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What's your first dance song?

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Originally Posted by jana297 View Post


Allison Kraus "When You Say Nothing at all"


That's what I was thinking of using, it just makes me smile when I hear it.  I'll have to find a "non-country" version for my FI, I think the one off the Nottinghill Soundtrack fits the bill..we'll see ;)

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Originally Posted by carly View Post


I am absolutely in love with Alicia Key's "No One", but Matt refuses. I am working on it. If not that, I will let him pick something. Probably Frank Sinatra or a classic like that. I have a really hard time with this one and AK song is the only one that I think fits...


Originally Posted by DRbride View Post
Wanted to see what you girls plan to use as your first dance song. I have been looking and looking but no luck yet. I really like that new Alicia Keys song, "No One" but that's just a thought. I am in love with "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by Israel Kamakawiwo but I don't know if its appropriate or not. I have to read into the lyrics more. If you haven't heard that song go onto youtube and check it out. Its so beautiful!


Oh. I love "No One" from Alicia Keys.


When we tied the know with my husband, our very first dance song is "Forever In Love" by Kenny G. We both love instrumental songs. 

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I love that song!!  Great choice!!

Originally Posted by LisaandJeff View Post

Rhythm of Love by the Plain White T's.  So happy, upbeat, and us -- every time we hear it we smile and think of each other. 

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