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Vacation Recommendations

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#11 nylalany

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    Posted 24 November 2007 - 07:38 PM

    The US or British Virgin Islands are pretty amazing too - either St. John in the USVI or Virgin Gorda (or any of the others) in the BVI. I've only been to St. John - you can go for a hotel, or you can rent a villa/condo and a jeep and drive to different beaches or hikes, as it is mostly national park, and not too much development. The best beaches are the park beaches anyhow - the water looks like a pool it is so blue and clear and pretty nice snorkeling - not amazing, but nice. The BVIs are supposed to be more amazing and they have cute little hotels or fancier hotels or villa rentals all as options on the beach (less options in St. John ON the beach), and you can try out a few different islands if you have time.

    #12 Jenn

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      Posted 25 November 2007 - 11:07 AM

      I think cruises are great for family vacations. We did one last year, and it was fantastic because there was always something for everyone, and we got to see 3 different islands! It would also be a nice way to introduce them to Mexico since most caribbean cruises stop in Cozumel or Costa Maya - highly touristy places, but they would see that Mexico isn't a bad place to go...

      #13 melglnh2o

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        Posted 26 November 2007 - 11:34 AM

        I second nylalany's suggestion to the US and/or British Virgin Islands especially if your family is hesitant to travel to Mexico. We stayed on St. John for most of the trip (which we prefered anyway) and the last night on St. Thomas, but we also took a boat tour of several of the BVIs (highly recommended). The beaches on St. John are fabulous and the Baths of Virgin Gorda are not to be missed!

        Wherever your family decides to go will be fabulous because it is not where but who you are with that makes the difference!

        #14 Heidi

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          Posted 26 November 2007 - 11:53 AM

          DOMINICA!! An un-touristy island paradise! I loved it! Good eco-touristy things you can do; lots of hiking, snorkeling, scuba, hot springs, waterfalls... but it a 3rd world country with some sad living conditions for the locals. But the Dominicans are incredibly kind people who open their hearts to you as soon as you arrive!

          Here, I wrote up a thread about the island earlier this year: http://bestdestinati...com/forum/t8253
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          #15 Maura


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          Posted 05 December 2007 - 09:34 PM

          i would second jilly's thoughts on atlantis in the bahamas. my parents took my sister and a few of her friends there about 5-7 years ago and didnt really care for it that much. said it was overpriced and not as nice as expected. they ended up going to the bahamas again a year or so later and stayed somewhere else they liked much better.

          my FI's family went on a cruise to hawaii last year for christmas an absolutely loved it. he raves about it still, a whole year later! they did the celebrity cruise line and really really loved it.

          that's sad they wont do mexico. there are so many beautiful and affordable places. of course you need to be conscious of not drinking tap water/careful with salads and fruit that cant be peeled, but that's really not that big of a deal. my FI grew up in mexico city and i cant recall for sure but i think it was when he was vacationing in acapulco about 10 years ago he got horribly sick... and then another time he actually got cholera on vacation somewhere in mexico (i want to say that was in veracruz maybe)!

          the truth is, you can really get sick ANYWHERE. a good family friend of ours ate a salad in jamaica and ended up so sick he was airlifted to the US a few days after eating it and they removed a parasite about 6 ft long that was in his spinal column. you have to be careful no matter where you go, not just mexico.

          #16 foxytv

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            Posted 05 December 2007 - 09:40 PM

            Belize or Chile! Amazing!!!

            #17 MsShelley


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              Posted 06 December 2007 - 06:06 PM

              thank you ladies, for all the great recommendations. So far my Dad's fiancee recommends Aruba, and I said Barbados, so we will see what we all come up with...

              #18 BrittneyD

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                Posted 06 December 2007 - 09:56 PM

                Grand Cayman! We had so much fun when we went for our family vacation. It is beautiful, and there is something for everyone.
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                #19 MsShelley


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                  Posted 07 December 2007 - 09:07 AM

                  Originally Posted by BrittneyD
                  Grand Cayman! We had so much fun when we went for our family vacation. It is beautiful, and there is something for everyone.
                  did you cruise or go straight there? I heard it is really expensive!

                  #20 MsShelley


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                    Posted 27 December 2007 - 07:50 PM

                    ok, so I think we came to a decision for traveling and we decided on DR. Ok, you DR girls where do you recommend to stay thanks

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