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Long! Our PVR engagement story!

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Here is my engagement story from October 1st, 2007


Doug and I were engaged October 1, 2007 at Los Arcos hotel on Play Los Arcos in Puerto Vallarta, MX. We had discussed getting married a few times over the last year, but I wasn't going to pressure him! Doug received the perfect opportunity when we started to plan a vacation.


All year we had been planning a HUGE family trip to Puerto Vallarta with almost all of Doug's siblings and their kids and his parents (he is the youngest of 5) and also my Dad and StepMom. A few months before the trip I realized we would be there over my StepMom Sharon's birthday. I also knew that with so many people we would all be off in different directions having all kinds of fun, so I wanted to plan a big group dinner so that there would be one event for sure that everyone would be at. I decided that we should have the group dinner on Sharon's birthday, since I knew she would like that.


Nothing was fishy to me the first 4 days of the trip, and looking back I can't believe I was that blind! I think I just kept telling myself that each thing was really not what I thought it might be so that I wouldn't build it up in my head and get all worked up over nothing!


Some "DUH!" moments were: The day before Doug and I were headed to the pool, we were so hot and just wanted to jump in and cool off. When we walked up we saw my parents off to the side hanging out on pool chairs, and Doug said he was gonna go chat with them. Doug is a nice guy like that, so it didn't even cross my mind that anything was up until Doug's BIL says to me "Why is Sharon crying?" I looked over and sure enough, she was. Anyone else might have thought something was up, but me knowing Sharon is a "cryer", I just thought that she was happy we were all together having the best week. I really just brushed it off to that! Another thing that happened was the next morning Doug came up to me after breakfast and told me his mom wanted him to go with her to a cash machine to get some money to pay the scuba instructor she hired for the kids that day. I never even wondered why she didn't just get cash from travellers checks at the front desk or something, it just made sense to me. The last Big Duh Moment was when we were getting ready for the group dinner that night, Doug out of nowhere says, "I'm going to give a toast for Sharon's birthday tonight at dinner." And unassuming lil' ole' me said, "That would be great! She'll really like that!" I can't believe I didn't see what was about to happen!


We had decided we were going to have the dinner at Mauricio's in the Marina, but when we all met up in the lobby Sharon told me they found out it was closed on Mondays... so why don't we go somewhere else instead? I was upset because I had been dreaming about the seafood meal that they have, appetizer, meal, dessert, tequila for like $12 per person! Sharon said "OK, I know where we'll go, the place where your dad and I got married." I thought oh that will be nice, I haven't been back to that place since I was like 13. So we all headed to Los Arcos hotel in the romantic zone, to have dinner at the hotel restaurant. We got seated and got our drinks ordered and delivered to us. Doug stands up to get everyones attention. He makes a really nice toast for Sharon's birthday and thanks everyone for getting together for this really cool vacation, then we all clink glasses and start to talk again.


All of the sudden I realize that everyone is quiet again and Doug has scooted his seat back farther to make room for him to turn to me. As he is reaching into his pocket and getting down on his knee, It finally dawns on me what is about to happen! I completely freaked out! I remember saying something like, "Ohmygodwhatareyoudoing?!?!" I was so overwhelmed and surprised that I don't remember hearing a word he said until he asked if I would be his wife. When I actually heard it I apparently responded with, "Are you f*%#ing kidding me?!?!" (oops!!!) and I was told later when I asked Doug to "re-live" it for me that I did in fact accept his proposal a second later with a, "Yes! OF COURSE!!!"


We kissed and cried and the rest is history!


The only thing I would have changed was that I would have wanted my Mom to be there, we knew ahead of time that she couldn't make it on the trip but there was no way for Doug to lose the perfect opportunity by talking her into going at the last minute. I think I would have known what was up for sure if he did that.

Sharon crying at the pool was due to Doug asking my Dad if it would be ok to marry me!

Doug getting "cash" with his mom was them going to a little jewelry store to pick out my placeholder ring, which I wore until a couple weeks after we got home when we got the real E-ring.

The toast was something he probably would have done anyways, but he knew it would be the perfect rouse, I think he thought it was funny that I ended up planning my own engagement party!

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Haha, MelissaH, I don't know what it is that sets me off! I have been such a crybaby the last 2 months since it happened! I even got choked up reading that YOU were bawling! We're just all nuts, thats all!

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