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  1. Hi guys. As a past JF bride, I just want to let you know that Mayte does not need to know how many people are eating what. I had 85 people and she just took their orders at the reception. I never asked my guests what they wanted beforehand. Hope that helps!
  2. We got an ocean view suite when we booked so there really wasnt any "higher room". So Im not sure if they follow through with their upgrades. I know its based on availability so Im not sure. They will definitely accommodate your guests. Our week was a little crazy because we had 85 people and everyone was coming on different days and it would obviously be impossible to go anywhere with 85 people (except for the rehearsal dinner that was planned). So we did a welcome cocktail- where we had everyone meet on thursday night for about 2 hours (bc most people were there by then). Then we all split up and met back up for drinks. It will be easier with 30 people
  3. Hi Mel2010. You do lose out on the package deals since you are not having the wedding there. They were very nice to me because we had such a large group and we were having our rehearsal dinner there. I didnt need bouquets because Mayte took care of that and sent it to the hotel in the morning and I had family friends do my hair and makeup. I got ready at the Majestic and Mayte sent a separate car for me, my mom, and my sister-in-laws. My photographer was Phil Steingard and he is with you all day. He stays at the Majestic but even if you arent staying there- he will be at the hotel taking pictures of you getting ready.
  4. I wore wedges. Stewart Weitzman makes this one type of wedge. I wore those and was perfectly fine walking down the aisle. (My parents were there to hold me up). lol. I immediately changed into wedge flip flops and wore them all night. They were great!
  5. Thank you guys!! I know all of your weddings are going to be just as beautiful. If any of you are on facebook- feel free to find me (Alisha Denenberg-Wolfson) I have so many more amazing pictures- just too many to post! I wish I had a good one of the cocktail hour. That was set up amazing in the restaurant too. I will try to find one!
  6. I have a full review under majestic elegance/jellyfish restaurant if you want to take a look! If you have any other questions feel free to PM me or email me at adenen16@yahoo.com
  7. Ask any questions you want! We did the lobster, chicken, and pasta. We did caesar salad and capri salad for the starter and rice and vegetables for the sides. For the cocktail hour we did a lot of food- chicken and beef brochettes, mozz sticks, seafood shots, bacon wrapped shrimp, antipasta, The food was AMAZING. Everyone couldnt believe how good it was and was so happy not to eat resort food Mayte did set up name cards for me. They had a little shell on them and she put the name cards in a sandbox like I asked. She will do ANYTHING though. If you want to do the name cards attached to a big starfish I think you need to bring those down. I brought down little glass starfish to hold the programs on the chairs. Alisha
  8. I posted my review!! Its under majestic elegance/Jellyfish restaurant. Im still trying to figure out how to post pics!
  9. Hi girls! Just had my wedding there Saturday. It was AMAZING. STill have to write my review but you will NOT be disappointed. Everyone is still talking about my wedding. Just wanted to let you know that we wire some of the money, paid some of the money in bank checks, and did the rest in cash. Not sure if there was a fee for wiring because my parents did it, I will find out. Hope that helps! Oh and they said we could pay by credit card but then said they couldnt when we got there- so Im not sure what the deal is. Any questions- feel free to PM me! Alisha
  10. Hi girls! I am going to the majestic tuesday. Im having my ceremony and reception at the jellyfish but all my guests are staying at ME. My TA talked to the vp of sales and they said that everything is fine. I will let you know if hear anything else.
  11. hi Girls. Just want to let you know that I called Mayte and talked to her. She just had her baby so she said she's been crazy busy. Im getting married a week from Saturday so I am praying everything works out!
  12. Hi Girls! I am having my rehearsal dinner at the Sea &See Restaurant. Its not going to be private but there is 85 of us and sandra, the groups and wedding coordinator set it up for us. I didnt want it at the buffet so she told me this was another option because I didnt care if we were private.
  13. HI Girls! I am getting married at the Jellyfish February 26th. I was getting freaked out that I wasnt hearing from Mayte either. But I called her this weekend and she said that everything is fine-she just has been totally swamped and hasnt had the time to reply to everyones emails. I guess her being so busy is a good thing! She must know what shes doing.
  14. We are dancing to Jimmy Wayne- You Are. Such a beautiful song!!
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