? windy? hot? cold? Are people going to have problems walking around?? Anyway, if I could some input on what people think about a reception on the beach or any info about the covered pool area or even another place that I may not know about I would really appreciate it.

    #2 MrsV-to-be

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      Posted 02 December 2007 - 04:25 PM

      You know - I have been going attempting to deal with this same problem.

      1. The Covered Pool is right beside the place where the have the main entertainment every night. However that entertainment usually doesn't start until 10. I was initially told that it holds up to 80 people, however it only does certain events (like cocktails, but did not do sit down dinner events or Buffets). However I was recently told that these events can be held in the Covered Pool, but it is only available as a Rainout option. (see KiteSurf Bride's recent review - she had her reception in the Covered Pool) I tried to get the Covered Pool (since Tucanes is no longer available-someone else is using it that night and T=the WC confirmed that there is no way I can have my reception there unless it rains (I tried )

      It could be windy-being right beside the water, however, I was wondering if they would move the location if it was too windy?! As for the bugs-at this time of year (being a little bit cooler in the evenings), you would likely have a small issue with bugs, anywhere you had the reception - even at Tucanes or the Covered Pool - since they are open air. But if you were to pickup some Off Wipes - you should be fine!

      2. So, I am currently having my reception at the White Gazebo area - I have the same concerns, however there isn't any other option. People walking around will be alittle fun, considering you will be on sand - but I guess that is the fun of having it on the beach! You can get a dance floor though if you want (I think it is about $500). You can also get a tent - which I thought would be kinda ugly - but it is actually very cute - however it doesn't look like it offers much shelter (just basically a top with poles) so you may want to ask your WC about that.

      The other place you could have yours, on the beach, is Gazebo 55. I love this location - and would have chosen this as my reception site, however (1) it is all the way at the end of the resort, rather then in the middle - so it could be highly inconvenient if anyone has to run to their room; (2) this is where my ceremony location is - which is fine, but the reception tables & decoration will be set up right beside the ceremony site during the ceremony. (well depending on what time your ceremony is. reception is to be set up 4 hours in advance)

      I think that is all the info I have. Good luck on choosing! Let me know what you end up choosing - or if you find out anymore info!

      #3 brandoo

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        Posted 02 December 2007 - 10:28 PM

        I was considering having my reception on the beach as well, after many e-mails to Valeria I decided on Tucanes (I have 40-50 guests, but am using the speakers and ipod rather than a band). I was concerned about the sand for people to walk on in the dark with tequila running through their veins ( I just finished my doctorate in physical therapy but my wedding night is NOT the place I want to put my skills to use!), and I asked about how close the restrooms were to the gazebo 55 beach and Valeria said people would have to get a golf cart ride to the restroom since they weren't in close walking distance. So between having grandparents there, waiting time on golf carts, unpredictable elements one may incur on the beach, and the number of restroom breaks likely to be needed with the continual drinking going on, I am sticking to Tucanes. I am also getting married at Gazebo 55 and ran into the same issue with the set-up for the reception being completed during/before our ceremony in the same location. I could be over-thinking the beach thing.... of beach receptions I've seen at other resorts, they look amazing, but for the aforementioned reasons I just don't think I'm going to try it at EDR. Hope this helps!

        #4 bre

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          Posted 03 December 2007 - 11:29 AM

          Has anyone been offered La Isla as a site for a private dinner? We only have 30 people so we are doing Tucanes but I've seen a number of photos of weddings at La Isla. I don't think they readily offer b/c it's one of the restaurants but if you ask and have a large enough group (maybe 45+?), maybe you can get it. Just a thought!

          I need to work on a rain location...
          Bre & Pete
          January 19, 2008
          El Dorado Royale

          #5 brandoo

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            Posted 03 December 2007 - 04:52 PM

            I asked Valeria about La Isla and this was her response:

            Dear Holly,

            Good day, how are you?

            In order to have La Isla reserved your group should be of 80 - 100 people, there is not extra charge, but only paying for the price per person for the Private dinner.

            I would find out how close the restrooms are to the White Gazebo area too.... maybe they are closer?...

            #6 MrsV-to-be

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              Posted 03 December 2007 - 05:07 PM

              I hate when there is conflicting answers!!

              When I asked how far away bathrooms were from the White Gazebo and from the Gazebo 55 (when I was deciding between the 2 a couple weeks ago) Valeria said that they were equal walking distance - and they weren't that far.

              When I asked about having La Isla a few months ago - she told me that you needed to have 64 inhouse (ie actually staying at the resort) guests to be able to reserve it.

              #7 brandoo

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                Posted 03 December 2007 - 11:21 PM

                Well let me know what you find out... I was seriously considering the beach reception, but that was a big part of my decision making... don't want people uncomfortable because of bathroom situations!

                #8 MrsV-to-be

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                  Posted 03 December 2007 - 11:43 PM

                  This is what Valeria said in her email: (talking about both White Gazebo & Gazebo 55)

                  Both Locations are 3 mins walking away from the bathrooms, but
                  I would recommend The White Gazebo.

                  She recommended the White Gazebo b/c Gazebo 55 is on the far end of the resort and far away from everything else.

                  #9 brandoo

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                    Posted 04 December 2007 - 02:27 AM

                    And this is how Valeria responded to my questions:

                    2.) Are there restrooms nearby Gazebo 55? No, you will have to get a golf cart ride to the nearest bathroom facilities. Lobby area.3.) Are there restrooms nearby Tucanes? Yes, there are. "

                    I asked the girl going for a site visit in a few weeks to check it out for you guys. Whether purposefully or not, Valeria is definitely sending mixed messages.

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