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Hello - Our first steps to planning our destination wedding

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Welcome to the forum!


1. Elaine & Rich

2. 08.08.08

3. Cabo - possibly Riu or Dreams


With the target being 08.08.08 (only approximately 8 months from now), we would appreciate any ideas or suggested links to threads that anyone has to share. We've never even helped planned anyone else's wedding so basically we have zero experience regarding this.


More specifically, topics regarding the following:

1) travel agents :I'm using Tammy (host) as our TA. She is awsome...very easy to work w/, nice, and she gets the best prices!!!


2) planning tips for family/friends coming from different locations:B]I have people coming from the bay area, sac, San Diego, and NY. I have a wedding website that has detailed info for them. i also plan on sending out a newsletter filled w/ info next year for all the internet challenged people. There's a ton of threads on the forum regarding this topic.[/b]


3) obstacles to avoid: In terms of planning my DW, nothing. It's our families that are complaining that it's expensive, and my mom who wasn't too wild on me not having a Catholic wedding. She'll get over it.


5) paperwork needed: It depends if you're having a legal or smbolic ceremony. If it's legal, there's stuff you need to do like get your blood drawn. If you're having a symbolic ceremony, then you just have to show up the day of!

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