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Carrying around valuables

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So I didn't know where to put this and I don't know if its been answered. My FI is concerned about carrying around money or stuff around. He wants to know where he should put his money when hes swimming in the ocean. If we don't feel safe putting it on a chair. What did you guys do. Or any ideashuh.gif

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we left our real valuables in the hotel safe in Mexico, like our rings before we were wearing them (though you will hear arguements against that as well). as for our credit cards or money, i guess we never worried about that. we didn't need them much in mexico since we were at an AI. and there was usually someone else around to keep an eye out. but in Hawaii, I guess we left them on the chair and didn't worry too much. but if you're not comfortable with that - there are those water proof containers that you can buy to put money and credit cards in.

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Have him wear a money belt. They are inexpensive and lightweight. They also make waterproof moneybelts for swimming, or those plastic containers work (but they won't fit a credit card).


I would recommend keeping anything of value on you at all times, even if it is uncomfortable. The safes are secure from other guests but the wrong employee who may know you are there for a wedding might relieve you of your items....better safe that sorry (pardon the pun...lol).

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